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Decimort x64 1.3.1 -  Decimort x64 is a nice VST plugin designed to bring you the "old school" sound. The complex and advanced signal processing algorithms within Decimort simulate the behaviour of the whole sampling path which exists in every AD/DA converter. ... (10/0) download
Decipher Extreme 1.0.1 -  For the rest of March, purchase any one of our games and we'll donate the full purchase price to the Red Cross and their Haiti relief effort.Decipher Extreme, the sequel to Decipher, now features all new colors, a redesigned interface, and three ... ... (3/0) download
Decipher Puzzle 1.7.2 -  ?How to play?16 Massu's panel is touched. The panel of the touched four directions also reacts. A light is halved at one reaction. A light will be decided if it reacts once again. Moreover, a light will be lighted if it reacts. Please capture ... ... (2/0) download
Decipher TextMessage 11.2.8 -  Save iPhone text messages to computer to keep a running history of SMS, iMessage, and MMS messages on your Windows PC. Recover lost and deleted text messages. Print text messages or export to PDF. ... (0/0) download
Decipher TextMessage 4.0 -  Decipher TextMessage is software specifically developed to save your iPhone text messages to your computer. ... (286/2) download
Decipher TextMessage for Mac 4.0 -  Decipher TextMessage is software specifically developed to save your iPhone text messages to your computer. ... (4/0) download
Decision Assistant Model 30 -  Test and value your Business Decisions The Decision Assistant Model Excel allows you to value a decision and determine the impact on your business. ... (130/0) download
Decision Assistant Model Excel 30 -  The Decision Assistant values a decision and determines the impact on your business. It allows you to measure and monitor decision outcomes. The model supports planning, budgeting, goal setting, investment analysis, and operational improvement. ... (44/0) download
Decision by Life Cycle Cost 7.3 -  Decision by Life Cycle Cost analyzes the total ownership costs of various design alternatives and system's components over the projected life cycle of a system. D-LCC (Decision by Life Cycle Cost) makes the LCC analysis easy and comprehensive. ... (5/0) download
Decision Explorer 3.3 -  Decision Explorer is a Windows-based ideas mapping tool. It is straightforward and easy to use. ... (4/0) download
Decision Helper 2.1.2 -  Simple Decision Helper Easy to use! Use for yes and no quetions Perfect for indecisive peopleComplex Decision HelperBecause the only thing more indecisive than one person is a group of people! Enter as many options you like and the number of ... ... (2/0) download
Decision Maker App 1.0 -  # Decision Maker:-Decision maker is the way where one make its decision making among the several things and getting its priority upto mark. Sometimes happen that one cannot able to make decision between the various option and rather all this ... ... (4/0) download
Decision Maker MBA 1.0 -  The Executive Decision Tool for businesses who can't afford an MBA, or are tired of using them. Consult the Eight Ball, Roll the Dice, Toll the Coin, or shoot Rock Paper Scissors to arrive at the best decision for business, personal or whatever.... ... (4/0) download
Decision Making for Leaders: Expert System 1.0.0 -  An application which helps managers in selecting the decision process/leadership style that would be most effective in solving problems or making decisions which impact others. It uses a taxonomy of leadership styles and a set of situational ... ... (3/0) download
Decision Making Helper 1.14 -  Decision Making Helper provides support in the decision making process enabling to take confident and structured decisions. To find the right decision will become a child's play without losing sight of the seriousness of the decision-making process. ... (14/0) download
Decision Scale 1.1 -  Pros and Cons - Decision Making Scale.Cannot make a decision? Stuck between two options? This app will help you! Make a list of pros and cons for the options you have and "weigh" them on the scale.Features:- list pros and cons for the decision ... ... (3/0) download
Decision Shaker by BMG 1.0 -  Ever get stuck making a decision? With this app just type or record each option and shake the phone, we'll make the decision for you! ... (4/0) download
Decisionaker - Personal multiple criteria decision maker 1.0 -  Decisionaker is Personal Multiple-criteria decision-maker suitable for daily use by both managers and private users. In the case of making decision among several options where there are multiple decision aspects, Decisionaker greatly simplifies ... ... (2/0) download
Decisionator 1.0 -  The Decisionator is a very powerful computer program capable of correctly deciding the answer to extremely complex questions.Ask the Decisionator a question, tell it the possible outcomes and using a very elaborate algorithm the Decisionator will ... ... (2/0) download
DecisionCharts for Microsoft Project 2006.10 -  DecisionCharts provides the charts managers need to understand and share key information about their projects. By clicking a toolbar button in Microsoft Office Project, managers can quickly access over 100 new graphics. ... (48/0) download
DecisionMaker for everybody 1.02 -  Free and Lite version of DecisionMaker. Every time you need to make a decision. Unfortunately, sometimes you are unable to make a choice. This application will help you. It will propose you random advice or random numbers. This is the perfect ... ... (4/0) download
DecisionMaker Pro! 1.0 -  DecisionMaker Pro will help you make tough decision easy and fun!Which computer you should buy? What college you should choose? Can't make your mind over the restaurant for the coming anniversary?Let DecisionMaker Pro help you make the right ... ... (2/0) download
DecisionMax Lite 5.2 -  DecisionMAX entered the Health Sector in 2000 which began a unique story of customer relationships, business communities working together and procurement automation. ... (6/0) download
DecisionPad 3 -  DecisionPad is an advanced yet intuitive tool that Clarifies and Documents Complex Decisions. ... (6/0) download
Decisions Hat 1.1 -  Sometimes it can be frustrating to make a simple decision. And not always we make the right one ...Well, this hat might be the solution for you. All you need to do is enter your decisions and the hat will make a decision for you. Very simple and ... ... (1/0) download
Decisions, Decisions 1.0 -  Yes, No..Buy, Sell...Left, Right...We live in a time where at each turn we face a decision to make. I say let's stop wasting precious time! With Decisions, Decisions you can now let this app make those important decisions for you. Should you vote ... ... (4/0) download
DecisionsMaker 1.0 -  If you're not sure - get help from DecisionsMaker. Enter some decisions and/or photos and leave it to chance... ... (13/0) download
DecisionViewer OCX 3.1 -  DecisionViewer OCX is an ActiveX OCX control that allows you to embed maps in your own applications. The gecko! Web Server application uses the same graphics engine that the OCX exposes to your applications. ... (28/0) download
Deck Software 5.0.2 -  Deck Software is the software that helps to design perfect deck for all types of clients. All the function in this sofware are build up with perfect coding, so it does the task faster and effectively. It is more easier to run this software as compare ... (13/0) download
Deck of cards 1.0 -  So you already have FreeCell on your computer? Big deal. Get a real solitaire game and prove how good you really are. We named this program Paraben's Deck of Cards because there was no other way to describe just how many card games you can play. ... (28/0) download
Deck of Cards: Solitaire 1.1 -  This popular version of solitaire has many names: Klondike, Fascination, Chinaman, Patience and Canfield. The object is to move all of the cards to the four foundation piles - one per suit - in the upper right of the screen, in ascending (A,2,3,4,... ... (2/0) download
Deck Press v1.0 beta 1.9 -  Deck Press creates pictured playing card decks for Hardwood Solitaire II: The Enchanted Decks. With the Deck Press, you can build your own decks for Hardwood Solitaire II: The Enchanted Decks and other card games. ... (42/0) download
DeckaBridge 1.0 -  Deckabridge is a software application developed specifically for the Percussa AudioCubes hardware. It lets you use the AudioCubes with Deckadance, well known professional DJ software from Image-Line, the company that created FL Studio. ... (4/0) download
Deckadance for Mac 1.94 -  Deckadance for Mac is a DJ mixing application that works as a standalone program OR as a VSTi plugin inside your favourite host. Control Deckadance using your mouse, keyboard, midi controller, timecoded vinyl and/or CD system. ... (4/0) download
Deckadance Mobile 1.0 -  Deckadance Mobile will turn your iPad into an interactive DJ mixing desk. Take any music from your iTunes collection and mix, scratch or loop it as you wish. Using our automix feature you can just let Deckadance take care of mixing the playlist ... ... (4/0) download
DeckBot 5.4 -  DeckBot is an application for Magic: The Gathering players. The idea is to let your computer to play your decks and give you the winner of one of them. With all the steps logged in a text file, you can review what can be improved in your decks. ... (8/0) download
Deckfolio 1.9 -  Welcome to DECKFOLIO - a new and different iPad app designed specifically for investors who want to learn more about how to use Options to increase their returns and reduce their overall portfolio risk.Investing can be a challenging endeavor even ... ... (3/0) download
DeckMan 9.1 -  Deckman is the world's most advanced tactical navigation software and is used by winners in every field, from sports boats to the Volvo Ocean Race and America's Cup. ... (9/0) download
Deckromancy 1.0 -  High resolution card making. Save your cards, edit them later, and share them. Easily create save and share custom card skins, with fully customized blanks, symbols and layouts. Reuse your skin and even make a hole deck or cardgame. ... (7/0) download
Deckspan 6.0 -  This is a program for the preparation of structural and fire resistance calculations to BS5950. Ensure individual tabs are completed in turn, including Job Details and then select Calculate to display a summary output of resulting Design Criteria. ... (5/0) download