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Galleries HQ 6.0 -  Beautifully designed for the iPad, Galleries HQ presents the world of art and architecture from locations around the world. Use the interactive map to find artists of interest, or search using our 20+ art-related categories. ... (6/0) download
Galleriet 1.3 -  Galleriet r en samlingsutstllning med konst.Du kan ska och betrakta konst och kontakta konstnrer/ateljer/gallerier fr att kpa konst som du gillar. ... (5/0) download
Gallerinator 1.5c -  Gallerinator is a small software application that can be used to generate a photo gallery including title and description for the internet easily. This gallery can even provide several pages and languages and will run with all major browsers. ... (7/0) download
Galleroo 3.5 -  Galleroo is a web image gallery, or web album, creator for Windows (NT, 2000 and XP) with a unique preview feature and support for movies and annotation. It provides an easy and quick way to automatically create thumbnail web galleries. ... (9/0) download
Gallery Abstract Doodle 1.0 -  For 99 cents, you can become a patron of the arts, and help an artist achieve his dream.Gallery Abstract Doodle is a collection work by the digital artist, Eric L. Hayes. This collection contains over 100 images of his latest works. These works ... ... (3/0) download
Gallery App Creator 1.0.3 -  Gallery App Creator simply lets you convert your images and photo galleries into native Android apps. Display text captions and play audio alongside each image, giving you countless ideas for this app, such as creating narrated storybooks. ... (5/0) download
Gallery by Andrei 1.0 -  Infinitely many categories can be added to the gallery. New categories are automatically added to the left-side column. If more categories are added than can be viewed, a scroller (the small up and down arrows) are automatically added. ... (8/0) download
Gallery by Dali 1.3 -  Powerful and feature-rich interface includes options for automatic vertical and horizontal image panning, as well as an option to view more information about any image, and auto-loop through any set of images. ... (10/0) download
Gallery by H7 2.2 -  All sounds are fully configurable using an external XML file, which can be edited using any standard text editor, like Windows Notepad or Textpad. ... (9/0) download
Gallery by Shan 1.0.2 -  Any image can link to an HTML popup window. This feature can be disabled in the XML configuration file. Popups are auto-centered on the user's screen. 100% of the Flash 2004 Pro. source code is included upon purchase, including the . ... (9/0) download
Gallery by SpectraInfo 2.0 -  A simple, highly configurable image gallery for photographers, artists, and anyone else who wishes to show off their portfolio of images with class and style. ... (7/0) download
Gallery Card Insert Maker for Mac OS 1.0 -  Stores greetings for you remembering the line breaks, fonts and colours you choose as well as allowing you to store your favourite card dimensions and orientations. ... (7/0) download
Gallery Constructor 1.1 -  This program builds customizable online image galleries from your digital pictures. It is template driven and allows you to create your own look for the gallery. Uses standard XML documents to save your projects for future compatibility. ... (8/0) download
Gallery for Lightroom 2.0 -  A gallery/slideshow app for users of Adobe Lightroom. Galleries can be uploaded directly from Lightroom to an iOS device using WiFi or via file sharing. Galleries can be shared using AirDrop. ... (4/0) download
Gallery Grabber QED for Mac OS 1.1 -  A download tool for web based picture galleries. Gallery Grabber QED enables you to download the large gallery images, leaving thumbnails, banners and background graphics behind. ... (4/0) download
Gallery Locker HDPro 1.0 -  Want to protect your most precious private photo and/or video moments securely & safely? Do you have any photos / videos captured or saved in your albums that you do not want prying snoopers to gain access to?With this high tech special app, you ... ... (2/0) download
Gallery Locker Pro 1.0 -  Want to protect your most precious private photo and/or video moments securely & safely? Do you have any photos / videos captured or saved in your albums that you do not want prying snoopers to gain access to?With this high tech special app, you ... ... (4/0) download
Gallery Magic 1.0 -  Makes a directory of images into an HTML gallery. Gallery Magic is a shell script that makes a directory of images into an html gallery. It is easy to edit and change how the page comes out. ... (40/0) download
Gallery MBL 1.0 -  Welcome to the free app Gallery MBL. Here You can enjoy the unique art of the swedish artist Maria Bovin de Labb on your iPhone or iPod touch. Explore the playful lines in a collection of graphic work and paintings. Maria Bovin de Labb is a ... ... (4/0) download
Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery by Dr. Kevin Sadati 2.2.0 -  "Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art" - Ralph Waldo EmersonCurious about plastic surgery? Modern techniques of today have made it easier and safer to address almost any cosmetic concern you may have. Download this app and learn ... ... (11/0) download
Gallery of Flowers Screensaver 1.0 -  The free flowers screensaver, Gallery of Flowers, contains 11 amazing flower images, including a close up of a Dandelion clock and a gorgeous hairy toad lily to name a couple. ... (6/0) download
Gallery Remote Screensaver 1.5 -  Gallery Remote Screensaver will display images from a "Gallery" album when your computer is idle. "Gallery" is an open-source PHP utility that allows you to create and host image galleries on any website with PHP enabled. ... (8/0) download
Gallery Reports 1.1 -  Professional ad hoc SQL database (ODBC/BDE) reporting application Professional ad hoc SQL database (via ODBC/BDE) reporting application with Object Palette and enhanced Property Editor for simple object creation and modification. ... (33/0) download
Gallery Server Pro 2.6 -  Gallery Server Pro is a powerful and easy-to-use open source gallery for any web site. Share and manage photos, video, audio, and other files over the web. Automatically encodes video and audio to web-friendly formats. ... (7/0) download
Gallery Trail Launceston 7.0 -  Discover Launceston Tasmania's rich culture by exploring the Gallery Trail. ... (5/0) download
Gallery XML Ver 1 -  XML can be easily edited with any text editor. In the XML file you can edit the data sources. Color image preload. ... (7/0) download
Gallery2020 1.0 -  Gallery2020 is a completely different type of fair. It is an experience.Gallery2020 originated with the question How can we organize a trade fair which will really excite both retailers and exhibitors and help them with their business? ... ... (9/0) download
GalleryLocal 0.4 -  Smart client for Gallery. Allows you to browse, upload, and download images from a gallery site and view the gallery disconnected from the network as well. The software is free and is hosted on SourceForge. ... (7/0) download
Gallerymanager 2.0 -  The GalleryManager is a Windows application easy to use without special knowledge to create your own Flash homepage with multiple photo and video galleries with descriptions and unlimited gallery- and textmenus. ... (3/0) download
GalleryRemote.NET 2.0.0 -  The GalleryRemote.NET application was developed to be a small desktop tool for uploading photos to your Menalto Gallery photo album. ... (4/0) download
Galleta de la fortuna 1.2 -  Now you can have a virtual Fortune cookie in your iphone and get a personalized tip for you in everywhere and everytime.So simple as open your iphone and press the Fortune cookie. You'll get a nice tip based in the oriental tradition of fortune ... ... (4/0) download
Gallica 2.4.44 -  Retrouvez les collections numrises de la Bibliothque nationale de France avec lapplication Gallica. 2 millions de documents y sont accessibles gratuitement : livres, journaux, revues, manuscrits, photographies, estampes, affiches, cartes, ... ... (4/0) download
Gallien Krueger Amplification 2.0.2 -  Gallien Krueger Amplification is a model of the Gallien-Krueger most famous devices. It allows to select one of several amplifiers followed by a speaker selected from several models. ... (5/0) download
Gallien Krueger Amplification for Mac OS X 2.0.2 -  Gallien Krueger Amplification is a model of the Gallien-Krueger most famous devices. It allows to select one of several amplifiers followed by a speaker selected from several models. ... (7/0) download
GALLINA LLP, Certified Public Accountants 2.0 -  GALLINA LLP is a full service regional CPA firm with offices throughout the Western United States. Best known for expertise in construction and commercial real estate, GALLINA LLP also specializes in agribusiness, government, manufacturing, ... ... (3/0) download
Gallio 3.3 -  The Gallio Automation Platform is an open, extensible, and neutral system for .NET that provides a common object model, runtime services and tools (such as test runners) that may be leveraged by any number of test frameworks. ... (7/0) download
Gallon Converter 1.0 -  Gallon Converter App will help you convert US Gallon to UK Imperial Units. Please support my app by downloading it today. I will add more functionality soon! ... (6/0) download
Gallop for Gold 5 1.0 -  A game of luck, Gallop for Gold is a slot machine game with five and six reels. The game's wildcard is an image of a fashionable hostess, except for when you get scattered horses in the normal play mode. ... (7/0) download
Gallop for Gold Slots - Pokies 18.2 -  Pokie Magic - Gallop for Gold is an Aussie style slot simulation (also called a poker machine or a Pokie). Play the pokies at home! The beat the bookie bonus rounds and the Daily Double Jackpot will keep you racking up the virtual wins for hours! ... (11/0) download
Gallop for Gold Slots for Mac OS 6.85 -  Beat the bookie and share the fun in Gallop for Gold… with the first ever Nudge Jackpot and 6 unique bookie bonuses in the feature bonus round - this really is the mane event! ... (7/0) download