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MacNames Site License 1.1m -  Name cleaner software to quickly prepare files created on Macintosh for use on a Windows computer, shortening Windows long file names for use by a Macintosh. ... (11/0) download
MacNames Site License 1.1m 1.0 -  Windows renamer application which automatically translates Macintosh filenames for Windows use removing illegal characters and adding extensions. ... (2/0) download
MacNessus 0.1 -  Client for the security scanner Nessus. MacNessus is a client for the security scanner Nessus. With this client you will be able to perform security checks on any given host and tighten the security of your computer and network. ... (10/0) download
MacNFS Updater 3.0p3 -  Now works better with SCO. MacNFS is a client implementation of the NFS architecture and is designed specifically for the Macintosh. Thursby Software Systems, Inc. (TSS) created MacNFS so the NFS mounted volume would function like a local disk. ... (25/0) download
MacNikto for Mac OS 1.1.1 -  An AppleScript GUI shell script wrapper built in Apples Xcode and Interface Builder, released under the terms of the GPL. ... (1/0) download
MacNut -  MacNut is a free electronic magazine that's published every month in PDF format. The magazine brings the latest news to the Mac community and promotes the Mac OS, Mac hardware, software, and peripherals. ... (15/0) download
Macohesion Audio Show (Dec.) -  QuickTime audio show talks about the latest news and rumors with Apple. ... (24/0) download
MAControlManager 2.2 -  Application for the control and monitoring of Martin Audio K Series amplifiers and the ASX Powered Sub woofer. This program allows you to control and monitor amplifiers and sub-woofers. ... (1/0) download
MaCoPiX 1.7 -  MaCoPiX (Mascot Constructive Pilot for X) is a desktop mascot application for UNIX / X Window system and Microsoft Windows. The special features of this application could be said as follows... ... (2/0) download
macORSA 0.6 -  Scientific celestial mechanics tool. ORSA is an interactive tool for scientific grade Celestial Mechanics computations. Asteroids, comets, Solar, and extra-Solar planetary systems can be accurately reproduced, simulated, and analyzed. ... (24/0) download
MacOS Items Manager -  MacOS Items Manager allows to enable/disable Contextual Menu Items, Control Strip Modules and Fonts ... (19/0) download
MacOSaiX 1.0.1 -  Apply Mosiac tile effects to images. MacOSaiX allows you to apply a Mosiac effect to images, making them turn into a bunch of squares that make of the image. ... (11/0) download
MacPasser 1.4.2 -  Application helps you remember your passwords. MacPasser is a small and easy-to-use password rememberer (passer). Simply put, is it an application that remembers account information. ... (11/0) download
MacPay for Mac OS 4.03 -  The essential application for Swiss banks and Postfinance customers. With MacPay, you can pay all your bills and execute multiple financial transactions from the comfort of your Mac desktop. ... (1/0) download
MacPay X 3.0.4 -  Financial app for Swiss banks. MacPay X is a specialized application for Swiss banks and Postfinance customers. With MacPay X, you can pay all your bills and execute multiple financial transactions from your Mac desktop. ... (19/0) download
MacPermitWizard 1.1.0 -  MacPermitWizard protects your data by restricting access to files and folders and preventing unauthorized access to your applications.You can lock your personal files with passwords and prohibit the execution of critical programs and utilities ... (8/0) download
MacPhoneHome 2.1.5 -  Anti-theft application for laptops. MacPhoneHome? is the pre-eminent computer tracking and theft recovery software in the world for MacIntosh computers. With MacPhoneHome? ... (23/0) download
MacPilot for Mac OS 4.1.3 -  Scared of the terminal or cant be bothered to remember those commands to customize your system the way you want? MacPilot is your digital savior. ... (5/0) download
MacPinball for Mac OS 7.0 -  Experience tons of amazing effects in this original, highly entertaining 3D Pinball game. Every game is unique with five different tables, changing features and options. ... (4/0) download
MacPing -  MacPing is an IP and AppleTalk network testing tool. ... (36/0) download
MacPips Jigsaw Puzzle for Mac OS 2.5 -  Jigsaw allows you to create jigsaw puzzles quickly and easily from your own pictures. A simple, intuitive interface makes creating and playing puzzles a snap. ... (3/0) download
MacPlaza Icons v1.0 -  MacPlaza Icons is a collection of 47 icons featuring teal and grey computer components. These icons were origanally created by A. Wong and modified for the Windows operating system by Pierre Cavanna. ... (30/0) download
MacPOD for Mac OS 2.0.4 -  Use granular synthesis to generate a wide range of audio effects, including time-stretching and pitch-shifting, from any non-protected soundfiles. Transform speech or instrumental sounds into glorious, rich soundscape textures. ... (2/0) download
MacPool for Mac OS -  Cue up your best shot for an incredibly realistic game of Pool from the convenience of your computer. Experience why fans love MacPool and call it the a€sbest pool game around. ... (2/0) download
MacPopUp for Windows v2.1 -  MacPopUp for Windows is a cross-platform instant messenger which allows you to instantly exchange messages with other users on any local area network. ... (23/0) download
MacPorts for Mac OS 1.9 -  an open-source community initiative to design an easy-to-use system for compiling, installing, and upgrading either command-line, X11 or Aqua based open-source software on the Mac OS X operating system. ... (2/0) download
MacPOS 100b 20912 -  Inventory and point of sale control program. MacPOS is an inventory control program for small to medium sized businesses. This version features a whole new customizable interface, new updated online help files, and support for larger monitors. ... (29/0) download
MacProxy for Mac OS 1.1.1 -  Provides system-wide network proxy support for the Mac, including for applications without proxy support. Avoid proxy setup for each application, just enable MacProxy and your Macs network connections are forwarded to a proxy. ... (4/0) download
MacPython -  Python is a high-level programming language that is suitable for simplescripting tasks as well as writing large applications. ... (11/0) download
MacQuarium Icons -  Set of 33 Mac aquarium icons. MacQuarium is an icon set that picks up where the real thing leaves off however and offers iBook and iMacquariums, plus a host of fish and fish related icons for you to enjoy. ... (32/0) download
MacReplayTV 0.6.5 -  Transcode to VCD/SVCD/DVD using a MacReplayTV. MacReplayTV is an application that is custom made for ReplayTV users. It can transcode to vcd, svcd, &amp\; dvd. ... (19/0) download
Macrium Reflect 4.2 -  Award winning Windows backup and disk imaging software. Backup files and folders into a single compressed archive file or create a browse able image of your hard disk for easy hard disk upgrade or recovery. ... (79/0) download
Macrium Reflect - Free Edition 4.2 -  Using Reflect, a tool developed by Macrium, you will be able to backup individual files and folders into a single compressed mountable archive file or create an exact image of partitions on your hard disk for easy hard disk upgrade or complete/partia ... (4/0) download
Macrium Reflect Free Edition 4.2 -  Macrium Reflect FREE Edition. An award winning disk imaging solution for FREE. A complete disaster recovery solution for your home and office. Protect your personal documents, photos, music and emails. ... (4/0) download
Macrium Reflect Server Edition 5.0 B 4368 -  Macrium Reflect Server Edition is a reliable software created to help users to backup files and drives, as well as disk image files. Protect your personal documents, photos, music and emails. ... (2/0) download
Macro Anywhere v1.0 -  Allows you to replace frequently-typed words or phrases with keywords. You simply type a keyword that you have defined, and Macro Anywhere inserts the word, phrase, paragraph, address, or even full document associated with that keyword. ... (23/0) download
Macro Cross Assemblers II 4.2 -  supports the Motorola 6800, 6803, 6805, 6809 and the Rockwell 6502 and 65C02. These are basic two-pass assemblers which supports macros, conditional assembly and include files. ... (60/0) download
Macro Expert -  Macro Expert is a powerful productivity utility which is designed to automate repetitive or routine tasks. You will be impressed with Macro Expert that can greatly simplify your work, increase your productivity, save your time and money. ... (60/0) download
Macro Express 3.9a -  Save time by creating macros to automate boring, repetitive computer tasks. Record keystrokes and mouse events, choose from over 25 Quick Wizards to guide you through the creation of macros, or write macros in the Script Editor. ... (40/0) download
Macro Express 2000 v2.1 -  Macro Express 2000 is a full-featured utility for creating and playing back macros. A macro is a set of commands that can be played back at will to perform a given task. ... (34/0) download