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Elliott Wave Forecaster 1.0.28 -  The Elliott Wave Forecaster is the most advanced and accurate Elliott Wave based software available today. ... (12/0) download
Elliptic Curve PK Component v1.0 -  Elliptic Curve PK Component is a Delphi cryptography component. It lets you combine the best public key security with the smallest possible key length. The control supports encryption, decryption, signing, verification and key generation. ... (94/0) download
Ellisys WiMedia Analyzer 2.8 -  This program is an over-the-air MB-OFDM protocol analyzer for WiMedia Alliance's Ultrawideband common radio platform and Certified Wireless USB protocol. ... (0/0) download
Ellogon 1.9 -  Ellogon is a multi-lingual, cross-platform, general-purpose language engineering environment, developed in order to aid both researchers who are doing research in computational linguistics, as well as companies who produce and deliver language engine ... (1/0) download
ELM Manager 6.0 -  ELM Enterprise Manager is a comprehensive system monitoring and event log management solution complete with alerting, reporting, and archiving. ... (0/0) download
ElmagField 0.1 -  The educational system for visualization of the elektric and magnetic field in linear homogeneous environment. ... (1/0) download
ELMathSolver .NET 2.31 -  The library allows to parse string as a mathematical formula and draws chart. ... (100/0) download
ELMcontrol 1.5 -  The SNMP manager ELMcontrol allows easy configuration, control and monitoring of the electronic locking system EMKA ELM on a PC with Microsoft Windows® operating systems. ... (0/0) download
Elmedia Player 4.2 -  Elmedia Player is a Flash and media player for Mac OS X. It will play media on Mac for absolutely free! This convenient player supports playback of FLV, SWF, XAP (Silverlight), AVI, MOV, MP4,DAT and many other formats. ... (1/0) download
elmeg Compact WIN-Tools 7.5 -  The T444 is a compact ICT system with up to six 6 a/b 2 S0 for small companies. The integrated router enables Internet access and, optionally, VoIP telephony. The T444 supports system telephony and voice applications. ... (0/0) download
Elmer 7.0.1 -  Elmer will help you study for your amateur radio exams. Elmer covers all elements, and prepares actual sample exams. Each exam is graded, and you get to see which questions you missed, and the correct answer. After you've practiced using Elmer, ... (43/0) download
Elmer X 5.5.1 -  Create sample ham radio tests, helps pass the FCC tests. Elmer creates sample tests to help you prepare for your ham radio written examination. ... (18/0) download
ELMO Knows Your Name 2.1 -  Elmo loves to talk to you! He knows your name and will chat with you about your day and the weather! This interactive phone also features sound effects, 5 ring tones and and personalized voice mail from Elmo and his Sesame Street friends! ... (6/1) download
eLMS Pro MAR.2011 -  Complete software package includes everything you need to launch successful e-learning company. It allows building and offering learning material, importing SCORM compliant courses, self-planning learning activities, tracking online. ... (106/0) download
eLMS Pro NOV V.2011 -  Whether you are interested in launching complex for Remote educational business, for effective expansion of your college, institute or university, a wrongly chosen e-Learning Management System may cause wrong course material comprehension, lack of st ... (0/0) download
ELMwatcher 1.0 -  ELMwatcher is a program for monitoring SNMP Trap notification messages generated by an EMKA Electronic Locking & Monitoring (ELM) System. ... (0/0) download
Elna 8300 Update Tool 1.0 -  With Elna 8300 Update Tool, you have the possibility to benefit of new functions, which will allow you to improve your embroidery machine. ... (0/0) download
ELNEC Sim012w 1.1 -  SIM012W is a simulation program for EPROM USB/LPT interfaced programmer. ProgramSIM012W (for Windows) is a common control program for all ELNEC’s simulators. ... (1/0) download
eLoan 1.1.3 -  Loan rate calculator. eLoan is a simply finance application that calulcates loan costs based on loan rates and duration. ... (5/0) download
Elocator 1.4.10 -  Elocator is a marketing tool to find email addresses related to your business. Based on keywords, Elocator will surf the WWW and extract the emails. ... (24/0) download
eLog - Electronic Logbook for Pilots 3.0 -  eLog is an electronic logbook program for pilots from all over the world ranging from private pilots to professional pilots working at worldwide operating airlines. ... (2/0) download
Elohai Free Accounting 2.0 -  Elohai is a free accounting software for home, small to medium scale businesses. Track your inventory, manage your sales and keep track with your money. With elohai you can see your profits right on target. Most of the accounting software today ... (124/0) download
eLOL: The Laughing Jokes Machine v2.0.4 beta -  eLOL: The Laughing Jokes Machine is a daily joke service that delivers jokes based on your personal tastes. The more jokes you rate, the more the jokes become suited to your sense of humor. ... (75/0) download
elomagic HL7 Inspector 2.2 -  The HL7 Inspector is a useful open source tool for integration the HL7 in a health care environmental. It will help you to minimize the time for tuning the HL7 communication between systems such as HIS and RIS by analyzing HL7 messages. ... (1/0) download
ELOoffice 9.0 -  The software helps you reduce paper flows and enables you to retrieve the information you need rapidly and efficiently. ... (0/0) download
Elosoft Whois Engine v1.0 -  Elosoft Whois Engine is a whois application which allows you to determine whether a domain name is available. ... (21/0) download
ELPhotoX ActiveX DLL 2.11 -  ELPhotoX is ActiveX DLL which encapsulates most important image processing routines. With ELPhotoX library you can load and save image files, convert image files into different image formats, read and write EXIF information, extract frames from ... (43/0) download
Elpis 0.9 -  Elpis is a free and open source Pandora client for Microsoft Windows. ... (0/0) download
ELPLA Arabic 9.0 -  ELPLA (Elastic PLAte) is a program for analyzing slab foundations of arbitrary shape with the real subsoil model. The mathematical solution of the slab is based on the finite element method. ... (30/0) download
ELPLA Arabic Limit 8.0 -  Analsys and Design of Slab, mat, raft foundation ELPLA (Elastic PLAte) is a program for analyzing slab foundations of arbitrary shape with the real subsoil model. The mathematical solution of the slab is based on the finite element method. ... (44/0) download
Elprime Clock Pro 2.4 -  Elprime Clock Pro is a compact program to synchronze your computer with any computer on your Local Area Network or one of the hundreds Atomic Time Servers. It is skinnable analog clock transparent both in Windows 2000/XP and Windows 95/98/Me!. It ... (112/0) download
Elprime Media Recovery 1.5 -  Recover files from heavily scratched, damaged or defective CD and DVD disks, USB flash drives, memory cards, floppy disks and other storage media. ... (0/0) download
Elpro Technologies P450H Radio Config 1.1 -  The P450H Radio Configuration Utility configures the P450H Radio through its RS232 port. A special serial communication cable is required to configure a P450H Radio. To configure the 455UD Modem an RJ-45/DB9 cable is required. ... (0/0) download
elproLOG ANALYZE 4.3 -  elproLOG ANALYZE QLS is the software package for qualified systems. This software helps you comply with the provisions of FDA 21 CFR Part 11, GMP, GAMP4, GLP and Annex 11. ... (2/0) download
Elprotronic - FET-Pro430 - Lite version for TI's MSP430 3.0 -  FET-Pro430 programming software is a software package designed to operate with existing programming adapters provided by Texas Instruments and other vendors. ... (0/0) download
ELS Vocoder 1.6 -  With up to 3 available stereo inputs (the Speech input plus the 2 Sidechain inputs), there is no need for complex routing manipulations or multichannel busses to get up and running. ... (0/0) download
Elsas Adventures: Diamond Eye 1.0 -  Elsa OCo archaeologist. And all that she wants OCo is to find the mysterious Egyptian Diamond Eyes of Faith, which is strange circumstances must be in OCZ Aztec ruins of a dead country. ... (5/0) download
ElseeMore 0.4 beta -  ElseeMore is a client addition to enhance Echolink © Amateur Radio application used by more than 170,000 registered users in 158 nations worldwide to combine voice over the Internet and Radio Links! ... (0/0) download
Elshayal Smart 4.71 -  Elshayal Smart is the first Arabian GIS software that is completely developed by Arabian developers team and independent of any commercial software package. ... (2/0) download
Elsie Russell Promethean Screen Saver v1.0 -  Elsie Russell Promethean Screen Saver is a kaleidoscopic presentation of two of Elsie Russell's figure paintings, Frankenstein and Prometheus. ... (25/0) download