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IC Chips 4.1 -  Captured Images of the Bit Blitz Screensaver with music... Imagine the energy excited in IC Circuitry with this screen-saver by Phil Sassone. ... (29/0) download
IC Imaging Control 3.0 -  IC Imaging Control is an ActiveX, C++ Class Library and .NET component that allows programmers, developing under Windows 2000 and Windows XP, to directly access any DirectX compatible image source. Features: live video display: set parameters, ... (75/0) download
IC Soft Site Manager V1.8.5 -  IC Soft Site ManagerA‚A® is the desktop bookmark management program that helps you manage your favorite web site links. It eliminates the need to maintain your links through the browser's bookmarks. ... (3/0) download
IC3 Practice Tests 1.0 -  The IC3 is a certification program that is designed to teach individuals the digital literacy skills associated with basic computer and Internet use. ... (3/0) download
Ic4 Lite 11.3 -  IC4 is a windows based configuration tool for the Siemens STxxx series of traffic controllers. IC4 has a series of screens where configuration data is entered, this information is validated and compiled into the required format for the controller. ... (2/0) download
iCADMac 11.1.200 -  Presenting iCADMac! The user friendly, 2D/3D CAD software for MAC OS X which reads and writes DWG format drawing files. "AutoCAD Like" DWG CAD software, create, edit,publish DWG based design compatible with AutoCAD, more powerful than AutoCAD LT! ... (14/0) download
iCADMac 2011.4.26.SL 1.0 -  CAD users have waited for almost 20 years for AutoCAD to return to the Mac... 20 Years? How disappointed they must have been when they discovered the pricetag... $4000+ We present... iCADMac! ... (3/0) download
iCadSuite 1.0 -  iCadSuite is a Java framework based on NetBeans and will form the basis for PatternCut, LastDatabase and iCost for starters. iCadSuite uses a 2D geometry system to determine the costs to produce shoes and in what quantity. ... (2/0) download
ICAEW Tutorial and Practice Test 2.3 -  This computer-based testing tutorial and practice exam software provides the opportunity for you to learn how to navigate your way through computer-based examinations. ... (2/0) download
iCafe Manager Server 4.0 -  iCafe Manager is a Client-Server application and is made up of two parts, the Server and the Client Terminals. The iCafe Manager Server is managed from the server, and all its features and functions are available on the server screen. ... (2/0) download
iCafeSystem 2.1 -  Client/server Internet cafe kiosk. Cafe Server is the ultimative Internet Cafe solution for the Apple Macintosh. It runs native in OSX Cocoa. It is a true client server solution based on IP. ... (61/0) download
ICAI Toolbar 6.8 -  With ICAI Toolbar it's now possible to take advantage of the best of the sites you visit by getting the freshest content delivered directly to your browser, no matter where you are on the Web. ... (2/0) download
iCal 4.0 -  iCal is a web calendar server. Anyone with a web browsers can access the calendars on their local Intranet or Internet. Any number of calendars can be created and accessed by any number of users. Security controls who can make calendar entries. ... (150/0) download
iCal Backup 1.0.1 -  Backup iCal calendars. Cal Backup is an AppleScript application that backs up Apple's iCal calendar files according to user specified preferences. ... (65/0) download
iCal Calling iChat! 1.5.1 -  Schedule iChat away messages with iCal. iCal Calling iChat! is an AppleScript applet that lets you schedule iCal Events as messages in your iChat AV status message, which is visible in other iChat users' Buddy Lists. ... (69/0) download
iCal Calling iTunes! 3.5 -  Use iCal to notify iTunes when to play a song. iCal Calling iTunes! is an application that lets you use iCal to schedule iTunes music playlists to play. Users who pay the $5.00 shareware fee will receive a code to unlock iCal Calling iTunes! ... (38/0) download
ICAL QuestionMaster Online 6.0 -  QuestionMaster Online helps police officers studying for their OSPRE Part 1, NIE, IPLDP promotion exams. ... (1/0) download
iCal Script Integrator 1.2 -  Use AppleScript directly from iCal events. iCal Script Integrator allows you to use AppleScript straight out of iCal's events by modifying it's \\e-mail notification\\ script. ... (59/0) download
iCal to Sidekick 1.0 -  AppleScript for T-Mobile Sidekick Desktop Interface iCal data. iCal to Sidekick is an AppleScript to extract calendar information from iCal into a format that the T-Mobile Sidekick Desktop Interface can understand. ... (193/0) download
iCal Web Calendar 4.1 -  iCal is a Web Calendar Server for all flavors of Microsoft Windows. It is an event calendar that can be used for scheduling meetings, events, vacations, menus, or just about anything else. ... (3/0) download
iCal-iT Just Music Alarm 1.1.2 -  Combine iCal and iTunes for a music alarm. iCal-iT Just Music Alarm is a stay-open script that teams up iCal and iTunes to create a music alarm. ... (38/0) download
iCal...Make It Happen 1.0.2 -  Perform automated tasks based on your iCal calendars. iCal...Make It Happen allows you to use iCal and its scriptability power to control and automate tasks based on data in your iCal calendars. ... (42/0) download
iCal2blog X 1.0 -  AppleScript to publish iCal to your weblog. iCal2Blog can publish events in your iCal calendar(s) to your weblog via XML-RPC. The README contains usage instructions. ... (29/0) download
iCal2Eudora -  iCal2Eudora is a modified AppleScript that should work with Eudora and iCal. Currently, it only works with Apple's ... (7/0) download
iCal2Eudora X 1.0 -  Hacked AppleScript for Eudora w/iCal. iCal2Eudora is a modified AppleScript that should work with Eudora and iCal. Currently, it only works with Apple's ... (13/0) download
iCal2html 1.0 -  Renders iCal files to HTML for upload to webserver. iCal2html renders iCal files to HTML locally. You can then upload the HTML files to your webserver. ... (59/0) download
iCal4j vcard 0.9.3 -  iCal4j is a Java API that provides support for the iCalendar specification as defined in RFC2445. This support also includes a Parser, Object Model and Generator for iCalendar data streams. ... (3/0) download
iCal4OL 2.2.6 -  Importing, exporting and subscribing of ICS files/feeds for MS Outlook the smart way. 2-way Synchronization with Google Calendar is integrated. Various options cover the needs of exchanging and synchronizing events in the iCalendar Format. ... (60/0) download
iCalBirthdays for Mac OS 2.0.1 -  Creates a birthday calendar in iCal from the contacts in Address Book. Unlike the built-in birthday calendar in iCal, this action allows you to set an alarm for each birthday. ... (2/0) download
iCalcPro 1.0 -  ICalc is a kind of calculator but it can be called a math application because with the help this program you can calculate different expressions including math and financial functions. ... (2/0) download
iCalculator 1.1 -  Floating transparent calculator. A faceless floating transparent scientific calculator. ... (11/0) download
iCalcy 2.0 -  Aviassin iCalcy is a calculator for Windows which looks like the iPhone or iPod Touch Calculator! ... (2/0) download
iCalibrate 1.3.1 -  Modify iCal text colors. iCalibrate provides a user-friendly way to customize (or calibrate... ;-) Apple's iCal. One of iCal's most highly touted features is its simultaneous use of multiple calendars to help sort, organize, and clarify your life. ... (104/0) download
iCalMaker -  iCalMaker is a text based appointment creation tool for use with iCal or to create appointment files. iCalMaker is a text based appointment creation tool for use with iCal or to create appointment files. ... (17/0) download
iCamera HDR 2.3.1 -  iCamera HDR is the first app in the App Store to include the most advanced capture modes, full 32-bit HDR processing workflow, a range of digital photography post processing functions and awesome photo effects all in one app. ... (7/0) download
iCamHome 1.0 -  Now you can monitor your home using your iphone following a few steps: Step 1: run iCamHome on iPhone. this will prompt you to generate id and password follow instruction there. ... (3/0) download
iCamMaster -  Internet appliction to collect, view and record webcams. Comes with more than 500 preloaded cams. ... (10/0) download
iCamShare 2.0 -  Send video emails to friends (was Easy VMail). iCamShare is your web cam companion! Use it to easily make videos or take snapshots that you can share in many ways. All you need is a webcam, such as Apple's iSight, Mac OS X, and iCamShare. ... (27/0) download
iCamSource 2.4 -  The iCamSource is the free computer application that streams your webcam video and audio to iCam. ... (2/0) download
iCan 3.0.5 -  Customizable desktop trashcan. iCan is is a trashcan for OS X which sits on the desktop. It's interactive - it appears empty when it's empty, and full when it's full, just like the one in OS 9. ... (19/0) download