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Factory Act Consultancy Delhi 2.2 -  Factory Act,Consultant Service Delhi/NCR &North India.Prompt HR Corporate Solutions Pvt. Ltd.Offers Servcie Like ESI Act,PF,EPF,TDS,Factories Act,Industrial Disputes,Labour Welfare Fund, Minimum Wages ,EPF & MP Act,Trade Unions Act. ... (0/0) download
Factory Audio Converter 1.1.3 -  Convert between multiple audio file formats with a multi-format MP3 converter! Factory Audio Converter makes it simple to convert between audio formats. ... (5/0) download
Factory Audio MP3 Converter 1.1.3 -  Convert between multiple audio file formats with a multi-format MP3 converter! Factory Audio MP3 Converter makes it simple to convert between audio formats. ... (2/0) download
Factory Image Converter 1.4 -  Factory Image Converter easily converts TIFF, JPEG, ICO, BMP, PNG, PSD images as well as other rare image file types. It works in batch so you may convert hundreds of images at a time. ... (1/0) download
FactoryAudioConverter 1.1 -  Many times, the system doesn’t recognize certain audio files and fails to open them due to the fact that they are in unknown formats. ... (2/0) download
FactoryImageConverter 1.1 -  Factory Image Converter converts BMP, DIB, RLE, JPEG, JFIF, JPG, JPE, JPEG 2000, J2K, JP2, JPC, J2C, PNG, PSD, PCD, TIFF, TIF, FAX, G3N, G3F, ICO, GIF, WMF, EMF, WMZ, EMZ, PCX, DCX, CUT, PXM, PPM, PBM, PGM, TGA, TARGA, VDA, ICB, VST, WIN, CRW, CR2, N ... (2/0) download
FactoryTalk Activation Manager 3.5 -  FactoryTalk Activation Manager is part of the FactoryTalk Services Platform. It allows FactoryTalk enabled products to be activated via files generated by Rockwell Automation over the Internet. ... (1/0) download
FactoryTalk Activation Server (CPR 7) 2.0 -  Share data throughout your distributed system, and enforce redundancy and fault tolerance while tracking changes in the system. ... (3/0) download
FactoryTalkAŽ View Site Edition (CPR 9 SR 2) 6.1 -  FactoryTalk View® Site Edition (SE) is a supervisory HMI software package for enterprise solutions. ... (11/0) download
FactoryTalkR View Machine Edition (CPR 9) 5.0 -  FactoryTalk® View Machine Edition (ME) is a machine-level HMI software for machines and small processes. ... (29/0) download
FactotumNOW IAS Reporting 3.5 -  FactotumNOW IAS Reporting imports IAS/RRAS (Microsoft VPN) log files through an engine that can be installed onto the VPN/IAS server. ... (1/0) download
FactotumNOW Web Checking and Replication 3.41 -  Allocate a staging area on your network and replicate the Web files from there onto your Web servers. Operate with several Web servers by replicating one content source to several servers. Support for remote FTP sites. ... (10/0) download 1.5 - screen saver will display a different fact on Israel or the Middle East every few moments. ... (1/0) download
Factuur Bright 1.0 -  Powerful, fast, easy to use invoice program (create, print and email invoices) Factuur Bright is a modern program to manage your invoices.* Small and fast due to build-in database engine. ... (29/0) download
FactXpress 1.2 -  FactXpress is a tool used to create graphical conceptual models. ... (1/0) download
FadalCNC-DNC 5.8 -  FadalCNC-DNC is a nice and simple to install, use, teach, and maintain software. ... (1/0) download
Fade One Image Into Another Software 7.0 -  This software offers a solution who want to create a visual transformation of one picture to another. Save this transformation as an AVI or animated GIF file that can be viewed later. ... (1/0) download
FaderWorks for Mac OS 1.4.1 -  An audio plug-in for multi-instance gain and latency management (PDC). It includes controls for solo and mute, grouping of connected instances etc. At its simplest, FaderWorks can be placed anywhere in the effect chain of an audio track. ... (1/0) download
FadeText 1.2 -  Fading screen saver displays custom text. FadeText is a screen saver that displays your favorite sentences, fading in and out just like caption. You can set fonts, fade speed and freeze time of it. ... (28/0) download
FadeToBlack 2.1.1 -  Quickly and easily join, split, crop, modify color, rotate, overlay, blur your AVI video files, along with sequences of JPG and BMP images or photos from your digital camera. ... (34/0) download
FadeToBlack AVI Video Editor 2.3.3 -  Quickly and easily join, split, crop, modify color, rotate, overlay, blur your AVI video files, along with sequences of JPG and BMP images or photos from your digital camera. ... (29/0) download
FadeTop 2.5 -  FadeTop is a visual break reminder for Windows. At regular intervals, it fades your desktop into a bluish color, and displays current time. ... (1/0) download
Fadi's Arabic Tutorial 2.0 -  This is a small Arabic Language Tutorial. It will give you some very good communication skills in one of the oldest living languages in the world!! ... (3/0) download
Fading Banner Rotator XML 1 -  Banner rotator with XML. You can do following within XML: * First visible item* Rounded corner radius* Button background colors* Duration / delay time of each itemHorizontal buttons version is added to source. ... (1/0) download
Fading Hearts 1.2 -  Fading Hearts - an interactive story/game where you play the role of Ryou, a seemingly normal high school student in the land of Sorayama. Solve the mysteries that surround him while maintaining his friendships and saving Claire. ... (3/0) download
Fading Images 2 3.1 -  This product enables multiple images to be displayed within a single area. The transition between images is a very smooth fading effect, the speed of which can be varied by changing the parameter values. ... (36/0) download
Fading Suns: Noble Armada 2.1 -  mixes combat, diplomacy, and trade in a real-time space strategy game at the far reaches of the known worlds. The Questing Knights are returning. In 4996, the Emperor sent them to recover the lost worlds of humanity. ... (263/0) download
Fadmin File Manager 3.1.7 -  Fadmin features list: ------------------------------------- tabbed interface multi language user interface support file and folders create/copy/move/delete/rename file and folders attributes change different file and folder info (occupied size, attri ... (0/0) download
Fadonics My PACS -  Fadonics My PACS is an image processing software dedicated to DICOM images (.DCM extension) produced by imaging equipment (MRI, CT, PET, PET-CT, SPECT-CT, Ultrasounds).Fadonics My PACS is compatible with many of the leading Dicom Applications. ... (7/0) download
FAEL LITE 10.0 -  Fael-Lite is an application which has been developed for determining illumination and luminance values in internal, external end street contexts. ... (2/0) download
Faerie Solitaire 1.0 -  Have some magical fun in the addicting Card game, Faerie Solitaire! Find and raise a faerie pet and repopulate the magical land of Avalon using the resources found by clearing each level. ... (0/0) download
Faery - Legends of Avalon 1.0 -  A long time ago, the magic fed the world, Fairies lived among Men. They inspired their stories and myths; it was the time of legends. From the island of Avalon, King Oberon reigned over people as varied as the dreams of men can imagine them. ... (2/0) download
Faery Magic Theme v1.0 -  Faery Magic Theme is a desktop theme featuring a fairy in a green dress. It includes wallpaper, icons, cursors, animated cursors, and WAV sounds. ... (69/0) download
FAFNIR HART-Setup 2.1 -  The program FAFNIR HART-Setup is the configuration tool for the FAFNIR HART devices. ... (0/0) download
FAG Top Laser Inline 1.2 -  PC-based shaft alignment system 60% of all unplanned shutdowns are due to misalignment and imbalance. The PC-based shaft alignment system FAG Top-Laser INLINE2 enables you to align accurately and significantly increase machine availability. ... (0/0) download
Fagerhult Life Cycle Cost calculator 2.2 -  Calculate the life cycle cost (LCC) for more then one luminaire solution, where each solution can have several luminaire types. Get the pay-off time and see which alternative is the most environmently friendly. ... (1/0) download
Fagerhult Lighting Concept Tool 2.2 -  The Lighting Concept Tool is a visualisation application that clearly explains the differences between different lighting solutions. Go to Lighting Concept Tool to find the ideal solution for your environment. ... (0/0) download
Faha Calendar Maker 1.0 -  Faha Calendar Maker -Supports widely used calendar types like Georgian Calendar, Hijri Calendar, Hebrew Calendar or Jewish Calendar, Julian Calendar, Indian Calendar, Persian Calendar, Afgan Calendar, Kurdish Calendar etc.Supports 75 languages. ... (1/0) download
FAHLogStats.NET 0.2 -  FAHLogStats.NET is a .NET 2.0 application to collect, aggregate and display information about Folding@Home clients. ... (0/0) download
Fahrenheit Converter 1 -  Need a quick and easy way to visually discover the difference between Fahrenheit and Celcius? Fahrenheit Converter is the way to go! Simply watch conversions appear before your eyes as you slide up and down the temperature scale! Its that easy. ... (38/0) download