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Addams Family: Pugsley's Scavenger Hunt 1.0 -  The Addams Family: Pugsley's Scavenger Hunt is a video game released by Ocean in 1993. It was based on the second Addams Family animated series. ... (79/0) download
Alchemy Mahjong 1.0 -  You are welcome to the enchanting world of Alchemy Mahjong! Familiar and at the same time absolutely new, it is a never-ending and never-annoying journey of brain-teasing fun for puzzle-lovers of all ages! ... (43/0) download
Absolute Farkle 4.1.1 -  Farkle is a fun and easy to play dice game. But be careful, it is easy to get addicted. It also goes by other names such as 10,000 and 6 Dice. It is a great game for the whole family to play. ... (72/0) download
AWorld Metropolis 3.0 -  Another conception of a classic board game, is adapted specially for aspiring stockbrokers, avaricious and those with the quick business sense. You begin with $100000 (Have you ever seen so much money? ... (68/0) download
Absolute Acey Deucey Backgammon 5.7.5 -  Ready for a fun game of acey deucey or backgammon! Try this excellent, easy to use acey deucey and backgammon game. With superb graphics and up to 5 skill levels, you won't be disappointed. For all levels of player, from beginner to expert. ... (94/0) download
ABC Lotto System 12.6 -  If you are looking for one lotto system to suggest numbers to play based on a analysis of patterns of previous drawings, Use filtering and wheeling ABC Lotto System is the right choice. ... (76/0) download
ABC Lottery Software For Pick3 Pick4 7.4.4 -  ABC Lottery Software For Pick3 Pick4 is a pick 3 & pick4 lottery software for playing digit-type lotteries, With this pick 3 pick 4 software you can track and analyze historical winning numbers, generate new lines, filtering lines and get statist ... (120/0) download
Amazing Mahjongg CE 1.3.2 -  Mahjong is a puzzle game of Chinese origin dating over two thousand years. It has gained enormous popularity to become one of the world's most famous board games. ... (31/0) download
Aussie Pokies 2.1 -  Aussie Pokies is a 5-reel free slots game with 1, 5 or 10 winlines and real-to-life sounds. The gameplay is straightforward: choose how many winlines you want to play, spin and enjoy! To see the payout table, move the mouse over the Payout button. ... (41/0) download
AutoCAD Converter 2009.8 2010 -  AutoCAD Converter is a batch converter that allows you to convert AutoCAD DWG to PDF, DXF to PDF without the need of AutoCAD. Key Features: 1. Convert AutoCAD DWG and DXF files to vector PDF in batches. 2. Stand-alone utility - AutoCAD NOT required. ... (40/0) download
AutoCAD DWG to Image Converter 2010 7.4.4 -  AutoCAD DWG to Image Converter is a batch converter that allows you to convert DWG and DXF files to TIF (TIFF), JPG (JPEG), BMP, GIF and PNG without the need of AutoCAD. ... (69/0) download
Auto-Furniture -  Auto-Furniture program is provided for work with database of parameter-oriented furniture models for AutoCAD of version 2000i and more. You choose model which is the closest to designed furniture and set its dimensions. ... (40/0) download
Ashampoo Home Designer Pro 1.0.1 -  Do you want to renovate, furnish your apartment or plan your dream home?Ashampoo Home Designer Pro is a professional 3D planning software with which you can plan and furnish a room, flat or even a whole house. ... (49/0) download
Advanced Roots Informer New -  Advanced Roots Informer is a small, command prompt based application designed to help you create a list, automatically, of the root of numbers with certain index. ... (47/0) download
ActEdit 1.1 -  ActEdit is a handy, easy to use editor for ACT-R-models providing a 3D-Desktop to arrange the production rules. ActEdit can be used to create new models but also to create layouts of rule-production dependencies of already existing models. ... (51/0) download
AiPetz 1.02 -  AiPetz are virtual pets who you can chat with and create a relationship with. They are based on the latest artificial intelligence. They learn, adapt, and are very good listeners. They can talk just like you and me with text2speech technology. ... (42/0) download
Alpha Catcher a Spelling Edition 1.0 -  "50% Off Limited Time a?a?a?a?a?a?a?a?a?a?a?a?a?a?a?a?a?a?a?a?a?a? Be sure to check out our other apps and games as well! GameUtilities - 101 in 1 PhotoStrip SoccerChamp Air Traffic Dash a?a?a?a?a?a?a?a?a?a?a?a? ... (0/0) download
American Tail, An: Fievel Goes West 1.0 -  Based on the movie by the same name, Fievel Goes West is a platform game featuring the young mouse Fievel Mousekewitz. ... (70/0) download
Animal Right Right Touch 2.5 -  Animal Right Right Touch is a casual game.A fun game where you try to make the same animal heads are eliminated. Move the mouse to click on three or more of the same picture elimination. ... (67/0) download
ABC matching (Match It) 2.1 -  It's a funny puzzle game;It's a card matching memory game;The game interface is simple and helps players exercise response capacity, to improve the cognitive abilities of English letters. ... (93/0) download
A Cool Scratch And Win Software 1.0 -  AScratchNWin! is an exciting new product that allows you to easily and effectively add scratch and win capabilities to your website! You can also use it like a mini-casino! ... (166/0) download
Autumn's Treasures -  Help Autumn find her grandfather`s treasures in this Hidden Object Adventure game! After receiving her inheritance, Autumn finds a mysterious journal page in Gramp`s antique store, and follows his clues across the globe to recover priceless antiques. ... (42/0) download
Azada 1.0 -  WINNER! Best Puzzle Game of 2007! Trapped in a magical puzzle book, the adventurous Titus needs your help to release him from his spell. To do this, you must solve the tricky puzzles of Azada. ... (36/0) download
Align Exon Intron New -  Align Exon Intron is a handy and useful utility built in order to display the alignment of exons. The program displays the exon painted in red and the alignments painted in blue by default, but it is possible to change the colors. ... (45/0) download
ABC Eidetic memory 005 -  This game draw different pictures and you memorize (try to use eidetic memory) them. Sounds easy? Well think again! ... (56/0) download
Arabells Gems 2 1.0 -  Addictive free online bright hidden object game with 4 levels by There is a list of objects that should be found in the cabin, park, kitchen and ambulance. Click at the object and it will disappear. ... (73/0) download
Arabella Trip 1.0 -  New find the difference puzzle game with great graphics by Find 10 differences between two pictures by clicking them with mouse. Four different sets of pictures, bright colorful graphics and relaxing music. ... (31/0) download
Around the World in 80 Days 1.0 -  You only have 80 days to circumnavigate the globe. Think that sounds easy? ... (33/0) download
Age Of Oracles: Tara`s Journey 1 -  Pulled from her own world into a foreign and mysterious realm, Tara must meet the difficult challenges set before her by a magical talking peacock! ... (43/0) download
Amusive Chess 2.0 -  Chess is an intellectual game of all times. Now it you can insert it into your PC so that you can play the game whenever you like, with no need of a counterpart player. ... (73/0) download
Addicting Block 1.0 -  A simple and interesting game derived from a story widely known in China about 1,800 years ago. At that time, China is in the age of Three Kingdoms. CaoCao ( The biggest block in centre of top ) is surroundded by five generals and four soldiers. ... (77/0) download
Aamazing KaaBlitz Crossword 1.0 -  KaaBlitz Crossword! is an exciting new product that allows you to easily add crossword games with special effects to your website! This product can increase the 'stickyness' of your website, i.e. ... (103/0) download
Amigos Number Puzzles 2.0 -  Create an unlimited number of Sudoku, Kakuro, Futoshiki and HexKakuro puzzles with Amigos Number Puzzles compendium software. Choose from 3 difficulty levels and various grid sizes. ... (36/0) download
And Round Again (Mac) 1.0.2 -  In this truly addictive puzzler your goal is to connect the appearing pieces to make as many and as interesting loops as you possibly can. Completed loops disappear, leaving room for new pieces and new loops. ... (38/0) download
Aerial MahJong 1.0 -  Aerial Mahjong is an adorable logic puzzle based on a classic Chinese game, MahJong. It has simple rules and addictive gameplay. Your goal is to remove all tiles from the board, but you are able to remove only paired and free tiles. ... (35/0) download
Ark Of Treasure 1.0 -  Ark Of Treasure is an interesting puzzle game for free. Use your Match 3 powers to discover priceless relics from ancient civilizations! To complete a level, get the treasure chest to the bottom of the game board by clearing items underneath it. ... (46/0) download
Awesome Appetite 1.0 -  Awesome Appetite is an interesting puzzle game for free. Click on two or more adjacent blocks to remove them. The first click will highlight all adjacent blocks, the second click will remove them. ... (46/0) download
Animal Park 1.0 -  Animal Park is an interesting puzzle game for free. Swap fuzzy beasties and collect the animal prizes! Clear all wooden and brick tiles before time's up! ... (50/0) download
Alu's Revenge 1.0 -  Alu's Revenge is an interesting puzzle game for free. You have entered Alu's tomb and awoken the angry god. Break down the wall of warriors and find the precious benben stone before Alu destroys you. ... (54/0) download
Atomic Puzzle 1.0 -  Atomic Puzzle is an interesting puzzle game for free. Your task in this nice original puzzler is to remove atoms in the right order and predicting the merging of the molecules so that there's none left at the end of each level. ... (50/0) download