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AllProHockey -  AllProHockey a€” is a free software, which includes a hockey statistics. In addition AllProHockey is an excellent tool for selecting rates in the bookmaker. Hockey database that contains all the NHL games since 1998. ... (48/0) download
Adondo Personal Audio Link 1.0 -  Personal Audio Link (PAL) is Windows-based PC software that enables you to call your PC remotely from any cell phone or telephone, and hear the information you need. You just dial a private 10-digit phone number assigned to PAL (your own PC). ... (38/0) download
Aisper IT Manager Plus 6.4.4 -  A flexible and user-friendly tool that provides comprehensive control and management of software and hardware inventory, monitoring and alerts about configuration changes, transfers, license usage, remote control, incident recording, scheduling preve ... (44/0) download
Aperture Presets for Mac OS 1.7 -  Professional photographer Simone Vitale, shares his presets with you! A versatile collection of color corrections, exposures, color balance and much more. One click presets to enhance all your photos. ... (36/0) download
Aperture Export to LightBox Network Plugin for Mac OS 1.0.1 -  The LightBox Network is a Professional Online Image Workflow System. ... (37/0) download
ApertureToZenfolio for Mac OS 0.17 -  An Apple Aperture export plug-in that uploads photos to Zenfolio. ... (33/0) download
Aperture BorderFX for Mac OS 1.2.2 -  An Aperture export plug-in that allows you to add borders to images as you export them.- Add titles and copyright text.- Fit image within defined dimensions, adding borders to pad image. ... (50/0) download
Aperture2Tumblr for Mac OS 1.3.0 -  A plugin for Aperture which provides a direct export feature for Tumblr blogs. Post images, titles and tags from Aperture 3 to your Tumblr-Blog. - Support for Tumblr’s more secure authentication system. ... (38/0) download
Aperture to Final Cut Pro for Mac OS 1.0 -  The Aperture to Final Cut Pro plug-in lets you take your images stored in Apple’s professional photo management application and send them directly to a video sequence in Final Cut Pro. ... (62/0) download
Audio Mixer Player for Mac OS 2.1 -  Easy to use audio mixer player. This application play 8 tracks simultaneously with loop and volume lock controls. Supports MP3, SWA, AU, AIFF, WAV, WMA, and RA. - Added keyboard numbers 1-8 to trigger each sound channel. ... (35/0) download
Accompanist for Mac OS 1.0.3 -  Take your jazz practice to the next level with Accompanist! Accompanist is jazz software designed to make practicing fun and productive. With Accompanist, you can:- Input jazz chords in a familiar lead sheet style. ... (44/0) download
Apple Logic “Hypnotic Stepz” for Mac OS 1.0 -  The most important features of this product is the Step-Sequencer Emulation in Logic using the Matrix Editor combined with new EXS24 Step-Sequenzer Sounds and Sliced Drum Kits. In a limited key range you will find muted notes for each 1/16-segment. ... (65/0) download
Airfoil for Mac OS 3.5.4 -  Send any audio to AirPort Express units, Apple TVs, other Macs, PCs, Linux machines and even iPhones, iPods Touch, and iPads, all in sync! Its your audio a€” everywhere. ... (38/0) download
Amazing Slow Downer for Mac OS 3.2.3 -  Change the speed of the music - from 20% (one fifth speed) to 200% (double speed) without changing the pitch. Wrong key? Change the pitch in semi-tones - at full or changed speed. Out of tune? ... (69/0) download
automat1 for Mac OS 1.01 -  A polyphonic stereo subtractive AudioUnit synthesizer. ... (65/0) download
AudioRefurb for Mac OS 3.03 -  Allows you to enhance the sound quality of your audio files and apply numerous audio filters such as distortion, delay, reverb, etc. A 31-band graphic equalizer allows very detailed control of the sound of your audio files. ... (34/0) download
AudioFinder for Mac OS 5.0.6 -  An audio asset management system, and music production hub. ... (34/0) download
Alarm Clock Pro for Mac OS 9.3.4 -  Waking up to headache-inducing buzzers and static-plagued radio stations can now be confined to your past. ... (35/0) download
Archibald for Mac OS 3.6.1 -  Archibald is a complete and powerful tool for creating grooves. Thanks to its flexible step-sequencer, you may edit drum parts of virtually any level of complexity. ... (34/0) download
AudioLobe for Mac OS 5.03 -  Allows you to independently alter the playback speed and pitch rate of audio and video files. ... (37/0) download
Auto Mute for Mac OS 3.4 -  Has your child ever been awakened with the loud “Ta-Dam!” sound your laptop played when you opened it at late evening? Did you ever open notebook on conference and the computer loudly notifies you about new messages or something? ... (35/0) download
Aspect for Mac OS 1.5 -  A 32-note polyphonic software instrument that combines a great-sounding, powerful synthesis engine, with a flexible semi-modular architecture and unparalleled ease of use. ... (69/0) download
AudioLeak for Mac OS 3.01 -  Quickly (over 200x realtime) previews perceived playback levels of audio files without having to listen to the audio. AudioLeak measures unweighted / A-weighted Leq, Peak levels, and more. ... (32/0) download
ArtenSPEAK for Mac OS 1.0.3 -  A simple application that speaks text. You may drag or paste text into the ArtenSPEAK text area and when you depress the loudspeaker button the text will be read to you. Ideal for use with webpages, email, or any text document. ... (42/0) download
A-Kit for Mac OS 1.4.1 -  A set of 7 plugins (plus an additional plugin to facilitate registration). They are available in VST, RTAS, and AU formats, and require a sequencer set to (or able to operate at) 44.1 kHz resolution. ... (81/0) download
AudioWarrior Free Djembe for Reason 4 for Mac OS 1.0 -  Designed using Reason’s NN-XT Advanced Sampler and works best with an unweighted MIDI controller. Simply load it in Reason 2.5 to 4.0 or higher and literally play your keyboard like a hand drum. ... (70/0) download
Audiobook Maker for Mac OS 1.0 -  A simple Audiobook Maker that is very easy to use. Simply open the file containing the text of whatever you wish to be converted and open up the app. Wait a few seconds/minutes depending on the length and walla! ... (55/0) download
Accelotech Barcode Generator Software 2.1.1 -  VectoBar Pro Linear Basic - a barcode generator software, creates UPC, EAN, ISBN along with few other barcode symbols which will satisfy designers, labelers, book publishers around the world who need only UPC/EAN based barcodes. ... (50/0) download
Accelotech Intelligent Mail Bar code 2.1.1 -  The Intelligent Mail barcode (formerly known as the 4-State Customer Barcode or onecode) is the next generation of USPSA® barcode technology used to sort and track letters and flats. ... (57/0) download
APS Accounting & Stock Control -  APS combines powerful multi currency client/server multilingual accounting software, Human resource and stock ( inventory) control and Point of Sale features with deferent types of transactions such as Cost Centers, Journal Entries, Receipt & Pay ... (80/1) download
Attic Manager 3.00 -  Attic Manager is software used to build and maintain database of your assets: * Keep track of all the stuff you have * Look up something when you forget where you stored it * In case of disaster, have the list ready for the insurance company * Keep r ... (37/0) download
ASP.NET GS1 Databar Web Server Control 9.9 -  The ASP .NET GS1 Databar Barcode Web Server Control is a new drag-and-drop component that easily adds dynamic database barcoding capability to Microsoft .NET Web Applications. ... (41/0) download
Asset Track Asset Management Software 6.0 -  Asset management software for Asset database management, tracking, and reporting. Manage asset database and inventories. Print asset tags and barcode labels. Maintain asset check in and check out logs. ... (38/0) download
AAPos - 100% Freeware 3.4 -  Whitech Software Solutions is an award winning software development house based in Sydney Australia, over the years Whitech have developed a number of industry leading applications across many market sectors, including Photographic Kiosk applications ... (77/0) download
Auction Data Wizard -  The IMAGOSCAPE Auction Data Wizard is a powerful tool for converting different auction data files from AbeBooks, AtomicMall, CQout, Delcampe, eBay, eBid, Facebook Payvment Storefront, OZtion and Trading Post listings. ... (55/0) download
ASP Barcode Generator Script 2011 -  Easily add dynamic barcode generation capability to webpages with any web server or website hosting service that supports ASP script processing with the ASP Barcode Generator Script Package. ... (38/0) download
ASPX Barcode Generator Script 2011 -  Easily add dynamic barcode generation capability to webpages with any web server or website hosting provider that supports ASPX script processing with the ASPX Barcode Generator Script Package. This component will create barcodes with an ASP. ... (45/0) download
Automator Virtual Input for Mac OS 3.0 -  Extends Apples Automator automation program to give it control over the keyboard and mouse cursor. Automator Virtual Input allows Automator to access anything you can by simulating mouse clicks, movement and drags along with keyboard key presses. ... (32/0) download
Automator Action Extension Pack for Leopard for Mac OS 3.0 -  This action pack extends the power of Automator in Leopard with 20 actions for use with the Mac OS X Finder, Mail, Safari, the operating system, and more! ... (67/0) download
AutomatorBitLy for Mac OS 1.0.1 -  A service for Mac OS X Snow Leopard to shorten long URLs with the service. Select the text of an URL anywhere and then use this service. The selected text will be replaced with the shorten URL. - Record the usage history. ... (36/0) download