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African Newstand 1.0 -  Africanewstand is the first ever Newstand for African publishing media that lets you read the Africa's leading newspapers, magazines and books online. Now, you can remain updated with all the hot happenings in the African publication fraternity ... ... (11/0) download
African Odyssey Outlook Stationery v1.0 -  African Odyssey Outlook Stationery is a collection of 12 stationery for Microsoft Outlook with backgrounds depicting African people. ... (94/0) download
African Odyssey Screen Saver v2.46s -  African Odyssey Screen Saver is a collection of color photographs of the people of Africa. It displays 20 images as a slide show. ... (120/0) download
African Odyssey Theme v2.0 -  African Odyssey Theme is a desktop theme featuring two portraits of African people. It includes wallpaper, icons, cursors, animated cursors, system startup and shut down screens (SYS files), and WAV sounds. ... (72/0) download
African Palace Casino 11.2 -  African Palace Casino is great online casino developed and maintained by the renowned PlayTech gaming software. ... (15/0) download
African Proverbs 1.0 -  Baganda * One who loves you, warns you.Ethiopian * Evil enters like a splinter and spreads like an oak tree.Ghanaian * Be glad you are unknown, for when you are known, you would wish you werent * The lizard does not eat hot chillies for the frog ... ... (11/0) download
African Radios 2.0.1 -  The best radios on the African continent, including its surrounding islands, in your pocket and in one single app.The radios are regularly updated to ensure its smooth operation.The automatic filter lets you quickly find the desired station.You ... ... (11/0) download
African Safari for iPhone and iPad 1.0 -  African Safari for iPhone and iPad Choose your Puzzle ( Many Puzzles Included ) Choose Difficulty Level:Beginner: 3x3Intermediate: 4x4Average: 5x5Expert: 6x6 Score Keeper:Track how many moves you make. Bonus:Add your own pictures and turn them ... ... (9/0) download
African Safari Race 1.0 -  Ozzie Ostrich is being chased by a bad hunter! Help him run away so he doesn't get caught. But your ostrich must avoid all the other African animals coming their way or they'll get eaten!Pick up a golden locust along the way to increase your ... ... (12/0) download
African Symposium 1.1.7 -  African Symposium is a one of a kind pioneering application designed to make finding Africa related events easier and best of all it is free to download.African Symposium serves the African and African Diaspora community and those interested in ... ... (7/0) download
African Touch 1.2 -  Have you got to remember names and locations of nations and regions in Afric* Well then African Touch can definitely help you. African Touch assists you to easily remember names and locations of nations and regions in Africa wherever you are on ... ... (8/0) download
African Utility Week 1.1 -  After 13 years of close collaboration with utilities, municipalities, governments, regulators, large power users and solution providers it has become the number one power exhibition in Africa. Over 250 suppliers from across the world will not ... ... (10/0) download
African War 1.01 -  The card game of war with an African theme. This game features authenic tribal music, beatifully rendered 3D ... (123/0) download
African Wildlife Free Screensaver 1.0.1 -  African continent is well-know as rich in unique animals that attract the tourist and wild life photographers from all the world. ... (48/0) download
African Wildlife Screen Saver 1.0 -  This Screen Saver protects your monitor by rotating 25 amazing photographs by Chris Humphreys, a professional Wildlife photographer from San Mateo, California. ... (50/0) download
African Witchcraft Spells (Lite) 1.0 -  Disclaimer: This app is intended for entertainment purposes only and does not provide true Witchcraft functionality.This app contains a collection of african witchcraft spells!Here is a list of some of the powerful love spells and other spells ... ... (6/0) download
African.eye: Food, design, culture 3.02 -  African.eye gives you access to a collection of books that explore the richness of contemporary African culture. Created by South African publisher Quivertree Publications, the books are highly regarded for their award-winning photography, fine ... ... (8/0) download
AfricanManager 1.3 -  AfricanManager vous permet de suivre toutes les actualits du journal lectronique tunisien AfricanManager : ... (8/0) download
Africare 1.0 -  Africare helps Africa. A leader among private, charitable U.S. organizations assisting Africa, Africare is also the oldest and largest African-American led organization in the field and Africa is Africare's specialty.Africare's programs address ... ... (8/0) download
Africlock BigTimer 1.0 -  This program can help general business, farmers and contractors, which are convinced of the need for a simple, flexible electronic timer, to be used mainly for things like switching a factory whistle and security lights on a completely controllable s ... (14/0) download
Afrikaans Color Flashcards (with audio) 1.13 -  * * * 50% off, limited time offer. Only 99c * * *Afrikaans Color Flashcards is a fun app for babies, toddlers, preschoolers and young kids. It will entertain them as well as help them learn new colors, objects and words, all in Afrikaans.* To ... ... (8/0) download
Afrikaans Dictionary 1.0 -  DescriptionOffline English Afrikaans Dictionary A quick reference guide. Simple yet beautiful and easy to use.Download Free Now!Best Offline English Afrikaans Dictionary in the market. It has more than 65k English words with Afrikaans meanings.... ... (3/0) download
Afrikaans Language Suite 1.0 -  Afrikaans Language Suite will help you quickly learn, translate and understand the Afrikaans language. Afrikaans is a West Germanic language, natively spoken in South Africa and Namibia, and is closely related to the Dutch language. Afrikaans ... ... (6/0) download
Afrikaans Language Tests 1.1 -  You will learn Afrikaans and have fun. Afrikaans Language Tests includes more than 50 categories. All the questions in the categories inspired by the daily life. You will learn the meanings of the commonly used WORDS and SENTENCES in Afrikaans ... ... (6/0) download
Afrikaans Phrase Book 1.0 -  Afrikaans Phrase Book is the ultimate language app for world travelers who need help communicating in countries where Afrikaans is spoken. Afrikaans Phrase Book has many different categories to choose from which will help you communicate in many ... ... (8/0) download
Afrikaanse RondomTali Londen 1.0.0 -  Enjoy this awesome travel app for kids in AFRIKAANS! Travel with Tali to London where you tickle Big Ben, row under the Tower Bridge, shoot fireworks from the London Eye, become a Sport star and meet the queen at Buckingham Palace.Is it difficult ... ... (6/0) download
Afriktunes 1.2 -  AfrikTunes mission is to provide African music lovers a legal and free internet radio service that allows users to listen to their favorite artists music. With the IOS radio app, users can also create their own free unique Stations by adding as ... ... (7/0) download
Afrinolly 3.0 -  African movies in your pocket! Watch trailers of movies produced in the African movie markets, most especially Nigeria's Nollywood. Get to watch African music videos, African comedy online, Bollywood trailers and full length Nollywood movies on ... ... (8/0) download
Afritab 1.5 -  Afritab is a social learning community that links friends, families, students and professionals together.Key features include:Free sign up and messagesMake friends and search peopleShare update, videos and musicPost on Forum Post list on ... ... (9/0) download
Afro drum 1.0 -  PRICE DOWN TO 0.99 DOLLARS JUST FOR 2 DAYSFinally amazing real african drum "Djembe" is going to iPad. Feel like native from Uganda. Amaze your friends! It will entertain you in boring home parties. And will be great time waste for your kids. ... (16/0) download
Afro Pimp - Free Gangster Chrome Teeth Blender Plus Background Retina Bling 2.3 -  GO CRAZY WITH YOUR TEETH!!!Snap a pic or choose one from your library and let our magical teeth-matching algorithm take you from braces to bling, Add your own funny caption and BOOM! you are now PIMPIN!TEETH STYLES Gangster, Crooked, Missing, ... ... (8/0) download
Afro-Latino Festival 1.1 -  Don't miss your favorite concerts with this planner for the Afro-Latino Festival in Bree-Belgium. ... (8/0) download
AFrogsLifeFree 1.0 -  The swamp's a dangerous place. Eat and burp your way through waves of bigger and badder bugs. ... (6/0) download
AfroRADIO 1.0 -  AfroRADIO is a Smart device APP with a generous listing of radio stations from the continent of Africa and the African Diaspora. The APP is designed to enable you to listen to music, sports, news or current events from more than 40 African ... ... (9/0) download
AFROTC Warrior Knowledge 1.0 -  The first Air Force ROTC App made for cadets.This app contains all warrior knowledge required for cadets during AFROTC training. This content also includes official documents such as the updated Field Training Manual, Aerospace Textbooks, and ... ... (6/0) download
AFROweeds 2.1 -  Identify plant species ... (7/0) download
AFS Diagram 1.1 -  The standard AFS diagram represents a “bird’s eye view” of the dwelling. Each diagram is a “top down” representation of the dwelling showing the perimeter, all attached features and the different areas of living space. ... (10/0) download
AFS Exchange Cam 2.0 -  Would you like to live a true intercultural experience from your cell phone? Would you like to see at the same time what somebody else is seeing on the other side of the world?AFS is the NGO dedicated to provide student exchange programs. AFS ... ... (13/0) download
AFS Monitor 1.0.1 -  AppleFileServer monitor app. AFS Monitor is an application used to monitor current connections to the local AppleFileServer (AFS). ... (45/0) download
AFS OMS phone -  AFS OMS is a light - weight enterprise client application for our customers that helps in order taking to extend the functionalities of AFS ERP. Order taking is just a few clicks away at its mobility best. ... (14/0) download