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Daily Journal 3.2 -  Keep a journal for business or personal use. Use the standard word processing interface (including spell chack &amp\; a thesaurus). Encrypt your files to protect your privacy. ... (32/0) download
Daily Journey Audio Bible 3.13.1 -  Welcome to The Daily Journey Audio Bible, the New Living Translation that lets you discover the entire bible in one year. This app enables us to put God's word in the palm of your hand. It is a convenient and immediately accessible source for ... ... (5/0) download
Daily Koran 1.6 -  Daily Koran (Qur'an) brings quotes from the Koran into our everyday life for remembrance and following of Allah's truth. Its design is simplistic, giving easy access to some daily brief words, that users may grow in belief and wisdom. Generate ... ... (3/0) download
Daily Kural 1.0 -  Daily Kural is a software which is used to display a Thirukural and the tamil and english meanings. Thirukkural constitutes one of the most important literary works in Tamil (Dravidian language of southern India). ... (18/0) download
Daily Life Skills Scale 1.1 -  'About Daily Life Skills ScaleThis Scale is for estimating 'Life Skills' which is defined by WHO (World Health Organization) as necessary abilities to deal effectively with problems and claims occurred in daily life, by eight sides. Life Skills ... ... (4/0) download
Daily Local for iPad -  The Daily Local for the iPad is the leading source of news for Chester County. Keep up with the latest news, sports, business, entertainment and more in your community with our new iPad app! ... (4/0) download
Daily Log 2.0.1 -  Personal journal recording your daily events. With powerful word processing feature such as formatted text, embedded images and tables you can easily capture the moment to be viewed by yourself or shared with others at any time in the future. ... (39/0) download
Daily Log for iPad 1.0 -  Daily Log is an app for Manufacturing Operations designed to capture Production, Downtime and Quality Performance. The app is available for free to the users of Production KPI.***REQUIRES PRODUCTION KPI*** Features: Dedicated user interface for ... ... (2/0) download
Daily manicure - My diary of manicure nail DIY 1.2 -  Manicure become a popular & hot trend for the girls who want to become the beauty. It is also regarded as the compulsory course for ladies who is absorbed in the pursuit of the perfection. Even a small action will be influenced your whole ... ... (3/0) download
Daily Manna 1.1 -  Daily Manna is a compendium of daily devotional readings designed to draw the sincere seeker closer to God on a daily basis, through insightful exposition and compelling analysis of the scriptures.From his deep knowledge of the Bible, Pastor W. F ... ... (4/0) download
Daily Mercury Mackay 3.1.3 -  Looking to have the Daily Mercury at your fingertips? Then look no further than the Daily Mercury app from NewspaperDirect. With this app all sections are presented as full-content digital replicas, in their original layout. You can subscribe to ... ... (4/0) download
Daily Morning Bible 1 -  Daily Morning Bible is Bible App for Windows. One verses every day. ... (20/0) download
Daily Motivation - A Month of Self Improvement Inspiration 1.2 -  24 HOUR SALE $1.99! WAS $4.99! Want to make your life better?Want to start every day with a drive to succeed?Then learn from the masters - the people who have achieved success.***** "The best motivational app I have bought, and I have bought ... ... (2/0) download
Daily Nation News Mobile 1.4.9 -  The Official Daily Nation App that keeps you updated 24x7 on the latest national and international news, sports, entertainment, videos, business reports, lifestyle and all other relevant news while you are on the move. Stay informed with breaking ... ... (4/0) download
Daily Nature Photos 1.0 -  Unofficial app of the Nature Conservancy photo community. See nature at its finest. View more Daily Nature Photos selected from the Nature Conservancy online photo community. ... (7/0) download
Daily Nebraskan 1.0 -  The Daily Nebraskan is the official app for the student newspaper of University of Nebraska-Lincoln. It is a location-based mobile app platform that delivers to students late-breaking campus news and real-time offers from local merchants. The app ... ... (3/0) download
Daily News for Clash Of Clans - Update daily! 1.1 -  STAY UP-TO-DATE WITH CLASH OF CLANS!--- The one and only Clash of Clans News App for iPhone & iPad ------ Stay up-to-date with Clash of Clans News & Videos ---Daily News for Clash of Clans is an unofficial Clash of Clans News App. Use this app ... ... (4/0) download
Daily News Mobile 5.2 -  The perfect New York app for locals and visitors from the biggest-selling paper in the NY Metropolitan area. With offline reading mode. Latest news, sports, gossip and opinion from award-winning writers. Extensive localized city guide with events,... ... (3/0) download
Daily Note Book 5.1 -  Daily Note Book for Windows: Are you writing a lot of different notes on a daily basis? Do you want to refer to them very quickly? Do you want to sort them by subject or by date? Or perhaps you are writing a diary? ... (78/0) download
Daily Notes v5.0 -  Lets you write and store notes. Are you writing a lot of different notes on a daily basis? Do you want to refer to them very quickly? Let Daily Notes do the work for you. ... (81/0) download
Daily Nutrition Log 1.5 -  Sometime, simple is better. Have you ever ask yourself if there's an app that you can use to record what you eat everyday and than show you the total number of calories that you consumed? If the answer is yes, than this is the app for you.Without ... ... (3/0) download
Daily Office Lectionary 2.0 -  This app is based upon the 1979 Book of Common Prayer (Episcopal Church). The purpose of this App is to provide the complete Daily Office Lectionary scriptures that are normally only listed by their passages. This enables the reader from having ... ... (4/0) download
Daily Optical Illusion 2.0 -  One and only, original "Illusion of The Day" app. It shows a new optical illusion on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch each day. This app will pull the latest optical illusions from "Mighty Optical Illusions" database, and show them on your screen. ... ... (4/0) download
Daily Outline 1.0 -  DailyOutline is a unique and focused todo list application that will actually help you get things done.DailyOutline helps you to define your Most Important Tasks (MIT): the tasks that must be accomplished today. This will help you make your real ... ... (2/0) download
Daily Paint Deluxe 2.0 -  "Daily Paint Deluxe challenges you to paint a picture every single day of the year! Dont worry, painting suggestions are included" (By iPhoneAppReviews)Check out who is playing today: ... ... (2/0) download
Daily Paint LITE 1.1 -  "Daily Paint Lite challenges you to paint a picture every single day of the year!" Check out who is playing today: Features:* Paint a new image every day of the year, can you imagine? 365 ... ... (2/0) download
Daily Patriotic Quotes 1.0 -  Daily Patriotic Quotes is a collection of great quotes from many people you've heard of and some you haven't. Each day you get treated to a new educational and inspiring quote. If you like the quote from that day, you can share easily save it or ... ... (2/0) download
Daily Personal Journal 1.0 -  This app is used to record your thoughts or notes.Features:- Change text color.- Change font style.- Change font size.- Align text.- Search for Journals.- Email journals.- Save Journals locally. ... (3/0) download
Daily Physicist 1.0 -  Physics couldn't exist without physicists who discover the laws that govern our universe. Here you will learn about some of the most famous physicists, and about some who never quite got the popularity they deserved. It will include biographies, ... ... (2/0) download
Daily PIM 4.1 -  DailyPIM is a wonderful software for personal information management(PIM), which brings a lot of convenience to your work and life when you deals with Diary,Document,Plan,Contacts,Notes,Email. ... (3/0) download
Daily Planet Interactive Screensaver 1.0 -  DC Comics news delivered to your desktop. Get up-to-the-minute DC Comics news delivered right to your desktop. ... (207/0) download
Daily Planner Journal 7.0 -  Daily Planner Journal is a capable, multi-module organizer. It includes a daily planner, small daily journal and a to-do list. ... (66/0) download
Daily Planner Plus 8.2 -  Daily Planner Plus is a capable, multi-module organizer. It includes a daily planner and a to-do list, as well as standard and loan calculators. You'll also find areas for figuring a home budget, keeping a warranty information database, and more. ... (90/0) download
Daily Poetry 5.4.1 -  Start your day with poetry. Each day, you can discover and fall in love with a new poem. The poems are hand-picked by our editors and cover a wide range of styles and time periods. Users can also submit poems through the app in order to have them ... ... (4/0) download
Daily Port Duties Lite 1.0 -  With amazing graphics and great touch sensors...Finally an exciting and addictive app that will take you around the highways testing your ability as a multitasking port controller! are you up to the challenge? Every time a boat/submarine or yacht ... ... (4/0) download
Daily Praises 1.0 -  Daily praises software is a free program for religious people with some useful features. It loads automatically when your system/laptop starts. Daily loads 30 praises for God. Available in many Indian languages including urdu. ... (7/0) download
Daily Progress Report 1.2 -  Tired of doing daily progress reports on paper? You can now create daily site reports in minutes from the convenience of your iPhone or iPad. This powerful project management app will not only allow you to record all important project detail, but ... ... (4/0) download
Daily Quick Crossword Puzzles 1.4.2 -  A simple, light, free, fun and easy to use daily crossword app for both iPhone/iTouch devices with a special design for iPad.A new crossword is made available every day, as well as the archive of the last 7 days of crosswords.The clues are aimed ... ... (2/0) download
Daily Quote It 1.0.2 -  "Daily Quote It" provides you with a thought provoking quote every day. There are over three and one half years worth of quotes from well over one hundred and twenty authors. You can easily view quotes from previous or future days. You can use ... ... (3/0) download
Daily Quran 1.6 -  Al-hamdu lilLah, We are blessed to have the teachings of the Holy Qur'an. This mobile app allows us to bring those teachings into daily life.The app contains daily ayat (verses) from all of the Surah, at your fingertips. Selected for the day, ... ... (1/0) download