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KDOvertime 2.1 -  Time flies by like ffffft while working. This tool keeps track of all your different projects, the time spent for them, exports the data in excel format and motivates you as good as possible. And it plays cool music! Requirements: .NET 2. ... (2/0) download
KDT Password Protect Files 1.10 -  Instantly secure your PC by password-protecting important files and directories with KDT Password Protect Files. ... (1/0) download
KDT RAM Cleaner 1.1 -  KDT Soft. RAM Cleaner is an application that frees up RAM space thus speeding up the PC. An excellent interface shows graphical real-time gauges for RAM and CPU usage. ... (1/0) download
KDT Recover Product Key 1.1.2 -  KDT Recover Product Key enables the user to recover and change a product key for Windows, Microsoft Office and Norton Anti-Virus at the click of a button. ... (19/0) download
KDT Site Blocker 2.1 -  Worried that people are spending too much time viewing inappropriate content at inappropriate times? ... (5/0) download
KDT Web History Tracker 1.1.0 -  Monitor and track all internet activity via password-protected logs. KDT Web History Tracker enables the user to track and log internet activity via a professional password-protected interface. ... (1/0) download
KE5FX GPIB Toolkit 1.8 -  The KE5FX GPIB Toolkit is a collection of free Windows utilities that will help you make and record research-quality measurements with GPIB-based electronic test equipment. ... (1/0) download
KE5RS Dialer 3.0 -  A neat little 16 button DTMF keypad that allows you to send DTMF tones out your soundcard. Allows you to send the DTMF tones to your radio for those of you who do not have DTMF microphones. ... (2/0) download
Kea Coloring 2.0 -  Great virtual Coloring Book. Lots of pictures included, more to download, or import your own creations! This is a great virtual Coloring Book for kids. \\All the fun. None of the mess! ... (60/0) download
Kea Coloring Book 3.6 -  A free Coloring Book for kids of all ages. All the fun. None of the mess! Includes 20 pictures, and over 200 more available free from the website. You can even add your own pictures. The site also has free-to-enter coloring competitions. ... (49/0) download
Keanu Reeves Cult Screen Saver v1.0 -  Keanu Reeves Cult Screen Saver displays beautiful images of the actor Keanu Reeves as your screen saver. ... (41/0) download
Keanu Reeves Screen Saver v1.0 -  Keanu Reeves Screen Saver displays black-and-white images of the actor Keanu Reeves as your screen saver. ... (38/0) download
Kearo 4.0 -  Whether you want to report data from your SD module, your MM module, your FI module, your HR module or any other SAP® module, Kearo can support you. ... (1/0) download
KEATER 1.1 -  KEATER is a simple tool with the function to capture the activities that occur on your desktop computer. ... (2/0) download
KEATProX Application 2.1 -  KEAT Pro X, a free, easy-to-use. integrated web - based online share trading platform allows you to trade in Equity, Derivatives and Currency Derivatives. ... (1/0) download
KEDIT for Windows 1.6 -  KEDIT for Windows is a full-featured Windows text editor with menus, toolbars, drag-and-drop editing, clipboard access and Multiple Document Interface (MDI) support. ... (1/0) download
KeeBook Creator 2.7 -  KeeBook Creator 2.7: Create stunning 3D Web books with one of the three distinct editions, select the one adapted to your needs and expectations. KeeBook Creator Home allows you to: Save the Web worthiest pages. ... (1/0) download
Keelboat Cruising Screen Saver v2.46 -  Keelboat Cruising Screen Saver is a collection of color photographs of keelboat cruisers. It displays 20 images as a slide show. ... (53/0) download
Keene Digital Media Serv 1.0.1 -  Share all things digital over the web. Keene Digital Media Server is an easy and affordable way to share all things digital with friends, family and customers over your broadband connection. ... (37/0) download
Keeno 0.7 -  Keeno plays the keno pop game. Keeno automatically plays online Pogo KenoPop games for you. Keno online is what it's all about. ... (2/0) download
Keep Apps Up 1.0 -  Extension keeps apps running. Keep Apps Up is an APPE system Extension that will keep a list of applications running, it checks on regular intervals to make sure the processes are up. This is good if you run a server on a family computer (i.e. ... (126/0) download
Keep It (a) Secret! 2002B -  Keep all your passwords, userid's, codes, etc. safe and secure in just one place. - In todays world there are so many codes, that you have to remembers - now you just have to remember one, and all the other will be revealed. Use "Keep It (a) ... (49/0) download
Keep It (a) Secret! 2002B 1.0 -  Keep all your passwords, userid's, codes, etc. safe and secure in just one place. - In todays world there are so many codes, that you have to remembers - now you just have to remember one, and all the other will be revealed. Use "Keep It (a) Secret". ... (2/0) download
Keep It Safer 1.2 -  Secure and maintain software work!Block selected applications!Protect your personal data!FeaturesGreen list:Software added into this list will be protected from shut-down. ... (6/0) download
Keep Me Online -  Have you ever experienced the annoyance of being disconnected from the Internet by your ISP when you've left your computer for a moment. ... (87/0) download
Keep My IP 1.0 -  Your IP address is to your Internet connection what your phone number is to your telephone, except it changes all the time. If you need others to connect to you, you need to keep your IP address. KeepMyIP prevents your IP from changing dynamically. ... (31/0) download
Keep My Pass 1.0 -  Keep My Pass – is a free keeper and password manager. Frees you from having to store passwords in memory. Allows you to organize passwords in groups and make a quick search of them. ... (5/0) download
Keep Network Alive 1.1.4311.32441 -  Keep Network Alive is a handy utility designed to keep your internet / LAN connection going.Keep Network Alive runs in the background and pings to the target IP address or domain name. ... (2/0) download
Keep One 7.0 -  Drag and drop folders or files into the Keep One window. Keep One is very careful to always "keep one" of the duplicate files. You don't have to wait for Keep One to finish "processing" files. ... (2/0) download
Keep Out (Direct3D) Screen Saver 2.4.2 -  Keep Out 2 (Direct3D) is a sequel to the popular Keep Out screen savers series. It shows a realistic 3D skull with crossed bones rotating on your screen. The skull looks likea€¦ like alive. ... (10/0) download
Keep Out 3D Screen Savers Collection 1.3 -  Keep Out 3D Screen Savers Collection is a spooky savers collection for the dark humor lovers 3D skulls, bones and Jack O''Lantern are served to you just in time for Halloween. Each screensaver comes with cool sound effects and cool 3D graphics. ... (20/0) download
Keep Out Halloween Edition 3D Screen Saver 1.6.4 -  Keep Out Halloween Edition screen saver is our outright Halloween gift to everybody. You will see a pumpkin rotating in front of a very terrific background. Mysterious landscape, churchyard, gravestone... ... (2/0) download
Keep Sendmail Happy X 0.1.4 -  Automatically fixes sendmail permissions. Keep Sendmail Happy is a StartupItem that fixes the permissions on /, /etc and /etc/mail so that Sendmail (as distributed with 10.1.4 at least) will run. ... (21/0) download
Keep The Balance 1.0 -  There is fun for all the family in "Keep the Balance!" is all about keeping the equilibrium. Position objects on the scales and try to maintain the equilibrium for as long as possible. ... (3/0) download
Keep Track 3.8 -  Keep Track is a music organizer and playing program (mainly MP3 and WMA files) for individuals and DJs. Add your music tracks to a database and create batches (playlists). While playing through a playlist using the Search window you can add (e.g. ... (1/0) download
Keep Your Cool v2.00A -  Keep Your Cool is a fun game in which you play Doris the Hen, a downtrodden employee who must complete all her work while watching her health and stress levels. ... (34/0) download
Keep Your Privacy 3.0.0 -  Keep Your Privacy is powerful privacy software to erase online Internet tracks and program activity. ... (2/0) download
Keep Your Word for Mac OS 2.1 -  Are you studing a new language? Your class notebook is an endless list of vocabulary that you have to learn? You remember that your teacher told you how to say a lot of useful things but, can you find them in your notebook? ... (1/0) download
KeepAlive 15.0.4 -  Keep critical programs or executables running and be alerted when they fail. KeepAlive provides the ability to constantly monitor applications running on the server. ... (1/0) download