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Babson Magazine 1.0 -  Welcome to the iPad edition of Babson Magazine, the quarterly publication for the #1 school in entrepreneurship. ... (5/0) download
Baby & Toddler Nutrition 1.2 -  As a qualified nutritionist I regularly advise mums on what are the best foods to get their baby started on without provoking any negative reactions. The kind of food and when it is introduced plays a major role in the likelihood of the baby ... ... (5/0) download
Baby 411 by Dr. Ari Brown 1.2 -  Get the latest news on your baby's health! Breaking news on medicine recalls, the latest research on your baby's growth and development and more.The Baby 411 News app was created by Dr. Ari Brown, co-author of the best-selling book Baby 411. Dr. ... ... (7/0) download
Baby Ace 1.00 -  Baby Ace allows parents to store their favorite memories of their children and to create online baby books. The program features many sections including a prenatal diary, ultrasound pictures, first steps, first words, medical records and more. ... (39/0) download
Baby Adopter Holidays 1.4.3 -  Baby Adopter Holidays is a special edition of Baby Adopter designed for holidays.Baby Adopter is a nursery and dress up game for people who love to take care of little babies. If you like our Baby Adopter game please try our Holidays edition.We ... ... (8/0) download
Baby Adopter Pro 3.5.5 -  About---Baby Adopter Pro is a version which is designed to work and synchronize with your Baby Adopter on Facebook. You need to own an account on Facebook and be a Baby Adopter user on Facebook in order to use this app:http://apps.facebook.... ... (7/0) download
Baby Aid - Falling Asleep 1.1 -  This app helps babies to falling asleep.HINT: Enjoy the best quality with separate speakers! ... (8/1) download
Baby Album - Basic Edition 2.15 -  This software lets you create a complete multimedia baby album for your child by adding pictures, drawings, video clips and even audio clips directly into your pages. In a few clicks of your mouse, you can create your child's web site and publish ... (264/0) download
Baby Album Basic Edition 2.12 -  Create a complete baby album for your child This software lets you create a complete multimedia baby album for your child by adding pictures, drawings, video clips and even audio clips directly into your pages. ... (112/0) download
Baby Album DIY 2.4 -  Baby Album DIY is a professional baby photo album editing software that helps beginners to produce printing-purpose photo albums. With Baby Album DIY, you can create professional photo albums, calendars from your digital photos easily and quickly. ... (22/0) download
Baby and Bean Screen Saver 1.0 -  Baby and Bean Screen Saver displays the famous Dancing Baby and Mr. Bean. It includes options that lets you control the rate of animation, and adjust the sound. Watch as the baby dances and Mr. Bean plays peek-a-boo. ... (185/0) download
Baby Animal Balloons 1.3 -  Baby Balloon Animals, the first release from Little Lap Time, will delight your little one while reinforcing animal names and offering a gentle introduction to modern touch-screen interaction. Your child's touch creates cute felt animal balloons ... ... (10/0) download
Baby Animals Match 2.0 -  Baby Animals Match is a premium memory game for preschoolers. It will help them learn the names of baby animals whilst improving their memory skills, all in an entertaining game. The game consists of matching baby animals to their parents. All ... ... (4/0) download
Baby Animals Match! 1.1 -  This app is designed to sharpen your childs short-term and working memory abilities by using a challenging concentration/matching game! Just turn any two cards over by touching them to reveal photos of baby animals or stills of silly animals ... ... (6/0) download
Baby Animals Puzzle - Mr. Pepper's puzzles for kids and toddlers 1.2 -  +++ The number #1 top educational game in Cape Verde! +++Let your children discover amazing farm animals with this universal app for both iPhones and iPads!This individually designed puzzle builds your child's perception, fine motor skills and ... ... (3/0) download
Baby Animals Screen Saver v1.0.6.2634 -  Baby Animals Screen Saver displays color photos of wild and domestic baby animals as your screen saver or wallpaper. It includes 33 images. You will see bear cubs, wolf pups, kittens, chicks, and more. ... (95/0) download
Baby Animals screensaver 2.5 -  Baby Animals Screensavers with wallpaper and delightful music. Screensavers of adorable and charming baby animals from all walks of life! Music plays in the background of your screensaver. Each image can be used as desktop wallpaper. ... (68/0) download
Baby Artist HD for Halloween 1.10 -  Baby Artist is a new application for our kids to play with iPad.They can express their creativity in a fun and easy way.At the same time, they can learn to play with colors, pens, stickers, following dotted lines, and making nice drawings.They ... ... (4/0) download
Baby Babble PRO 1.3.5 -  ? Get your baby fix with the ever so cute "Baby Babble" player/audio recorder. Interact & play with baby and watch & listen to him babble to over 160+ sounds, in the cutest real-time animation.? Audio RECORD your own babbles & watch baby say them ... ... (5/0) download
Baby Ball Toss Basketball Game for Kids 1.0 -  Help our young basketball enthusiast fulfill his dream of becoming worlds greatest shooter! Help him in shooting the balls by flicking the ball into the ring! You can shoot slowly but surely, or you can shoot rapidly. No matter what your style is ... ... (3/0) download
Baby Balloons 1.6 -  Pop Balloons is the new app designed for the little ones!Have fun to pop as many balloons you can!Pop Balloons is a fun pastime for all and especially for children.Fun effects and music make your baby smile.Pop Balloons, with its colors to help ... ... (5/0) download
Baby Bath Time 1.1 -  Help clean, dry, and dress the babies with Baby Bath Time. Featuring 4 super cute babies, bath toys, bath robes, bath hats, multiple water colors, multiple bubble colors and much more!!*Please note that Baby Bath Time is free to play, but you are ... ... (7/0) download
Baby Bears Long Winter Nap 1.1 -  Baby Bears long winter nap is 4 in 1 app that has been exclusively designed for preschool kids, toddlers and the small ones. Girls might be fond of the maker games or some bistro cooking games but being with the friendly bears would bring joy to ... ... (7/0) download
Baby Bedding 2.4.1 -  The Nursery Designer app from Carousel Designs is the best new innovation for expectant mothers. Design your own baby bedding and visualize your entire nursery using more than 300 fabrics. Choose from several inspiring designs or start from ... ... (5/0) download
Baby Bee Coloring Book 1.0 -  Enjoy coloring with Baby Bee.Do it yourself!This is a coloring app created for children.It applies easy self-explanatory UI for children to use it by themselves without any help.It uses colors that comfort their eyes even on iPad display that is ... ... (6/0) download
Baby Bird Drop HD 1.0 -  Oh no! Eggs are falling from the sky! Guide the eggs into the nest by tapping the screen to hatch a baby bird. Free Retina display HD graphics Fun Simple to play Leaderboards - beat your friend's score CuteThis app is free but it has ads. ... ... (5/0) download
Baby Birds HD 1.6 -  Help the Baby Birds learn to fly. Slide the Panda back and forth to bounce the Baby Birds back into the air using the magic red cushion. After a 1,2 or 3 bounces they will fly off into the big wide world on their own. But don't miss... How many ... ... (6/0) download
Baby Birthday Cake Maker - cooking games 1.0.0 -  Do you like birthday cake? Of course everyone loves it. Just come to this amazing shop e and make your own birthday cake now! ... (5/0) download
Baby Birthday Planner 1.1 -  ~> Plan Your Babys Birthday! Care, Dress Up, Bake Cakes, Open Gifts - Lots to Do!~> Arts & Craft Activities Inside! Paint BDay Banners, Make Paper Doll Decorations,Blow up Balloons, Loads of Fun!~> This Party has it All! Host Friends, Invite a ... ... (6/0) download
Baby Bits v2.1 -  Baby Bits is a computerized baby book that captures the memories of your children's first years. It preserves your memories of up to 12 children and prints a separate baby book for each child. ... (96/0) download
Baby Blimp for Mac OS 1.0 -  Babies are delivered by storks! Help them prepare their precious cargo for delivery on the baby production line. Transport your bundles of joy across towns and cities, collecting bonuses along the way. Strengthen your storks and increase their speed. ... (16/0) download
Baby Bliss Screen Saver v2.50 -  Baby Bliss Screen Saver displays color photographs of baby animals. The screen saver displays 25 images as a slideshow. ... (64/0) download
Baby Blocks 1.3 -  Baby Blocks is a game where you get to play with toy blocks using a realistic physics engine. There are two different modes of play. The first mode challenges you to stack blocks as high as you can. The second is a sandbox mode that gives you as ... ... (3/0) download
Baby Blues BBQ 1.3.3 -  Enjoy the convenience of online ordering with the Baby Blues BBQ mobile app. You can now use your iPhone or iPad to order food from our restaurant/any of our locations. Its the most convenient way to order our delicious food. Click on the app, ... ... (4/0) download
Baby Boh! 1.0 -  Scare babys in Baby-Dreamland You are a little devil and it's your job to scare babys. Tell them BOH! and they leave the dreamland waking up from a nightmare.You can also throw your magic ball at them or call a Jack-in-the-Box to assist you. ... (42/0) download
Baby Bongo 1.1 -  A silly rainbow Bongo for your baby or toddler. Tap the screen to create bongo beats.No ads, popups, or buttons to interrupt your child. Fills the entire screen with color, and sounds great. Watch your child's face light up with pleasure!Maybe I ... ... (6/0) download
Baby Book for the Boroughs (NYC & Long Island, Too) 1.0 -  Finally! A children's board book with sounds... that sound like us NEW YORKERS.Includes 12 board pages with 6 sound buttons and 6 touch-and-feel elements.Baby Book for the Boroughs provides:- a familiar sound for genuine babies of the boroughs,- ... ... (5/0) download
Baby Books--Hide And Seek 1.0 -  ?Hide And Seek? is the popular book of?BabyBook?series on APP Store.Baby Books is a childrens audio book that is specially created for children aged 3-6 and combined with the growth characteristics of children by the authoritative experts in ... ... (3/0) download
Baby Books--SmartLamb 1.0 -  ?SmartLamb?is the popular one of ?BabyBook?series on APP Store.Baby Books is a childrens audio book that is specially created for children aged 3-6 and combined with the growth characteristics of children by the authoritative experts in education ... ... (3/0) download
Baby Books-Baby Bear 1.2 -  Baby Bear?is the best popular one of the?Baby Books? series,which comes first on the educational book list in 3 days on APP Store.?It tells kids the truth: If you want to be strong and grow fast, you should eat well ,shouldn't play while eating.... ... (6/0) download