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DARTHMOD - SHOGUN II 1.0 -  It focuses on gameplay improvements without changing too much the overall vanilla "flavour". Generally it tries to correct the "No Likes" of my review which you can read at this Link. ... (2/0) download
DarthMod Ultimate Commander 6.2 -  DarthMod Ultimate Commander is a nearly complete overhaul of Empire: Total War based Darth Vader's excellent DarthMod Empire Commander Edition Mod. ... (3/0) download
DartMaster 4.2 -  DartMaster records all players scores for each team in each grade in the standard 3 game format as played in competitions for national and international rules. ... (2/0) download
Darts 11 12.0 -  The program is usefull for keeping scores for the game 301, 501, 701 of 1001 best of 1 t/m 11 legs en best of 1 t/m 23 sets. For practice there is a virtual computer opponent. ... (6/0) download
Darts 95 v1.0 -  Darts 95 is a realistic simulation of darts for one to four players. You can see an animated hand holding the dart and moving over the darts board. ... (235/0) download Darts Calculator 1.01 -  A free flash darts calculator. Easily calculate the score for you 301 or your 501 game. Since a lot of people find keeping the score difficult,this keeps track of the score so there can't be a miscalculation, due to maybe one to many beers. a? ... (12/0) download
DartsWareLite 1.0.0 -  DartsWareLite is a scoreboard for playing darts. Hover the mouse over the dartboard and click the appropriate region of the dartboard to have the scores counted automatically. No more counting with resulting errors. ... (14/0) download
DartTastic 1.1 -  DartTastic is the latest automatic darts scoring and statistics system from NetSports Limited. ... (4/0) download
DartViewer 2.0 -  DartViewer is a player that allows you to visualize the mediabooks (multimedia presentations) created with the Dartfish software. It reads files with .dpa extension which can be found: in an email,in your hard disk, in your Dartfish software. ... (2/0) download
Dartzee 1.0 -  Dartzee is a multi-player online dart/dice game and is equipped with one computer player for solo play. Dice are rolled and then divided up into three sets to create three \\darts\\. ... (31/0) download
DarunGrim 3.12 Beta 1.0 -  DarunGrim is a binary diffing tool. DarunGrim is a free diffing tool which provides binary diffing functionality. Binary diffing is a powerful technique to reverse-engineer patches released by software vendors like Microsoft. ... (2/0) download
DarunGrim2 2.5 -  This is a binary diffing tool running on Windows platform. It utilizes the power of IDA disassembler and shows the similar functions and different basic blocks. ... (2/0) download
Darwin the Monkey 1.0 -  After having his bananas stolen by a nasty tribe of jungle frogs, Darwin must venture deep into the jungle to kick some frog butt and reclaim his dinner! ... (6/0) download
DARwin5 5.0 -  DARwin is a software package developed for diversity and phylogenetic analysis on the basis of evolutionary dissimilarities. ... (3/0) download
DarwinBots 2.4 -  Darwinbots is an Artificial Life simulator that merges the gameplay of C-Robots type arena combat with adaptive asexual population dynamics. he bots' world is a large non-discrete plane. ... (2/0) download
Darwinism 2 -  Darwinism – addictive match3 game about evolution. Darwinism is a game with a match3 puzzle mechanics gameplay. The idea of the game is to create evolution link starting from the single-celled creatures and ending with something even more than huma ... (1/0) download
DarwinPsk -  Ham radio operator app. ... (111/0) download
DAS NT 3.0 -  Representation and documentation of measurement series, models JN, KD, CN, EN, J2K, EN2 Components - Suitable models: ecom-CN, ecom-EN, ecom-J2K(N), ecom-JN, ecom-KD or ecom-SGP - PC with operation system Win2000 and higher and Microsoft Net Framewor ... (5/0) download
DAS Trader PRO 1.9 -  Professional trading platform with advanced order types, basket trading, charting, and multi-account management in a real-time environment. ... (3/0) download
DAS Web Security 4.1 -  DAS Web Security typically has high technical knowledge of the JDE system: network architecture, database, deployment, etc. The Administrator controls how all other users access and use Data Access Studio. ... (2/0) download
DasBoot -  SubRosaSoft DasBoot helps you build a pocket-sized toolkit for your Mac - just the way you want it - and it's totally free!! Do you have a shiny new iPod in your pocket ? Or perhaps a flash drive or small portable hard drive ? ... (7/0) download
DASDCALC 1.3 -  DASDCALC is a Microsoft Windows based tool designed to be used by those who work in an IBM based mainframe environment and have a need to perform DASD space calculations and conversions. ... (3/0) download
Dash Command 0.9 -  Dash is like a small intelligent robot that sits quietly inside your computer. You call it whenever you want to open an application, a file or document, send an email, play some music, perform a calculation, etc. ... (6/0) download
Dash of Fun Pack 4-in-1 3.0 -  Deal with food, fame, and drama in four frenzied time managements! Rebuild Flo's diner, help Quinn plan weddings, and manage fame and drama on the set of Rosie's hit TV show - all in DinerTown! ... (3/0) download
Dashboard Discovery (Agent) 1.5 -  Total visibility of your software assets is a good starting point for any organisation trying to establish a long-term Software Asset Management programme - Dashboard Discovery from Licence Dashboard Ltd is licence management software that tracks all ... (2/0) download
DashBoard FX Pro 4.0 -  DashBoard FX instantly delivers buy/sell signals generated by our cutting-edge proprietary trading system, which analyzes the market 24 hours a day for profitable trading opportunities. ... (6/0) download
Dashboard Tools For Excel 2.2 -  Dashboard tools for Excel helps you to understand complex relationships in your Excel data. ... (8/0) download
DashboardZone 1.3 -  This plugin has a set of 5 pre-defined metrics that you can measure against your blog Total Posts - Overall total number of posts. ... (2/0) download
DashBook 4 -  The core feature set and functionality of DashBook is designed to easily handle the complete Sales / Orders / Shipment lifecycle, from initial customer Contact through post-sale Support. ... (3/0) download
DashCommand 2.9 -  DashCommand™ is a touch screen friendly software application that is designed to integrate OBD-II data monitoring and logging into the in-car computing experience. ... (2/0) download
DashDAQ Update Tool 2.0 -  DashDAQ Update Tool allows you to update your product firmware version. DashDAQ supports all of the following 1996 and newer OBD2 compliant vehicles. ... (5/0) download
Dashlane for Mac OS X 1.4.1 -  Dashlane is a comprehensive e-commerce manager that can help you save time when dealing with your multiple Internet accounts. Dashlane encrypts your personal info, so it's accessible with a key only you have. Not even we can get in! ... (6/0) download
DashOffOn for Mac OS 1.1 -  Twin automator applications to turn the Dashboard off and on. Dashboard is, in fact, part of the Dock application and Apples (in Applications folder) merely shows the Dashboard as opposed to launching or quitting it. ... (1/0) download
DashWare 1.2 -  DashWare is a revolutionary application that lets you integrate your data and video with professional looking, fully customizable gauges that take your project to a new level. ... (2/0) download
daSniff 1.41 -  daSniff is an open source customizable sniffer for win32 systems. It helps you to log your LAN traffic by specifying packet rules as filters. It has two major versions named version A and version B. ... (4/0) download
DASS-GUI Portable 1.4 -  DASS-GUI is a stand-alone program written in C++ that calculates all significant closed sets* of a given dataset containing the host sets. Some of the used algorithms are taken from Hollunder et al. (2007). ... (2/0) download
Dassault Systemes 3DVIA Printscreen 2.3 -  All on screen visible 3D shapes and textures can be saved. This is similar to the classical 2D print screen. No 3D skills required. Everyone can now save and share 3D models, it is as simple as classical print screen usage. ... (22/0) download
DAstarot 1.7 -  DAstarot is designed as an accessible and handy package that contains well documented classes with lot of unit tests. It is designed for reuse. ... (2/0) download
DASYLab 12.0 -  It has always been our challenge to make DASYLab easy-to-use - now you have a chance to find out whether we've succeeded. ... (2/0) download
DAT Partners 3.7 -  DAT Partners is North America’s leading network of the freshest information, the broadest range of delivery methods and the best customer support available in a freight matching service. ... (2/0) download