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Lectra - German (32-bit) v3.36 -  Lectra - German (32-bit) is a reading trainer designed to improve your reading, memory and vocabulary skills. ... (65/0) download
Lectra 32 Deutsch TTS 4.00.0001 -  Mit LECTRA, k?n Sie Ihr Lesen verbessern. 14 ?ungen erlauben ein systematisches Trainieren der Grundkapazit?n im Lesen. LECTRA ist eine zus?liche Lesem?chkeit zu Ihrer Lesemethode. LECTRA enth? Stimmsynthese. Mit LECTRA, k?n Sie Ihr Lesen verbessern. ... (38/0) download
Lectramini Ger 3.01.0007 -  Mit LECTRAMINI, k?n Sie Ihr Lesen verbessern. 6 ?ungen erlauben ein systematisches Trainieren der Grundkapazit?n im Lesen. LECTRAMINI ist eine zus?liche Lesem?chkeit zu Ihrer Lesemethode. LECTRAMINI enth? Stimmsynthese. Mit LECTRAMINI, k? ... (14/0) download
Lecture Recorder 4.5 -  This program allows you to record lectures, attach some text notes and save everything to a single lecture file. You can get real-time audio compression in OGG format, export recordings and use the special transcription playback mode when necessary. ... (62/0) download
Lecture Screen Recorder 2.2 -  Lecture Screen Recorder is a powerful record screen software for Windows. ... (1/0) download
LectureMAKER 2.0 -  LectureMAKER is an E-learning content authoring software which empowers anyone to create interactive lessons and activities that can be easily deployed in various ways and the output can be SCORM compliant. ... (2/0) download
Led Digital Clock 1.15.043 -  Description: Beautiful Led Digital Clock. Features: It is possible to change color of leds to one of the following colors (Yellow, Red, Green, Blue, White). ... (15/0) download
LED Frame Designer 1.0 -  LED Frame Designer Software allows the user to individually control the Dot Correction and PWM dimming levels for each LED on the TLC59xx EVM. ... (1/0) download
LED-Bar 1.0 -  LED-Bar v1.0 is an easy-to-use and completely customizable scrolling LED display with support for 6 different special effects, 9 different border styles and adjustable scroll speed and direction. LED-Bar v1. ... (27/0) download
LEDA2000 v2.2 -  LEDA2000 is an easy-to-use, electronic schematic design application. ... (73/0) download
Ledas 2D Geometric Solver 6.0 -  Ledas 2D Geometric Solver is a software engineered to support two-dimensional parametric sketching/drawing in CAD and computer graphics systems. ... (1/0) download
LEDAS 3D Geometric Solver 4.0 -  It is commonly used as parametric engine for direct modeling of 3D geometry, assembly design, motion analysis, and other 3D geometric modeling applications. ... (3/0) download
LEDAS Driving Dimensions Plugin for SketchUp7 1.3 -  Driving Dimensions is a plug-in for Google SketchUp that allows you to make parametric changes of any 3D model in very simple and intuitive way. ... (1/0) download
LEDAS RhinoWorks 2.0 -  RhinoWorks is a plug-in that brings constraint-based parametric design in Rhino. A constraint specifies geometric and dimensional properties of one or more shapes. ... (1/0) download
LEDataStream 1.8 Build 9431 -  Little-endian replacements for DataInputStream, DataOutputStream and RandomAccessFile. They work just like DataInputStream, DataOutputStream and RandomAccessFile except they work with little-endian binary data. ... (1/0) download
LedCenterM 5.0 -  LedCenter is a control software with a high-class human-computer interface, convenient operation and powerful functions. ... (10/0) download
Ledger 101 1.10 -  Accounting software for businesses Ledger 101 is accounting software for small and medium sized businesses. Getting started is easy. Just select the template closest to your business type. ... (134/0) download
LedgerPlus 1.1 -  You can use LedgerPlus as an accounting system for any organization that needs a general ledger or cashbook. ... (1/0) download
LedgerSMB 1.4.0 Beta 3 -  LedgerSMB is an open source financial accounting and ERP program. As of 1.3, it offers solid AR, AP, and GL tracking as well as inventory control and fixed assets handling. ... (1/0) download
LedgerSMB 1.4.0 Build 20111012 Snaphsot / 1.3.1 -  LedgerSMB was built as an Open Source, handy and multi platform financial accounting software. As of version 1.3, it offers fairly solid AR, AP, and GL tracking as well as inventory control and fixed assets handling. ... (2/0) download
Ledgertec Server 1.0 -  Fast , Friendly , Powerful Multi-user Accounting Software. ... (3/0) download
LedLineIt! 3.0 -  LedLineIt! is a free, easy to use, cross-platform, multi-lingual text editor. ... (1/0) download
LEDMathSharewareV1 1.0 -  LED Resistance Calculator Calculates the resistance and wattage of the resistor needed in series with an LED. Information required to use this LEDMath: source voltage, LED voltage, (Vf) or forward voltage, LED current. ... (61/0) download
Leds Icon Replacement 1 for Mac OS 1.0 -  32 icons ready for Leopard (512x512 pixels). ... (1/0) download
LEDSdriver 0.9 -  Ever whished you had a recording LED on your Home Theatre PC, just like the one on your old VCR? LEDSdriver might be what you're looking for. ... (3/0) download
LEDWatch I v3.1 -  recreates a red LED watch from the 1970's. It displays only the bare essentials -- the hour, minute, seconds and date. You can choose either a gold or a silver watch face. ... (44/0) download
LEDWatch III v3.1 -  recreates a red LED watch from the 1970's. It displays only the bare essentials -- the hour, minute, seconds and date. You can adjust the time and date, and set the color of the watch to either silver or gold. ... (45/0) download
Lee's Bingo 1.0 -  Lee's Bingo software has just about everything you needed to get you started in the great game of bingo. Bingo calling, ticket printing and ticket checking in one easy to use software package. ... (1/0) download
Lee's Trivia Bot 3.0 -  Lee's Trivia Bot is back! This time available only to VIP users. Lee's Trivia Bot has plenty of options.. Two separate games to enjoy with your friends in chat. It has the ability to accept answers that are close to the correct answer. ... (1/0) download
LeechCraft 0.4.70- 17 -  LeechCraft is a free open source cross-platform modular internet-client. ... (1/0) download
LeechCraft 0.5.80-596-g301 301 -  LeechCraft is a free open source cross-platform modular internet-client. ... (1/0) download
LeechFTP 1.3 -  LeechFTP is a wonderful absolutely free all in one FTP client for Windows® PC used to upload or download files from a remote FTP server . ... (1/0) download
LeechGet 2006 2.1 -  LeechGet is a download manager application that is very easy to use and nice, that have Microsoft Outlook appearance and interface that seamlessly integrates into Internet Explorer, allowing you to start and manage your downloads easily. ... (3/0) download
LeechGet 2007 2.1 -  LeechGet 2007 2.1.2000.13 is a download manager for Windows XP and Vista. It´s compatible with Internet Explorer 7, and available in 20 languages. ... (1/0) download
LeechGet 2009 2.2 -  Nowadays, download files from Internet is as common as checking your email daily. But sometimes, this task can turn into a headache if you don't have a download manager program. ... (1/0) download
Leeds United Football Club Theme v1.0 -  Leeds United Football Club Theme is a desktop theme featuring the Leeds United Football Club. It includes wallpaper, icons, cursors, animated cursors, a screen saver, and WAV sounds. ... (45/0) download
LeeLead PhotoPrinter 3.6 -  LeeLead PhotoPrter is the complete perfect tool for professional photo print in terms of both features and interface.It provids lots of print templates for you to easily lay out batch of photos on a Preview page. You can print multiple photos on a ... (40/0) download
Leeloo's Talent Agency for Mac OS 1.0 -  Leeloo has been dreaming of working in movie industry since she was a child. Now the dream has come true - she opens a talent agency and starts creating superstars from young aspiring actors. ... (0/0) download
Leeloo's Talent Agency 32.0 -  Leeloo´s family is a family of actors. They have always wanted Leeloo to be a lawyer but she always wanted to have an actors business. Her dream is to be an actress and work in stages and scenarios. ... (1/0) download
Leeloos Talent Agency 1.0 -  Help a young movie fan use her talent for talent to create Hollywood superstars in this thrilling time-management challenge. Welcome each aspiring actor to LeelooOCOs office and get them ready for the show time. ... (3/0) download