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Daily Dilemma 1.2 -  A moral dilemma is posted world wide every 24 hours. Users are able to make a choice of answers to the moral dilemma. Once the answer has been posted, the User may access the percentage answers from a global view down to a local view.Daily ... ... (8/0) download
Daily Dish 1.0 -  Daily Dish is part of the Life By The Pie system of financial management, which has been designed to give people the tools they need to take control of their finances and to better manage them.Optimized for use on your smart phone, Daily Dish ... ... (7/0) download
Daily Dispatch 1.0.1 -  Colonial Williamsburgs Daily Dispatch offers four daily features in one free app. Keep history at your fingertips with Word of the Day, Photo of the Day, Fact of the Day, and Today in the 1770s. With this app, youll access a quartet of resources:... ... (9/0) download
Daily Dog 3.1 -  Daily Dog is an iPhone and iPod Touch application that gives you a dog a day.Every day you will be presented with a picture of a new furry friend.You get to see the last 21 days of dogs too, just in case you miss one.You can also submit your dog ... ... (10/0) download
Daily Driver Ford Demo 1 -  Daily Driver is a mobile based customer loyalty program for auto dealerships and much more. Your customers can manage their vehicles maintenance, extended warranty and roadside assistance. Whilst commuting aids will keep the auto dealership stays ... ... (11/0) download
Daily Dunklin Democrat 1.3.1 -  This is the official iPhone App for the Daily Dunklin Democrat. The Daily Dunklin Democrat is located in Kennett, MO and provides News, Sports, Obits, and more. ... (11/0) download
Daily English Byte HD 1.0 -  DAILY ENGLISH BYTE is designed to help professionals to improve English communication. Tips, rules, and examples are provided on a daily basis covering a range of topics.Features:* Universal Support for all devices: iPhone, iPod touch & iPad* ... ... (11/0) download
Daily EQ 1.0 -  EQ Quotes is your daily dose of emotional intelligence wisdom for every day of the year. Enjoy these 365 quotes about emotions and the 66 strategies for improving your EQ from the best-selling book,Emotional Intelligence 2.0. Keeping EQ top of ... ... (13/0) download
Daily Expenses - Pocket Edition 1.0 -  Daily Expenses- Pocket Edition allows you to keep track of all your expenses on the go. Everything is linked to the Mac Version called Daily Expenses. Keep track of your spending habits using Daily Expenses-Pocket Edition and use the Mac version ... ... (13/1) download
Daily Express Lite - Official 3.2 -  Get the Daily Express on your iPhone with this great new app, bringing the latest breaking news, sport and entertainment stories straight to your fingertips. Youll also get weekend news from the Sunday Express, as well as articles from the best ... ... (11/0) download
Daily Faces 1.0 -  Do you want to be as popular as this guy: is saving his photos every day since year 2000. Now he has more than 2356 photos. He created a video from those photos and ... ... (13/0) download
Daily Factoid 1.0.1 -  A fun daily factoid for kids, families, teachers and life-long learners. A Mac OSX dashboard widget from Requirements: Mac OS X 10. ... (17/0) download
Daily Fitness Motivation 1.0 -  Get your daily fitness motivation and achieve your goals.This motivational app is optimal for all kind of daily actions: fitness, workout, walking, running, cycling, weight loss, diet and more...------------------------------------------------APP ... ... (10/0) download
Daily Focus 2.0 -  Daily Focus is your personal photo journal. Take great pictures, then enhance them with our free filters and frames. View your past photos with out great calendar view that lets you quickly see images by the month. Share pictures with friends and ... ... (8/1) download
Daily Fortunes 1.0 -  Get a new fortune each day! A fresh quote with ominous overtones can help guide you in your day to day life.What does the future hold for you ... (9/0) download
Daily Free Apps 1.0 -  ? GRAB GREAT APPS FOR FREE! ? Use just ONE APP to be informed of ALL of the BEST TEMPORARY FREE APPS!? We find all of the most incredible free app deals and put it into ONE useful app!? We feature new apps everyday, but you can sort through our ... ... (10/0) download
Daily French Phrases 1.0 -  Learn one french phrase per day with Daily French Phrases. With Daily French Phrases you can manage and keep track of the French words you know which will save you tons of time. ... (11/0) download
Daily Gibran 1.0 -  Khalil Gibran was a Lebanese American artist, poet and writer who lived from 1883-1931. He is largely known for his inspirational 1923 book, The Prophet. He was an important influence on 20th century new age thought and the development of modern ... ... (9/0) download
Daily Goals - Simple habit tracker with progress and analysis 4.0.0 -  Daily Goals - An ultra simple and colourful app that helps you keep track of your habits.What it does: - Define and track an unlimited number of habits.- Configure the colour and days to repeat of each habit.- Get simple, colourful feedback on ... ... (10/0) download
Daily Hadeeth 3 -  important you need to set notification to "alert type" , go to setting then choose notifications . ? This App will enable you to set a timing where every day a Hadeeth will pop on your screen important you need to set notification to "alert ... ... (8/0) download
Daily Help Devotional (Charles Spurgeon) 1.5.6 -  Daily HelpBy Charles H. SpurgeonA Christian Daily DevotionalIn this devotional, Spurgeon has selected some of his most inspiring thoughts on the human condition for this collection of stimulating spiritual sentiments. Allow God to speak to you ... ... (21/0) download
Daily Herald - Suburban Chicago News & Sports 4.7.0 -  Stay connected. Stay informed. Be the first to know what people will be talking about in Chicago's suburbs. And see the photos and videos they'll be talking about.With the Daily Herald's Suburban Chicago News and Sports application you can ... ... (14/1) download
Daily Herald 1.9.1 -  Stay in touch with the Provo and the Utah Valley wherever you are with the iPhone edition of the Daily Herald.Youll get all the in-depth reporting, analysis and commentary from the Daily Herald, along with interactive photo galleries, videos and ... ... (9/0) download
Daily Herald Utah Valley News 2.1.3 -  Stay in touch with the Provo and the Utah Valley wherever you are with the iPad edition of the Daily Herald. Youll get all the in-depth reporting, analysis and commentary from the Daily Herald, along with interactive photo galleries, videos and ... ... (10/0) download
Daily Homily on Scripture 1.18.1 -  A daily reflection offered each day based on that day's scripture readings at Mass. The Scriptures contain the Word of God. The homily serves to encourage the individual to persevere in faith and to apply the Scriptures to daily life.This is the ... ... (15/0) download
Daily Hope 1.02 -  Download this app FREE to love, learn, and LIVE the Word every day with Pastor Rick Warren!The Daily Hope app is an easy way to get Pastor Ricks free Daily Hope devotional delivered to you every morning, digital versions of his most popular small ... ... (9/0) download
Daily Horoscope + PRO 1.2 -  Horoscopes on Demand!Daily Horoscope Plus is one of the best horoscope applications and Voted Top App for 2013...and it just got better with the release of our Pro Edition.No Ads and All the Horoscope Readingsyou're looking for.. Love, Finance, ... ... (15/0) download
Daily Horoscope and Astrology 3.1 -  "Personal Daily Horoscope based on your birth chart!"Discover your daily horoscope for Love, Work, Health, Money and much more!Add your name and date of birth to get access of your personal horoscope, based on your astral chart!* Simple and easy ... ... (11/0) download
Daily Horoscope Digest 2 -  Daily horoscope digest from AOL, Yahoo, MSN Live, cosmopolitan,,,, and moreAll in one application, dont waste time browsing diferent horoscopes, here you will find all in one ... (13/0) download
Daily Horoscope Free 1.0.4 -  Daily Horoscope is a useful small tool to check your astrology & Chinese Zodiac horoscope everyday.Don't forget to check your astrology prediction when you wake up and start a new day. The prediction includes overview, teen horoscope, love & ... ... (7/0) download
Daily Horoscope Prediction 1.0.1 -  Keep up with your latest horoscopes.DHPrediction, offers over 6 categories of daily horoscopes, "Daily Horoscope", "Daily Single's LoveScopes", "Daily Couple's LoveScopes", "Daily FinanceScopes", "Daily BeautyScopes" and "Daily Flirt".Discover ... ... (10/0) download
Daily Horoscope Quiz | 2012 Astrology 2.85 -  Daily HOROSCOPE | 12 Zodiac Quizzes | 468 Answers | Share QUIZ results There is no better boat than a Horoscope to help us cross the sea of life. Comprehensive horoscope readings are available...?=?=?=?=?FEATURES:-- Use one app on iPhone, iPod ... ... (11/0) download
Daily Horoscope Reading 1.0 -  Reading your daily horoscope with this free daily horoscope app for iPhone! Features beautiful images for each zodiac sign. Find out more about your future career, love interests, and life paths by reading your fun horoscope each day.Don't know ... ... (14/0) download
Daily Horoscopes by Aster Magazine 1.0 -  DOWNLOAD FOR FREE TODAY! Every day get a new feature for your zodiac symbol. Check the app each day at midnight for the next new daily zodiac special! Use the app throughout the month and enjoy the daily content. Get Your Daily Horoscopes for ... ... (12/0) download
Daily Income Free 1.31 - writes: "A great way to keep track of your daily income. It is easy to use, minimalistic in design and doesnt clutter your record books with a lot of added bells and whistles." Daily Income Free - Easy track your daily profit Daily ... ... (8/0) download
Daily Inspiring Quotes Pro 2.0.0 -  Inspirioun delivers you with quality inspirational contents daily. There is no big list of quotes to confuse you. Inspirioun shows you just one inspiring quote daily sensing your moods and feelings. Our specially chosen daily quotes help you to ... ... (9/0) download
Daily Interest Calculator 3.1 -  Calculate accumulated daily interest, remaining balance and number of interest days on a loan or deposit over a selectable period. Selectable compounding period. Selectable calculation method, Equivalent Interest Rate Calculator included for ... (145/0) download
Daily Interest Monitor 2.1 -  'Flexible' Daily Interest Monitoring Tool A workbook designed to run only under Excel 97 or 2000, that features a complete 'flexible' display of any loan up to a 3 year term on a daily basis. ... (48/0) download
Daily Jesus 2.1 -  Daily Jesus lights up your iPhone with the wisdom of Jesus. Select randomly any one of hundreds of Jesus quotes taken from the new testament of the Holy Bible. Generate a quote from Jesus anytime, anywhere! Use it for mediation, contemplation or ... ... (8/0) download
Daily Jigsaw 1.2 -  Sunday afternoon, a rainy day. Have a cup of tea or coffee, relax, listen to light guitar music and play some jigsaw puzzles. Sounds good? Daily Jigsaw offers you each day in the year a new photo to play. Just be connected to the internet while ... ... (7/0) download