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HappyPhone 1.0 -  THE HAPPYPHONE description : - Entirely independent on your telephone hardware - Integrates all your sources of information - Eliminates unnecessary data-entry - Synchronizes a variety of data bases where you enter your contact information - Operate ... (9/0) download
HappySnowman 4.1 -  Happy Snowman Screensaver decorates your desktop with lovely animated winter landscapes and an enchanting little snowman. Because the program randomly generates the elements in a scene for each start, every scene is different. ... (4/0) download
Happytime NAT Traversal Library 1.0 -  A NAT Traversal and private network (LAN) access library. It can access to a private network of computers and network equipment from another private network or public network. The advantage is no need to configure port mapping on the router. ... (0/0) download
Happytime Onvif Server 2.3 -  Happytime Onvif Server is a Network Video Transmitters (NVT) devices simulation program. Full support ONVIF standard, implements Discovery, Device and Media services.Written in C, Cross-platform support library. ... (1/0) download
Happytime Video Process Filter 2.0 -  Happytime video process directshow filter is a powerful transform filter. Can rotate video in 90, 180, and 270 degrees, keep aspect ratio when rotated video in 90 and 270 degrees. Can flip video horizontally or vertically. ... (0/0) download
HappyVille Quest for Utopia 1.0 -  Construct the city of your dreams in HappyVille: Quest for Utopia! Design and plan your town to keep your citizenOCOs content! Anticipate your peopleOCOs needs, design freely, and have the initiative to expand and grow your city. ... (8/0) download
Happyville: Quest for Utopia 32.0 -  Happyville: Quest for Utopia is a tycoon-like game in which you are a new mayor of a city and your ultimate goal is to grow the village you are given into a utopian city, and the key to this is happiness. ... (3/0) download
HAPquery 10.10 -  HAPquery is a handy and useful application that allows you to work with CATraxx databases and to create queries for extracting information. The used can load a certain CATraxx database and create a custom SQL query. ... (5/0) download
HAPrenameAudioFiles 10.10 -  HAPrenameAudioFiles is a handy and performant application designed to work with the CATraxx database and to rename your files. You can change the renaming parameters from the Options window. ... (4/0) download
HAPsaveImageToFolder 10.10 -  HAPsaveImageToFolder is a handy and useful application that allows you to export the album images from the CATraxx program. The user ca save the image for one or more albums from the CATraxx database. ... (4/0) download
HAPsyncItunes 10.10 -  HAPsyncItunes is a handy and reliable utility designed to work with the playlists created with CATraxx and to transfer them to iTunes. iTunes is only used as a syncronizing tool for the IPOD (except for all other contents than music). ... (4/0) download
HAPtemplateOverview 10.10 -  HAPtemplateOverview is a handy and reliable utility that is designed to view the details of the templates used by the CATraxx application. For each template, you can see which Classes, HREFs, IMG's etc. are used. ... (5/0) download
HAPupdatePersonRoles 10.10 -  HAPupdatePersonRoles is a handy and reliable program designed to edit the information about a person's role stored in a CATraxx database. You can use it to see all the roles of a person in the ArtistPerson browselist. ... (4/0) download
HAPupdateTags 10.10 -  HAPupdateTags is a handy and reliable application that allows you to work with CATraxx album database and to change the tags for a certain album or track. ... (5/0) download
Hara-Kiri 2.02 -  Hara-Kiri is a radil way to keep your confidential data away from unauthorized access by self-destructing. The files that you specify. ... (26/0) download
Harakiri Craps 2.0 -  Honorable player, the life of a legendary Samurai is in your hand. The bloodcurdling story is as follows. The action involves the ancient Japanese ritual of samurai suicide - harakiri (or seppuku). As you know, one of the motives for harakiri is ... (57/0) download
Harbibi Dialer 8.0 -  PC Phone Desktop Client introduces the PC Phone Desktop Client. As an alternative to using our web-based dialer, you now have the option to download and install a dialer on your PC. ... (4/0) download
Harbor Theme for Flipping Book 1.0 -  Harbor Theme for Flipping Book is a template package that enable flipping book users to set as their digital work's background. There are four templates in the package and they are all related to harbor. ... (4/0) download
Harbour Integrated Development Environment 1.0 -  hbIDE, as the name implies, Harbour's Integrated Development Environment, is an open-source, multi-platform, project hosted inside Harbour's SVN repository. ... (9/0) download
Harcopy 2011.11.01 -  With Harcopy you can print the entire desktop, a window or a selected rectangle. If the PrintScreen key is pressed, the actual screen will be printed out. ... (4/0) download
Hard Angel 1.05 -  Do you remember CIH? ... (19/0) download
Hard Disk Data Eraser Software -  Data wiper software is helpful for those users who want to maintain their privacy after using internet or any other application. ... (5/0) download
Hard Disk Data Recovery Tool 11.01.01 -  Hard disk data recovery software is designed and developed to recover inaccessible file and folders from corrupt, damaged, virus infected formatted, hardware corrupted hard disk drives. ... (4/0) download
Hard Disk Drive Data Recovery FAT -  Corrupted deleted pc laptop windows fat32 fat 16 vfat file system partition data recovery restore retrieve formatted damaged file allocation table missing information MBR master boot record root directory dos boot record bad sector windows 98 XP 2000 ... (69/0) download
Hard Disk Erasing Utility -  Data wiper utility completely wipes whole hard disk, separate partition or free space, providing maximum level of security. Tool guarantees that your deleted data will never get back with any restoration tool. With the help of this software you can ... (82/0) download
Hard Disk Imager with Sector Mutate 1.0 -  Disk imaging with sector mutation. Allows you to image hard disks with non standard sector sizes. Such as EMC drives with 520 bytes per sector. Allows copying of disks and image files to output file. Images multiple drives/files at the same time. ... (5/0) download
Hard Disk Low Level Format Tool 4.2 -  This HDD Low Level Format utility is free for home use. It can erase and Low-Level Format a SATA, IDE, SAS, SCSI or SSD hard disk drive. ... (24/0) download
Hard Disk Monitor 1.0 -  An efficient software designed to monitor your hard disk temperature, disk free space and perform predefined action. ... (80/0) download
Hard Disk Scrubber 3.3 -  Summit's Hard Disk Scrubber is a Free secure delete program designed to help you permanently destroy sensitive data from your PC. ... (10/0) download
Hard Disk Sentinel 4.50 -  Hard disk drive and SSD health, temperature and performance monitoring software designed to predict failure and prevent data loss. Hard disk tests available to reveal and repair problems found with hard disk drives and SSDs. ... (96/0) download
Hard Disk Sentinel DOS 1.00.5 -  Detect and display hard disk drive and SSD health and temperature information without starting the installed operating system. ... (6/0) download
Hard Disk Sentinel Enterprise Server 1.00 -  Hard Disk Sentinel offers advanced data protection solution by monitoring status of hard disks and solid state disks and provides detailed disk information, statistics, alerts and backup functions. ... (8/0) download
Hard Disk Sentinel Linux 0.03 -  By using the Linux console edition of Hard Disk Sentinel, it is possible to examine the temperature and health information (and more) of IDE, S-ATA (SATA II also), SCSI and USB hard disks connected to motherboard or external controller cards. ... (5/0) download
Hard Disk Sleeper (HDSleep) v1.55 -  Lets you save electricity and reduce the noise from your computer by giving you control over drive suspension times. It lets you change the power management functions of IDE and Enhanced-IDE drives even if your BIOS does not support it. ... (204/0) download
Hard Disk SpeedTools Updater 3.6 -  Update your hard drive optimization software. Hard Disk SpeedTools 3.6 Updater adds the following: Utility Additions: Added Intech's Disk Defrag Classic utility (requires Mac OS 9.1 - Mac OS 9.2. ... (77/0) download
Hard Disk Tune-Up 1.0 -  Usual activities that are performed by you every day on you computer don’t pass unnoticed for your system. Day by day fragments of used files accumulate your hard drive slowing its’ performance and increasing risk of system failure. ... (4/0) download
Hard Disk Wipe Tool 2.3 -  Hard Disk Wipe Tool 2.35.1178 is a freeware utility for low-level hard disk drive erasing. The program supportsS-ATA (SATA), IDE (E-IDE), SCSI, USB and FIREWIRE interfaces. It fully support LBA-48 drives. ... (8/0) download
Hard Drive Animated Cursor v1.0 -  Hard Drive Animated Cursor is an animated cursor that displays your hard disk activity while you work. ... (49/0) download
Hard Drive Data Recovery Software 2.0 -  Hard drive recovery software to recover hard drive files/folder from corrupted, formatted or re-formatted hard drive. This hard drive data recovery freeware tool is successfully complete task on Windows, Mac, Novell and Linux Operating System. ... (21/0) download
Hard Drive Data Recovery Tools -  Hard Drive Data Recovery Tools is the most popular data recovery tool that recover deleted or lost data from hard drive that are formatted, re-formatted, partitioned and re-partitioned hard drive on windows PC. ... (4/0) download