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Baby Keyboard Game 1.6 -  Learning with the use of toys is one of the best teaching methods. Smart parents choose useful toys that help their children develop certain skills and intelligence. ... (13/0) download
Baby Kick - Fetal movement Monitor + Baby kick count - kicks tracker 1.0 -  FEATURES HIGHLIGHT 1.Help you keep track of the fetus fetal movement. 2.Smart remind you regularly record and maintain records. 3.Automatic calculation of the current time of pregnancy. 4.Export your record. ... (2/0) download
Baby Kick Counter - Track Fetal Movement by Mobile Mom 1.2.4 -  The Kick Counter from Mobile Mom is designed to make tracking babys movements fun and convenient. Its easy too. ? Start the timer.? Record a kick with a simple tap of your device screen? Attach a note to any kick? Stop the timer when youre done.... ... (6/0) download
Baby Kitty Cat Jump PRO - Little Pet Tap and Bounce Story Edition 1.0 -  Help the Baby Kitty Cat jump through his String Balls and travel across the Fantasy worlds that Kitty Cat needs to conquer in order to be the Cat King!This cute cat needs your help, and in return you will get addicted to this game that will draw ... ... (6/0) download
Baby Know Pictures Things 1.2013.7.31 -  Recognize objects is an important means of baby cognition of the objective world. The science shows that the 0-3-year-old baby's intellectual development through sensory channels, of which 90% is obtained through the visual auditory channel. ... ... (4/0) download
Baby Land Puzzle 1.0 -  Cheerfully teach your toddler.Let this fun and colorful game show your child a variety of places in the environment.Take him to a trip through the world, let him admire the extraordinary wildlife in the ocean, on land and in the desert.And show ... ... (7/0) download
Baby Learn Antonyms HD 4.1 -  Wow, what a wonderful world! The egg of a chicken is small, but the egg of an ostrich is much larger. Speed of a motorcycle is slow, but speed of a car is faster. A downpour drenches the clothes, but they will be dry when the sun comes out. Hey, ... ... (7/0) download
Baby Learning Colors 1.02 -  Color Learning for Babies, Designed for babies at the ages from 0 to 6.Goal: To develop the babies ability of abstraction and comprehension by starting to learn and identify colors.Methods: To establish the comprehension ability of color which is ... ... (9/0) download
Baby Learning Game 1.0 -  Your child can fully learn the objects around easily with the use of our application. These seemingly simple things, but it's really hard to make children even remember them all, this will affect the learning ability of children. For that reason, ... ... (9/0) download
Baby Learning Zone 1.4 -  Babies love bathTime! In Baby Beagle's Learning Zone, baby delights in making duckies splash into the bathtub or frogs jumping out. Baby builds a tower of blocks and laughs at making it tumble. For all languages. From age 8 months and up. This ... ... (4/0) download
Baby Learns Addition HD 4.0 -  There are a simple and honest orangutan and a cute panda named Kiki living in a beautiful forest. One day, they want to go to the other side of the river, but some wooden piles that are originally in the river are missing, what should we do now? ... ... (5/0) download
Baby Learns Colors 1.3 -  " Hands down one of the best apps for kids to learn colors we've reviewed (and we've seen a lot of them)." - Famigo" The artwork and sounds throughout the app are phenomenal and very kid friendly." - iViewApps ... (5/0) download
Baby learns fruits HD 4.0 -  Sweet, delicious and nutritious fruits have been being greatly welcomed by the babies, but do the babies know what these fruits look like, what their names are, and where they grow?Baby Learns Fruits anthropomorphizes the most common fruits, the ... ... (7/0) download
Baby learns Household goods 4.0 -  The most interactive and interesting entertaining cognitive productsBaby Learns Household Goods is coming now, which is the same series of the Daily Necessities. ?Mode promotion: "List" mode adds lots of interactions in the game to make babies ... ... (4/0) download
Baby learns numbers 4.0 -  Baby Learns Numbers is a math game for kids.It teaches your kids key math skills such as counting.Kids can learn and understand numbers and quantities while enjoying the Panda fishing scene and the underwater world scene.It is so interesting that ... ... (6/0) download
Baby learns numbers HD 4.01 -  **fishing and play with numbers!**Baby Learns Numbers is a math game for kids.It teaches your kids key math skills such as counting.Kids can learn and understand numbers and quantities while enjoying the Panda fishing scene and the underwater ... ... (6/0) download
Baby learns shape 4.1 -  Baby learns shapes uses two interesting methods to help your baby to recognize different shapes, those two different methods are flooring jigsaw puzzles and rooms cleaning up, which also guide the baby to classify those shapes. Not only helps the ... ... (3/0) download
Baby Learns Simple Objects. 1.1 -  Your child is beginning to explore the world! There are so many new and interesting objects that must to be remembered. Lets make it easier with Baby Learns Simple Objects!"Great word app for toddlers and babies" - Fun Educational Apps"TOP10 of ... ... (5/0) download
Baby Learns Simple Shapes 1.0 -  'The lovely engaging images, plus the addition of the Rewards Area will provide hours of learning and fun for your child.' - The Appy Ladies5 stars:: 'I do encourage parents and teachers to get the series of Baby Learns. My son is special needs. ... ... (4/0) download
Baby learns transport HD 4.1 -  Baby Learns Transport applies cartoon designs for the common means of transport, cartoon designs that are cute and almost real. Fun-filled interactions and realistic sound effects can enhance your baby's interest in learning, so it will help with ... ... (4/0) download
Baby Life Free 1.0.0 -  All new days with your baby! We are very pleased to announce the Baby Diary application's release. This is the application which you can log your baby's daily life; my baby has just laughed for the first time! or my baby does not stop crying >< ... ... (5/0) download
Baby Lion Free - Addictive Animal Running Game 1.3 -  Baby Lion is an exciting game that will make you keep coming back. This addicting and challenging gameplay goes on forever to meet your entertainment needs. The family and kids will love it! Take Baby Lion on an adventure run and help him cover a ... ... (7/0) download
Baby Log Book 1.1.1 -  'The most comprehensive BABY APP!'Like yourself thousands of mamas rely on BABY LOG BOOK to navigate more relaxed through the new every-day-life with their babies.New to the world of babys and need some navigation trough the great waters of baby ... ... (3/0) download
Baby London Magazine 4.9.10 -  Baby London magazine is packed full with local features, great articles, latest news, real stories, events and whats on, competitions and more. A must read for London parents and parents to be.-------------------- Paid-for application downloads ... ... (7/0) download
Baby Look 2 Strings 1.3 -  Introduce your young ones to music with this easy to control string instrument. Easy for young eyes to see, the large dots can be moved to adjust the pitch of the strings with realistic vibrations. Multi-touch so you can both play together.Baby ... ... (5/0) download
Baby Look faces 1.4 -  Designed specially for you to interact with your child.Using touch gestures, change the expressions on the faces and guide your little one through the six "universal" facial expressions - Happy, Sad, Angry, Surprised, Scared and Disgusted.Watch ... ... (2/0) download
Baby Look2 Blocks 1.3 -  An interactive rattle for babies and the sight impaired. Make easy-to-see bold patterns that slide across the screen with the soothing knocking sound of wooden blocks.High contrast patterns that will intrigue and delight new eyes, specially ... ... (10/0) download
Baby Loves Animals 1.0 -  Baby Loves Animals is a very high interactive flash cards app which can help your child learn pronunciation of wildlife animals like dogs, horses, elephants, pandas etc.Baby Loves Animals definitely is recommended to children because it can ... ... (7/0) download
Baby Loves Learning* 1.0 -  The BEST 3 in 1 education app! It is fun for babies and toddlers! Baby, let's learn ABC, colors and fruits in a easy way with this app!This BABY LOVES LEARNING app is specially designed for baby or young kid to learn ABC, colors and fruits with ... ... (5/0) download
Baby Lullaby and White Noise Sounds for Sleep - Slumbertime Baby 1.2 -  Help soothe your baby to sleep with Slumbertime Baby lullaby and white noise sounds. Slumbertime Baby can mask unwanted noise to help your baby fall asleep, sleep longer, and sleep better.Several high quality soothing sounds to choose from, ... ... (6/0) download
Baby Lyrics & Songs-Lite 1.0 -  All the baby lyrics, songs and lullaby's you need to send you child to sleep or keep them entertained."RELAXING. My baby was crying all night but when I played this app she stopped crying and fell asleep. Thankyou so much for making this app. :)" ... ... (4/0) download
Baby Madness 1.4 -  Baby Madness is a wildly addicting Side Scrolling Tower Defense Game that pits you against adorable babies in colorful cartoon fashion!One day on a quiet day in the Orz Nursery, an Alien object mysteriously floats down into the babies peaceful ... ... (4/0) download
Baby Maker Fertility Calculator 1.3 -  Baby Maker Fertility Calcuator. ... (5/0) download
Baby Maker Predictor FREE 1.0.3 -  If you want to predict whether you will have a baby or not, the first way to find that out is Baby Maker Predictor.As nowadays everything is possible, we offer you a simple, easy to use app, that you can use anywhere and anytime, which is very ... ... (7/0) download
Baby Maker Predictor PRO by AppDevWizard 1.0 -  If you want to predict whether you will have a baby or not, the first way to find that out is Baby Maker Predictor.As nowadays everything is possible, we offer you a simple, easy to use app, that you can use anywhere and anytime, which is very ... ... (4/0) download
Baby Massage 101 1.0 -  Baby Massage 101 is an extensive workshop exploring the basics of therapeutic massage techniques gently designed for babies. Version 1.0 features over 30 HD tutorial videos of demonstration, covering baby massage from head to toeResearch has ... ... (5/0) download
Baby Massage Basics 1.0 -  Dr. Elaine Fogel Schneider, founder of TouchTime International, is an internationally acclaimed author, therapist, trainer, and teacher. Her book, Massaging Your BabyThe Joy of TouchTime-Effective Techniques for a Healthier, Happier, More Relaxed ... ... (8/0) download
Baby Maybe 1.0 -  Baby Gender Predictor will work for future family planning or retroactively. Play around with dates and see how accurate this Baby Gender Predictor is. ... (6/0) download
Baby Melody Box 1.1 -  Music Box smart phone app for toddler, baby, kid, Children.Toddlers can easily handle even the most simple interface that is produced.A variety of popular and classical music, this app is built.Toddlers listening to music can be relaxing ... ... (8/0) download
Baby Memory Cue HD Lite 1.0 -  This version of Baby Memory Cue HD Lite is optimized for the iPad, meaning that you can enjoy the full Baby Memory Cue HD Lite experience on the big screen.Baby Memory Cue HD is an adorably-cute version of the well-loved, classic game of memory. ... ... (5/0) download