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NCP Secure Entry Client for Windows 9.31.104 -  NCP Secure Entry Client - the professional VPN solution for communication with any IPsec gateway (all major vendors supported, e.g. Cisco, Juniper, MS Server 2008 R2). ... (6/0) download
NCPL Inc 1.0 -  This is an official app for NCPL Inc. This app showcases about our company, skillset and portfolio to show latest works done to our customers. It also highlights the achievements in our mobile development.This also gives a glimpse of valuable ... ... (5/0) download
NCPlot 2.2 -  NCPlot is an editor and backplotter for 4 axis mill and 2 axis lathe G-Code programs. This software combines editing, formatting and translation tools that are useful for CNC programmers with a backplotter for instant G-Code verification. ... (6/0) download
NCPMobile 1.3.9 -  NCPMobile provides registered members of the National Consumer Panel with an easy and intuitive way to scan their purchases, enter their shopping information, and transmit their data to NCP. NCPMobile performs the same functions as the ... ... (4/0) download
NCPR Public Radio App for iPad 2.0.3 -  NCPR Public Radio App: for iPad:The North Country Public Radio App allows you to listen to North Country Public Radio live, pause and rewind the live audio, and view the program schedule for all the North Country Public Radio streams at once! You ... ... (4/0) download
NCPTA Annual Conference & Chapter Meeting 1.0 -  Get all the key information about the NCPTA Annual Conference and Chapter Meeting in the palm of your hand. You can view the agenda, locations, speakers, updates, information about your presenting companies and more. Links to area attractions and ... ... (2/0) download
NCR ConvenienceGo 2.6.6 -  Taking Convenience to a New Level! Your time is valuable and you need to get the most out of every minute. When it to comes to your stop at the convenience store, Pay at Pump is a big help. But it only lets you get gas, and theres still a walk ... ... (2/0) download
NCR RealPOS Scanner Configuration Tool 2.0 -  NCR RealScan Configuration Tool is a standalone application that will create an EEPROM binary file based on the configurations set by the user for their NCR RealScan SA Scanners and the PXA Scanners. ... (2/0) download
NCR RealPOS Scanner Flash Drive Prep Tool 1.0 -  NCR RealPOS Scanner Flash Drive Prep Tool allows you to install configuration files onto your usb disk. The software requires DOTNET framework to work properly and a usb disk with minimum of 1 GB data storage for optimal performance. ... (3/0) download
NCR Silver POS | Point of Sale 3.0.1 -  NCR Silver is a perfect fit for any small business. Its an affordable point-of-sale solution you can run on your iPad, iPhone or iPod. With NCR Silver, youll quickly see it is easy to use, yet powerful enough to run and grow your business.You can ... ... (4/0) download
NCREIF Timberland Fund & Separate Account Indices 1.1 -  The NCREIF Timberland Fund and Separate Account Indices provide quarterly and annual total returns for timber properties invested in two forms: Commingled Funds and client Separate Accounts. At least 90% of a fund's net asset value must be ... ... (4/0) download
ncRNA Mapper 1.0 -  ncRNA Mapper is a computer program that gives more insight in the localization of sequencing fragments. ... (3/0) download
NCRPA Conference 1.1 -  The NCRPA Conference App is the premier app for the Annual North Carolina Recreation & Park Association Conference. ... (3/0) download
NCRS Point of Sale for Retail and Restaurant v7.11 -  NCRS Point of Sale for Retail and Restaurant is designed to improve your inventory control, customer information, receivables, payables, payroll, and employee management. ... (62/0) download
NCRSPro POS 8.03.0037 -  Point of Sale for Retail, Rental and Restaurant Creative point of sale systems that improves business for both the retailer and the customer. Advanced graphical user interface helps the cashier process sales quickly and easily. ... (71/0) download
NCrunch for Visual Studio 1.3 -  NCrunch is an automated parallel continuous testing tool for Visual Studio .NET. ... (2/0) download
NCrypt TX 2.1 -  This text based encryption tool allows easy message hiding, to be used in e-mail, messenger and other communications. NCrypt TX also has Steganography capabilities to hide a document inside a random generated text. It supports DES, Rijndael-AES, ... (61/0) download
NCrypt XL 1.3.4765 -  NCrypt XL is a tool to encrypt every cell inside a MS Excel spreadsheet. It uses standard algorithms such as AES and DES. The encryption is text based, and any format is retained. ... (3/0) download
NCS Airlock Activation Calculator 1.01 -  The NCS Airlock Activation Calculator is a specific calculator for the Oil and Gas industry. The calculator inputs calculates the hydrostatic values and anticipated burst pressure. Shear ring thermal deration factors are included in all ... ... (1/0) download
NCS Alumnae Mobile 2.6.0 -  The official National Cathedral School alumnae app. Powered by EverTrue. ... (1/0) download
NCS HSE App 1.04 -  The NCS Health & Safety (HSE) app is a private application for NCS employee use only. This app allows employees to submit Incident Reports, Trip Assessments and a Safety Passport to store their training certifications. ... (6/0) download
NCS MagiSign X 1.4.7 -  Adobe Illustrator plug-in creates custom plotter signs. MagiSign allows you to create custom signs in 4 simple steps using Adobe Illustrator CS. It is compatible with over 350 cutting plotters. ... (97/0) download
NCS MagiSign X Updater 1.4.7 -  Adobe Illustrator plug-in creates custom plotter signs. MagiSign allows you to create custom signs in 4 simple steps using Adobe Illustrator CS. It is compatible with over 350 cutting plotters. ... (76/0) download
NCS WinVisible -  NCS WinVisible is a utility that hides applications from your taskbar. Improve your privacy by selecting applications you wish to hide to a hotkey. When you press the hotkey, the application will become invisible. ... (4/0) download
NCSA RMS 1.0.1 -  **This app requires a paid NCSA Athletic Recruiting account**Manage your recruiting on the go with the new NCSA RMS iPhone Application. You can now view and edit your recruiting profile, apply for college roster openings, email college coaches, ... ... (3/0) download
NCSBN Annual Meeting 2013 1.2 -  EventPilot conference app is your full featured guide to manage your conference attendance. App features include: Native app: No wifi connection required to access the conference program, schedule or animated maps. Now: Stay informed about hot ... ... (5/0) download
NCSF Personal Trainer Calculators 1.5.2 -  NCSF Personal Trainer Calculators are free to download but will need to be activated by providing a current, valid NCSF Member Number. For individuals who are not current Members, a one-year NCSF membership can be obtained from the organization ... ... (2/0) download
NCSimul 8.9 -  NCSIMUL is a comprehensive machining simulation software for developing, optimizing and running machining programs meant for NC machine-tools. NCSIMUL considerably improves profitability around the NC machine ambit. ... (5/0) download
NCSL Conference 1.0 -  At the National Center for Student Leadership we believe that leadership is a skill that can be learned. Our bi-annual NCSL Student Leadership Conference equips collegiate student leaders and campus professionals with essential knowledge, skills, ... ... (2/0) download
NCspeed 6.4 -  NCspeed is a software system for the simulation of 3- and 5-axis milling processes. The milling process is optimized with regard to machining time and process safety. ... (16/0) download
NCSS 7.1 -  NCSS includes over 230 statistical procedures and plots. NCSS imports and exports all major spreadsheet, database, and statistical file formats. NCSS easily produces sharp, flexible graphics. ... (5/0) download
NCSU Libraries Mobile Tours 5.5.5 -  Welcome to the NCSU Libraries Mobile Tours! These mobile tours allow you to explore inspiring and sophisticated learning spaces in the James B. Hunt, Jr. Library and D.H. Hill Library. Designed to support new modes of learning, content creation, ... ... (4/0) download
NCSU Student Media 1.5 -  NC State Student Media is the official app for the Student Media department at North Carolina State University. The app features the daily student newspaper, Technician, the 24/7 radio station, WKNC 88.1 FM, the weekly African-American newspaper, ... ... (3/0) download
NCT Win Manager 2.1.2 -  You don?t want spywares who use you unusefully your system resources ? NCT Win Manager Pro is made for you ! In only one click, you can list all the active processes or better, create a list of the visible and hidden programs with their ... (56/0) download
NCT Win Manager Pro 2.1 -  You donlt want spywares who use you unusefully your system resources ? NCT Win Manager Pro is made for you ! ... (33/0) download
NCT Xpress Download 2.0.2 -  With NCT Xpress Download, you can now increase your download speed until 400% ! Add files to be downloaded in its list, pause and resume the interrupted downloads. Even after a system crash, the program can resume a download. Its graphs and progress ... (841/0) download
NCTACMConvert v1.02 -  NCTACMConvert is an ActiveX control that converts WAV and MP3 files to another format using ACM drivers and the original algorithm of frequency transformation. ... (27/0) download
Nctags -  A ctags clone that only handles C, but does it better Ctags is a program which builds an index to a set of source code in a directory so that a person editing that code can jump around it, for example from a function call to its definition. ... (18/0) download
NCTAudioConvert ActiveX 2.7 -  Audio ActiveX DLLs NCTAudioConvert ActiveX EXE Server is a conversion tool which helps you to convert audio files of the following formats: Uncompressed WAV PCM, Compressed WAV (GSM, ADPCM, DSP and others), MP3 (including VBR), MP2, VOX (Dialogic ADP ... (44/0) download
NCTAudioEditor ActiveX D 2.1 -  Audio ActiveX DLLs NCTAudioEditor ActiveX DLL is a visual audio files editor. ... (35/0) download