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Handy Safe Desktop for Mac 3.01 -  Handy Safe Desktop for Mac is the best way to manage your confidential information with great convenience and to have encrypted backups on your PC. ... (5/0) download
Handy Safe Desktop Professional 3.01 -  Handy Safe Desktop is the best way to manage your confidential information with great convenience and to have encrypted backups on your PC. ... (10/0) download
Handy Safe for Sony Ericsson 4.0 -  Handy Safe is a perfect assistant for Sony Ericsson P910 / P900 / P800 for secure and convenient managing all of your important and sensitive information in one place and always with you. ... (11/0) download
Handy Service for Palm 1.1 -  Palm-based assistant for traders, waiters and other customer service staff. Mobile sales software for salesman. It allows taking and tracking orders for goods and services, managing list of products, viewing reports. Desktop module available. ... (18/0) download
Handy Startup Monitor 1.10 -  Control and Manage the applications your computer executes when it starts up. ... (39/0) download
Handy Tools 2005 for Sony Ericsson 1.0 -  Suite of 6 \\must have\\ applications for Sony Ericsson P910 / P900 / P800 (Symbian UIQ): Handy Day 2005 Professional, Handy Safe, Handy Book, Handy Expense, Handy Explorer and Handy Databank. ... (21/0) download
Handy Translator 1.1 -  HandyTranslator is a free computer-assisted translation (CAT) tool with machine translation options (using Google Translate, Bing and MyMemory) for MS Word documents. ... (14/0) download
Handy Uninstaller 1.1 -  Handy Uninstaller is a simple, but powerful FREEWARE uninstaller. It shows a list of installed programs on your computer and helps to uninstall and remove unwanted programs. ... (6/0) download
Handy Utilities 2.0 -  Clean, fix, and optimize your PC right from your Web browser! Handy Utilities integrate tightly with Internet Explorer, providing numerous tools to help you fix and maintain your PC to its optimal performance - all for absolutely free! ... (5/0) download
HandyAvi 4.3 -  Use any webcam to make time-lapse, motion-detect, meteor trail planetary or animation movies. Use for science, surveillance or astronomy. HandyAvi has a built-in movie viewer, movie editor and Meade telescope control system for astronomy users. ... (45/0) download
HandyBits Collection 2002 5.5 -  HandyBits Collection 2002 provides you all the tools you need to keep your personal computer safe, your files secure and your system clear of unwanted and unnecessary files. Additionally, the collection includes two voice mail programs. ... (5/0) download
HandyBits VirusScan Integrator 5.5 -  There are many anti-viral applications to protect personal computers - each one of them is often better than others at detecting certain types of viruses. ... (5/0) download
HandyBits Voice Mail 5.5 -  Handybits Voice Mail is a nice alternative to writing e-mails. If you are the kind of person who feels more comfortable with talking than with typing your messages, there is something to like about this application. ... (5/0) download
HandyCafe Server 3.3 -  HandyCafe Server was developed to help Internet Cafe owners to easily control and administer the network, cashiers, members and customers. HandyCafe Server is very simple and fast to install. ... (28/0) download
Handycam Photos Recovery Software -  Digital camera data recovery software is a comprehensive and easy tool to restore lost digital pictures, images, audio and video clippings with least possible damage. ... (4/0) download
HandyChords 1.2 -  The chords of all popular music instruments are in your hand and always with you! The app contains ALL NECESSARY CHORDS to be able to play the songs ON 7 MUSIC INSTRUMENTS! ... (0/0) download
HandyChordsLite -  The chords of banjo and balalaika are in your hand and always with you! The app contains ALL NECESSARY CHORDS to be able to play the songs ON 2 MUSIC INSTRUMENTS! ... (0/0) download
HandyCite -  handyCite is a free bibliography manager for scientific writing. Features like download free full text PDF files makes it especially useful for medical scientific writing. It runs as a Word 2007 add-in in taskpane. There is no separate window. ... (6/0) download
HandyCrypto 3.1.298 -  HandyCrypto allows you to hide folders and encrypt files with on-the-fly AES encryption. Just create one or more encrypted secure folders from local folders and move your sensitive files into the specified folder and they will be encrypted/decrypted ... (42/0) download
HandyDialogs 2.01 -  HandyDialogs boosts your output with the Quick Menu and Favorites Menu, which literally put all your computer power to the palm of your hand. The tiny sparkle icon in the tray will bring your favorite folders, documents, and web sites to you in two ... (22/0) download
HandyFile Find and Replace: Office Edition 3.3.16 -  With the HandyFile Find and Replace: Office Edition you can quickly find and replace text in as many files as you want. This program with comprehensive and clear user interface will save you a lot of time that you spend daily for updating your ... (31/0) download
HandyFile Find and Replace: Text Aid Kit 3.2.5 -  With HandyFile Find & Replace tool you can quickly find and replace text in a bunch of files! Features: * Diverse file filters; * Multiple search folders; * Support for environment variables in folder names; * Back-up and target folder ... (30/0) download
HandyFile Find and Replace: Text Workbench 4.0 -  HandyFile Find and Replace: Text Workbench enables you to quickly find, replace and even edit text in many files. This program with comprehensive user interface will save you hours of manual editing that you spend daily for updating your files. ... (22/0) download
HandyFileSearch 1.1.0 -  HandyFileSearch program is intended to: (i) allow a user to quickly access files that the user remembers at least part of the name; (ii) quickly find a file by variety options (time, size, extension, location); (iii) find a file - binary or textual ... (18/0) download
HandyFind 2.0 -  HandyFind is a faster, friendlier way to find words in documents and web pages. It finds the words as you type so you'll find what you're looking for as soon as you have entered enough letters. ... (7/0) download
Handyfont v1.0.1 -  Handyfont is a TrueType font with 52 pictographic hands. Uppercase characters contain left and right hands in a vertical position. Lowercase characters contain left and right hands in a horizontal position. ... (33/0) download
HandyFTP 1.0.25 -  The reason why this program was created is author's desire to save his time on routine tasks. Once upon a time it happens that author needed to frequently upload web pages and other files like images to his FTP server. So, each time he put away his ... (21/0) download
HandyGraph 2.1 -  Graphing Software without the Learning Curve Whether graphing equations or making a coordinate grid, HandyGraph helps you create attractive graphical images quickly. This graphing program was designed for teaching math. ... (5/0) download
Handymailer 3.1 -  HandyMailer is a great email program that was developed for completing marketing and business tasks. ... (5/0) download
HandyMan 2.1 -  Control Strip launching module. HandyMan is a control strip that acts as a Launching Module. ... (28/0) download
HandyMan Pro 5.1.2 -  Developed for those who work out of their car, truck, van or home work shop and take on any odd job where they can make a buck. It's not just limited to construction jobs, there's options for about any job a handyman or handygirl can do. ... (8/0) download
handyPrint 4.1.0 a6 6 -  handyPrint (formerly AirPrint Activator) is a free, painless to use and small-sized Mac application that will enable an OS X hidden feature that will help you set your shared printer to be visible on your iOS devices. ... (13/0) download
HandySaw DS 4.4 -  HandySaw is intended to facilitate the job for people who work with nonlinear editing (NLE) software. ... (5/0) download
HandySnap 1.4 -  HandySnap is a precision-engineered screen capture utility designed to take snapshots of any portion of the computer screen and inserting comments and various graphics to captured images. The use of HandySnap screenshots in multimedia presentations, ... (21/0) download
HandySnap Beta 0.5 -  HandySnap was designed as a work-horse capturing tool for creative professionals as well as for home users, web page developers or multimedia authors. The user interface of this program is based on the A“nothing unnecessaryA” principle. ... (6/0) download
HandyThing v2.06 -  Lets you organize your desktop by snapping application windows into user-defined positions. You can set up hotkeys to quickly move open windows around the desktop, and assign specific window positions to certain applications. ... (33/0) download
HandyThumb 1.1 -  HandyThumb displays preview of the picture (thumbnail) directly in the Windows Explorer context menu. HandyThumb is a right-click picture viewer and it can be transparent if you would like that. ... (4/0) download
HandyToolkit 3.0 -  HandyToolkit is a Multi-Purpose Software designed to take care of your Daily Reference Activities. Maintain Addresses of all your Contacts with query and quickview. A Scheduler that Pops up colorfull Reminders. ... (31/0) download
HanengCharts 3.1 -  HanengCharts enables you to easily add customized, dynamic, interactive charts to your Web site, intranet or Web application. No installation is required on the server, simply upload the small JAR file (80Kb) to the same folder as your Web page, add ... (42/0) download
haneWIN DHCP Server 3.0 -  The haneWIN DHCP server software implements a DHCP and BOOTP server based on RFC 2131. The server supports multiple address pools for dynamic IP address assignment as well as fixed IP address assignment to clients. ... (8/0) download