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BibleMax Greek New Testament 1.0 -  It is a well-documented fact that the oldest versions of the New Testament were written in Greek. Before that, the life and words of Jesus Christ were transmitted orally from one Apostle to his successor. ... (5/0) download
BibleMax Greek Old Testament (Septuagint) 1.0 -  According to tradition, between the 3th. and 1st. century BC, a group of seventy Hebrew scholars translated the Torah, or Old Testament, to the Greek language under the reign of Ptolemy Philadelphus. ... (5/0) download
BibleMax Gustave DorAŠ New Testament Woodcuts 1.0 -  BibleMax is free software for reading and studying the Holy Bible. Among its many interesting characteristics, it has the possibility of being enhanced with complements. One of these is this beautiful collection of Gustave Dore woodcuts. ... (0/0) download
BibleMax HebGrk Bible 1.0 -  BibleMax is free software for reading and searching the Holy Bible. ... (9/0) download
BibleMax Hebrew New Testament 1.0 -  Being Christianity a faith that originated from Jewish roots, it would be logical that a Hebrew text of the Gospels shoud exist. ... (6/0) download
BibleMax Hebrew Old Testament (Tanach) 1.0 -  The Tanach (also called Tanakh or Tenakh) is the Sacred Text used in the Jewish religion. ... (3/0) download
BibleMax Hoekstra Devotional 1.0 -  Pastor Bob Hoekstra is an important American preacher and evangelist, and is the founder and director of Living in Christ Ministries. He has worked actively in spreading the Word of God by teaching in seminars, conferences, retreats and other events. ... (3/0) download
BibleMax Hungarian Bible 1.0 -  Hungarian or Magyar language is spoken in Hungary and in several Central-European regions that were part of the Kingdom of Hungary until the early 20th century. ... (18/0) download
BibleMax Interfaith Pack 1.0 -  BibleMax is a free program that lets you read and study the Scriptures in your computer screen, using the modern technology. ... (4/0) download
BibleMax Italian LND Bible 1.0 -  Rome is one of the most important cities for Christendom, and thus, Italian versions of the Bible are most relevant. ... (3/0) download
BibleMax Italian Riveduta Luzzi Bible 1.0 -  Among the Italian translations of the Bible, the Riverduta Luzzi is the most used version among Evangelic and Protestant Christians in Italy. It was created by Giovanni Luzzi and published in 1924. ... (3/0) download
BibleMax Jacob Abbott New Testament 1.0 -  BibleMax is an useful free program that allows you to read and study the Holy Bible in your computer's screen by means of an easy-to-use interface. ... (3/0) download
BibleMax James Murdock NT Bible 1.0 -  James Murdock (1776-1856) was an American theologist, scholar and Christian pastor. He was professor of Anicent Languages at the University of Vermont. ... (3/0) download
BibleMax Japanese Shinkaiyaku Seisho Bible 1.0 -  The first Christian missionaries arrived to Japan in the 16th. century. They produced an earlier version of the Bible in Japanese. Nevertheless, Christianity was later banned and the missionaries were expelled from the country. ... (11/0) download
BibleMax Jewish Publication Society Old Testament Bible 1.0 -  The Jewish Publication Society is a non-profit publishing organization founded more than a century ago and whose aim is to produce books of the Jewish heritage for English-speaking people. ... (10/0) download
BibleMax Keil and Delitzsch on the Old Testament (Book) 1.0 -  Karl Keil (1807-1888), a German Protestant exegetist (interpreter of the Scriptures) and Franz Delitzsch (1813-1890), a Lutheran scholar with Hebrew heritage, undertook the huge task of commenting on each and evey book of the Old Testament. ... (6/0) download
BibleMax Keil and Delitzsch on the Old Testament (Chapter) 1.0 -  Karl Keil (1807-1888) was a German Protestant exegetist (interpreter of the Scriptures). On his part, Franz Delitzsch (1813-1890) wa a Lutheran theologist and professor with Hebrew heritage. ... (2/0) download
BibleMax Keil and Delitzsch on the Old Testament (Verse) 1.0 -  Karl Keil (1807-1888) was a German Protestant interpreter of the Bible. Franz Delitzsch (1813-1890) was a Lutheran German scholar. Both authors undertook the huge task of commenting on the Old Testament verse by verse. ... (2/0) download
BibleMax King James Concordance 1.0 -  BibleMax is a free program for reading and studying the Holy Bible. ... (10/0) download
BibleMax Live Bible Maps 1.0 -  Unlike many sacred books in human history, the facts narrated in the Bible happened in concrete and well-known places that still exist today. ... (3/0) download
BibleMax Maori Bible 1.0 -  Te reo Maori is the language spoken by the native population of New Zealand and one of the three official languages of that country. ... (2/0) download
BibleMax Meyer Devotional 1.0 -  BibleMax is free software for reading and studying the Scriptures from the convenience of your desktop. ... (2/0) download
BibleMax Morrison Devotional 1.0 -  BibleMax is free software for reading and studying the Holy Bible and other Christian texts. One of the advantages of this software is that it allows you to download and install many add-ins for enhancing your study of the Scriptures. ... (4/0) download
BibleMax Noah Webster's Dictionary of American English 1.0 -  Noah Webster (1758-1843) is perhaps the most known American linguist and writer. ... (3/0) download
BibleMax Polish Biblia Gdanska 1.0 -  Biblia Gdanska (Danzig Bible) is a Polish translation of the Scriptures made by a group of Polish protestants. The New Testament was published in 1606, and the whole Bible appeared in 1632. ... (11/0) download
BibleMax Portuguese Bible 1.0 -  Portuguese is the official language of Portugal and Brazil, and is also spoken in some regions of Africa and Asia. ... (3/0) download
BibleMax Robinson's Morphological Analysis Codes 1.0 -  It is a known fact that the first versions of the New Testament were writen in Greek language, so if one wants to study these parts of the Scriptures in its original language, a deep knowledge of Greek is needed. ... (2/0) download
BibleMax Romanian Dumitru Cornilescu Translation Bible 1.0 -  Dumitru Cornilescu was an Orthodox priest who later converted to Protestantism. He is the author of the first and most widely known Romanian translation of the Bible. Cornilescu made his translation in 1921 and it was published in 1928. ... (9/0) download
BibleMax Romanian Orthodox Bible 1.0 -  The Eastern Orthodox Church is the dominant Christian denomination in Eastern European countries, including Romania. ... (3/0) download
BibleMax Russian Synodal Text Bible 1.0 -  Russian is a Slavic language spoken mainly in Russia and other former USSR countries. This BibleMax module features a version of the Bible in Russian. ... (4/0) download
BibleMax Spurgeon Devotional 1.0 -  BibleMax is free software for reading and studying the Holy Bible from the convenience of your computer desktop. ... (2/0) download
BibleMax Swedish Bible 1.0 -  Swedish is a Germanic language that is spoken mainly in Sweden and in some areas of Finland. This BibleMax module features a Swedish translation of the Bible. ... (2/0) download
BibleMax Tagalog Ang Biblia 1.0 -  Tagalog Ang is one of the languages spoken in Philipphines. Since in that country one of the most widespread religions is Christianism in its various different denominations, it is very appropirate to have the Bible translated to that language. ... (1480/0) download
BibleMax Thai Bible 1.0 -  Thai is the official language of Thailand, and is spoken by more than 80 percent of the population. Although Christendom was introduced in Thailand in the 16th century, Christians constitute only 0. ... (5/0) download
BibleMax Thayer's Greek Definitions 1.0 -  Joseph Henry Thayer (1828-1901) was an important American Bible scholar whose most significant work is arguably his Greek-English lexicon of the New Testament. ... (4/0) download
BibleMax Treasury of Scripture Knowledge 1.0 -  BibleMax is a free Biblical program with many interesting features. One of them is the possibility of enhancing the core program by adding many extra modules according to your needs. ... (2/0) download
BibleMax Vincent's Word Studies (Book) 1.0 -  Marvin Richardson Vincent (1834-1922) was a renowned American clerygman and author. Among many other works, he wrote a comprehensive commentary named Word Studies in the New Testament, published between 1887 and 1889. ... (2/0) download
BibleMemorizer 0.6 -  Memorizing Bible verses is very important for clerics and Bible scholars. This free, open-source program helps you to memorize those Bible verses you want. ... (7/0) download
BiblePaint 1.0 -  BiblePaint is a lovely coloring application for kids which includes lots of drawings related to different stories from the Bible. ... (2/0) download