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Daily Wallpapers 1.0 -  Daily Wallpapers brings you fresh images every day, and helps you change the background image on your Lock screen. Take photos and create a new account profile picture or just hit the slideshow button and watch the beautiful pictures come alive. ... (6/0) download
Daily Whispers 2.0.1 -  Daily thought to help guide one in listening to Life ... (8/0) download
Daily Work Hours 1.2 -  This app is perfect for people who forget when to leave work. Dont waste time figuring out when your workday end time is, Daily Work Hours does this for you. Just fill your daily work time and it's done! When you arrive at work just fill in the ... ... (10/0) download
Daily Zikr Counter 1 -  Holly Quran recommended practicing Zikr whenever we can, and this iPhone app will help all muslims make their own daily statistics for every Zikr they did, throughout the whole year. The statistics are shown with progress bars and the total count ... ... (9/0) download
Daily1Liners 1.0 -  Are you a fan of famous and funny one-liners? Then the free Daily 1-Liners is the app for you! The app serves you with a random selection of funny one liners. This app compile funny, interesting, observations, deep thoughts and hilarious one ... ... (7/0) download
DailyApp - Free Applications 1.1 -  ? DailyApp ?At DailyApp we are obsessed with finding the best apps and games (specially if they're FREE!). That is why, every day we choose and recommend an app to give it to you for FREE.Yes, 100% FREE.? It works like this:You just install our ... ... (7/0) download 1.0 - - een App voor Mannen!Een app om je te vermaken tijdens je werk of studie met de beste en meest awesome internet video's en picdumps? Je bent op de juiste plek! De App heeft dagelijks de vetste viral video's, pics, ... ... (7/0) download
DailyBible 1.1 -  DailyBible : Android Mobile Bible App.Start your day with a daily Bible verse. - Read or just Listen to it. Read the Holy Bible with a daily reading plan - Read or just Listen to it. Search for any verse or topic anywhere in the Bible. All for free. ... (19/0) download
Dailybreak 2.1 -  Every day, Dailybreak launches new bite-sized Challenges about stuff you love. Challenges are brainteasers, quizzes, trivia, and games about pop culture, music, fashion, sports, and other topics. They help you have fun, learn new things, interact ... ... (11/0) download
DailyCalendar Professional 4.2 -  A calendaring component for .NET. CalendarGo is fully managed code written in 100% C#, seamlessly integrates with Visual Studio and can be used from any CLR language. All aspects of a calendar's appearance can be controlled. ... (28/0) download
DailyCalendar Standard 4.2 -  A calendaring component for .NET. CalendarGo is fully managed code written in 100% C#, seamlessly integrates with Visual Studio and can be used from any CLR language. All aspects of a calendar's appearance can be controlled. ... (29/0) download
DailyCandy Scout 2.4.839 -  Meet DailyCandy Scout, your phones new BFF. At DailyCandy, we scour top cities across the country for the latest and greatest discoveries. Scout for iPhone helps you uncover gems in your area with breaking news and personalized recommendations ... ... (9/0) download
DailyChecklist Lite 1.0 -  DailyChecklist Lite is a To-do list with a twist. Apart from being your vanilla To Do list, it has some nifty features if you happen to be an absent minded professor like us!Do you find yourself routinely performing the same set of tasks? Want to ... ... (9/0) download
DailyCute 1.1 -  This is the official app for DailyCute! On DailyCute, users submit the CUTEST photos from around the Internet. Every day, thousands of people submit the cutest pics they find and thousands more decide which are the cutest. This app will display ... ... (8/0) download
DailyDaily 4.3.13 -  the question is how can we remember what we did and when we did ,the daily life is tiny and so much And not even mention what your kids did when he or she in and below 20 years old dailydaily is born for this ... (11/0) download
DailyDuas 1 -  This application consists of Duas relevant to your daily and occasional activities. These Duas are very powerful and healing, and they were practiced by the Holy Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) during his life time. Read these Duas with faith and by ... ... (8/0) download
DailyET 3.0 -  DAILYET is a simple 'calculator' for estimating daily reference evapotranspiration (ETo) using data collected from a conventional weather station. ... (19/0) download
DailyFunder 1.21 -  This is the OFFICIAL FORUM for merchant cash advance and alternative business lending.Find out where to place deals, catch up on industry gossip, learn from the pros, and check out what industry CEOs are saying. With the DailyFunder app, you can ... ... (9/0) download
DailyHotels 1.3.2 -  Welcome to DailyHotels! - We let you set the price for you hotel stay. With DailyHotels, you are the one who choses the price you are willing to pay for you visit. Your request is directly sent to the hotel who are evaluating your price request. ... ... (10/0) download
DailyJapanese 1.1 -  1.Study japanese for one word a day. 2.Pronunciation and image for the word are provided.3.You can get the previous words through the calendar.4.So have a nice mood to begin now, just do it ,one word a day. ... (11/0) download
DailyLife 2.6.0 -  Do you miss how you wrote and flipped through your diary? Now you can have the experience on iPhone with DailyLife! Jot down moments of your life with texts, photos, hand drawings, transaction records and emoticons, and browse back page by page ... ... (2/0) download
DailyManna For Mobile 1.0 -  DailyManna For Mobile is a Christian Devotional Guide app that gives you daily inspirational devotionals with key verses from the Bible and Thought of the day. It is published by the Life Press Limited - the Publishing arm of Deeper Christian ... ... (5/0) download
DailyMeditation 1.2 -  This application allows you to play the advanced breathing meditation and relaxation meditation from Ascension101.comYou can also set up a daily (silent) reminder so you won't forget about it. ... (7/0) download
Dailymirror 2.0 -  Sri Lanka's premier breaking news website updated 24/7 on your iPad. Staying informed has never been this quick, easy or enjoyable.Read stories from Daily Mirror's Top breaking news , Sports News, Entertainment News, Business News, HI TV and Tech ... ... (13/0) download
DailyMOMO 1.0.7 -  See and hear English. DailyMoMo is an English app that enables reading-while-listening ("I can see what I hear!"), a scientifically proven method to increase the learning speed by more than 60% without any downside. With its unique See & Hear ... ... (10/0) download
Dailymotion Icon Installer 1.0 -  What does it do? It just puts a Dailymotion Icon on your desktop in the form of an Internet Desktop Shortcut that when clicked, takes you straight to the home page for Dailymotion. ... (10/0) download
Dailymotion Mass Uploader 0.1 -  The Mass Uploader is an application that allows you to upload multiple videos to Dailymotion without even visiting the Dailymotion website. ... (10/0) download 2.3 -  DailyMuses is a fun little app where you talk to smart and witty people around the world. - Lots of fun, personal questions to help you open up and act as conversation starters. - Use images and videos to make your muses moe engaging and fun!... ... (12/0) download
DailyPause 1.2 -  The Power of Pause: This app provides daily reminders for you to pause at least once each day to savor the extraordinary that abounds in the ordinary. ... (9/0) download
DailyPhotoNK 2.4.0 -  The photograph taken with the camera and iTunes and the synchronizing photograph in iTunes are displayed every day. Monthly view: Left flick is next month. Right flick is previous month. Up flick is next year. Down flick is previous year. daily ... ... (10/0) download
DailyPIM 4.06 -  DailyPIM is a wonderful software for personal information management(PIM), which brings a lot of convenience to your work and life when you deals with Diary,Document,Plan,Contacts,Notes,Email. a. Powered by Microsoft Word-like rich-text tools, ... (27/0) download
DailyPonder 1.5 -  Daily Pondering is an exercise program for your computer. Each day it will start when you turn your computer on and present you with a question to Ponder for the day. The program also contains a Stop. ... (10/0) download
DailyQuot 1.0 -  Each day DailyQuot will bring you a new optimist quote! It's time to wake up with energy. Remember your best quotes from series, songs or books! Add to favorites before the day ends and you will keep it!And if you like that special quote, share ... ... (8/0) download
Dailys Sports Grill 1.0 -  Daily's Sports Bar and Grill located in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688. Daily's is a fun and exciting place for everyone to enjoy great food and various current sports on their 32 large TV's. Daily's caters to large groups for their special ... ... (7/0) download
DailyText Viewer & Picture 1.0 -  The DailyText Viewer & Picture is a small and easily to use program, to display the Daily Text published by the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society and would only be of interest to Jehovah's Witnesses. ... (10/0) download
DailyWalmart 1.0.1 -  A handy shopping tool to view the deals (97 Shipping, Clearance, Rollbacks, etc.) at everyday.All departments are included:- Apparel- Baby- Books- Electronics- Garden- Home- Jewelry- Movies- Music- Sports- Toys- Video Games* Approved ... ... (9/0) download
DailyWazaaif 1.0 -  This application consists of Wazaaif and Duas. These Wazaaif have proven to be very healing and if read with faith, then by the will of Allah (God) you will receive true enlightenment and blessings in every aspect of your life. FEATURED WAZAAIF ? ... ... (11/0) download
DailyWeight - Track your daily weight easily 1.0.6 -  Enter your daily weight in a quick and easy way and follow your progress to your desired weight, no matter if you want to lose or gain weight.Start DailyWeight - choose your current weight - check progress and chart - exit DailyWeight. That's it!... ... (9/0) download
Daimler 125 Jahre 1.0 -  Erfahren Sie 125 Jahre Daimler.AUTOMOBIL PRODUKTION prsentiert Automobile Geschichte(n): Vom hlzernen Feuerstuhl zum Auto von morgen. Das Stuttgarter Unternehmen mit dem Namen Daimler hat die Geschichte des Automobils geprgt wie keine andere. ... ... (7/0) download
Daimler AG 1.2 -  The Daimler app presents current information on the Group and its brands and products as well as technology and innovation topics.Interesting and exciting information on product and technology topics, sustainability and human resources is ... ... (9/0) download