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I-Search Plugin 1.0 -  Adds an emacs-style incremental search for Cocoa text. I-Search Plugin is a plugin for the Cocoa text system that adds emacs-style Incremental Search. It highlights matching words as you type. ... (27/0) download
i-Sort 1.2 -  File sorter. i-Sort sorts your files based on file types, creator codes, and file extensions. Only files to the \\Sites\\ and \\Public\\ folders are not sorted in this manner. ... (20/0) download
i-Sound Recorder for Windows 7 -  i-Sound is a direct audio recorder for Windows 7 and Windows Vista. You can record sound from internal or external source into popular audio formats directly without costing any other disk space. "Stereo Mix" input no longer required. ... (70/0) download
i-Sound WMA MP3 Recorder Professional 6.72 -  i-Sound WMA MP3 Recorder turn your computer into high-qulity audio recording studio. It enables you capture any sounds of your PC into MP3 or WMA files quickly and easily! WMA/MP3 Recorder allows you to record sound without running out of memory as ... (83/0) download
i-Sound WMA MP3 Recorder Professional for 5.0 -  WMA MP3 Recorder turn your computer into complete audio recording studio WMA MP3 Recorder turn your computer into complete audio recording studio. ... (41/0) download
i-sure business 2.8 -  i-sure business is an online data backup software for your business data , that saves you time and money, whilst giving you peace of mind that your data is fully protected and easy to retrieve in the event of a data loss, with no additional recovery ... (1/0) download
i-Talk24 -  Zeitsparend - Sie bewaltigen mehr Aufgaben am Tag ! Geht es Ihnen auch so wie vielen Menschen: Sprechen fallt Ihnen leichter als das Tippen auf der PC Tastatur? Selbst sehr geubte Texter brauchen ca. ... (5/0) download
i-Todo v1.1.3 -  Allows you to easily manage your to-do tasks. i-Todo lets you list your to-do items and check them off as you complete them. ... (42/0) download
I-Utils v1.1 -  Allows you to run the finger and whois commands from Windows. You can use it to find information on specific users and host names. ... (24/0) download
I.A. Entertainment 1 -  Visit the all new I.A. Entertainments website! Featuring Hip Hop to Rock! ... (3/0) download
I.C.O.N v1.0 -  I.C.O.N is a lifestyle manager which supports task and contact management, and includes a diary, planner, call logger, as well as daily news, sports, weather, television, music and games. I.C.O. ... (33/0) download
I.D.Logger 1.0.2 -  Our powerfull invisible web tracking system will monitor and record all your website visitors and let you see exactly what your users are doing on your website while they are surfing it. ... (1/0) download
I.O.T.W.C.L.T.M.B 7.51 -  An invasion of evil chickens from another world! It is up to you, your trusty fully automatic shotgun, and your 3 nukes to stop the evil chickens and destroy their home planet! ... (38/0) download
I.O.T.W.C.L.T.M.B. v1.31 -  I.O.T.W.C.L.T.M.B. is the Invasion of the Weird Chicken Like Thinga Ma Bobbers (I.O.T.W.C.L.T.M.B.) by Liquid Iron Games. It's the year 2351, and Earth is being invaded by chickens. ... (32/0) download
I.Q. Identity Quest for Mac OS 1.0 -  Solve the riddles of the Puzzle Cube and become a master of memory, logic, language, and more! With two game modes, 65+ goals to achieve, and a story spanning more than 30 chapters, I.Q. ... (2/0) download
i.Scribe 2.0 Beta 38 -  i.Scribe is a small and fast email client with an intergrated contact database and calendar. It supports all the major internet mail protocols and uses international standards where possible. i. ... (2/0) download
i.Scribe for Mac and Linux 2.0 Beta 38 -  i.Scribe is a small and fast email client with an intergrated contact database and calendar. It supports all the major internet mail protocols and uses international standards where possible. i. ... (2/0) download
i.Vista Panorama 1.0 -  i.Vista panorama is a tool where consecutive pictures taken from a digital camera are put together to create a 360 degrees panoramic image. i. ... (78/0) download
i.Vista WideShot 1.0 -  i.Vista wideshot is a tool that automatically combines consecutively taken scenery photos and convert it in to a high-resolution wide-view image i. ... (21/0) download
i.Xchange Mobile Partner - MT-A02-1 2.0 -  i.Xchange Mobile partner is a program manage your mobile phone data with main features : Automatically searching & connect the mobile phone. SMS - Compose; reply; forward; read; delete; save & send SMS via mobile. ... (6/0) download
i.Xchange Movie Editor v1.7.1 -  From 3gp, wmv, asf, mpg avi to avi, wmv, 3gp or mp4\; extract audio from movie to MP3 or WAV with setting\; change size of Movie file\; capture screen shot from Movie to bmp, jpg\; Create Movie by importing bmp, jpg &amp\; MP3 then save as avi, wmv, ... (51/0) download
i.Xchange MP3 editor v3.3.5 -  Cut/trim/Merge the music file from i-Tunes aac,aiff,au,flac,mp3,ogg,wav,wma to wav or mp3 to mobile phone ringtone. Group segments into a single file. Recording from microphone with Midi music file. Change the bit rate of the MP3. Audio spectrum. i. ... (17/0) download
i.Xchange SE-A02 v2.0 -  Features: 1. Read / draft / save / send SMS via mobile phone 2. MMS composer can create MMS by importing picture & midi then upload to the mobile phone 3. Download / upload Picture files; Movie files; Theme; Sound files 4. Midi editor included 5. ... (4/0) download
I/O ActiveX Control for Serial and Parallel I/O v1.08 -  I/O ActiveX Control for Serial and Parallel I/O provides an easy to user programming interface for serial and parallel ports. The OCX provides a consistant interface between parallel and serial ports. It provides status functions and events. ... (47/0) download
I/O Ninja 1.08.00 -  A combination terminal/sniffer: Imagine a terminal emulation program, like HyperTerminal or a telnet client. Allow it to send and receive arbitrary binary data in HEX or TEXT form. ... (6/0) download
I/O UPS Weather Event Monitoring 1.0 -  This software allows to receive data sent by external devices as a weather station, a UPS, a webcam, and to look up these data remotely. ... (2/0) download
I2C Exerciser 1.1 -  The CAS-1000-I2C/E™ has all the power, flexibility, and features you need to debug, test, and validate the I2C bus circuitry on your board. ... (2/0) download
I2C Studio 4.1 -  telos I2C Studio is an excellent software providing easy, convenient and seamless access to all features of the telos I2C product chain. The product is not sold, you get it for free, with your telos I2C interface. ... (2/0) download
i2e image enhancement plug-in 1 -  The Colour-Science i2e image enhancement plug-in for Photoshop is now allowing Photoshop users to use the Colour-Science i2e image enhancement technology within Photoshop or other compatible software. ... (8/0) download
i2k Align 1.3 -  i2k Align™, based on DualAlign's i2align™ image registration and recognition algorithm, is the most sophisticated software package in the world for registering and aligning two-dimensional images and for constructing multi-image mont ... (1/0) download
i2k Quickage Pro for Mac 2.0.0 -  i2k Quickage automatically creates high quality panoramas and montages from any set of digital images. ... (1/0) download
i2pdf x64 1.0.43 -  i2pdf (image to pdf) is a fast and compact application built to create Adobe PDF documents from a collection of images, typically scanned from a paper source or in form of digital photographs. ... (2/0) download
i2sm 2.1 -  There are millions of possible colors on most computers. The main thing i2sm does is translate those millions of colors into 128 possible notes. ... (1/0) download
i2V Integrated Video Management Software 5.8 -  i2V VMS Basic Edition is suitable for small and medium installations for 1- 100 cameras. Unique Price and feature combination results in saving time, reducing cost and optimizing resources for customers worldwide. ... (1/0) download
i2View 3.2 -  The only DICOM viewer designed specifically for veterinary use, i2View supports all DICOM modalities and allows the user to transfer images to virtually any other DICOM server. ... (2/0) download
i2Workout 0.1 -  i2Workout is a free personal training software tool designed to help you when working out with your treadmill, incline trainer, elliptical or exercise bicycle. ... (5/0) download
i3 File Editor 1.6 -  Korg-i File Editor helps a KORG i-Series IMW User organize his or her Arrangements, Styles and Programs inside standard KORG i-Series file Sets. The i3 File Editor is devoted to KORG i-Series IMW with Product Id = 39H, including i2, i3, i4S. ... (17/0) download
i30 File Editor 1.6 -  Korg-i File Editor is the generic name of a family of programs that run on Windows™ 7, Vista, XP, NT4, 2000, 95/98/ME platforms with 8 Mbytes RAM available and at least an 800x600 pixels screen. ... (14/0) download
i3D Photo 3.4 -  i3D Photo is an application for generating three-dimensional photos. ... (1/0) download
i40 Real Time Control v2.0 -  Allows you to control the Korg i40M Arranger, as well as iS35, iS40, and iS50 keyboards via your MIDI interface card. ... (200/0) download