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QMSys GUM Educational 4.6 -  The QMSys GUM program is used to analyze the uncertainty of physical measurements and calibrations. ... (8/0) download
QMSYS GUM Enterprise 4.7 -  The QMSys GUM Software is suitable for the analysis of the uncertainty of physical measurements, chemical analyses and calibrations. ... (5/0) download
QMSys Threads & Gauges 5.7 -  QMSys Threads and Gauges 5 is a powerful thread engineering program especially designed for engineers, metrologists, quality control managers, and machinist. ... (5/0) download
QMSys Threads and Gauges 5.7 Build 11.05.05 -  QMSys Threads and Gauges is a powerful thread engineering program especially designed for engineers, metrologists, quality control managers, and machinist. ... (14/0) download
QMSys Threads PD 4.1 -  The program QMSys THREAD-PD enables the user to determine the pitch diameter of threads when the indicated values are specified as well as to determine the indicated values when the pitch diameter is specified. ... (4/0) download
QMSys Tolerances & Gauges 5.3 -  The software QMSys Tolerances & Gauges is an engineering program designed for engineers, quality managers, quality control planers, metrologists, machinist etc. ... (6/0) download
QMSys Tolerances and Fits 5.3 -  The software QMSys Tolerances & Fits is an engineering program for designers, engineers, metrologists, quality control planers, machinist and its purpose is to save time and prevent human errors in determining nominal and limit values of machine part ... (5/0) download
QMTools 3.0 -  The QMTools Project seeks to empower educators with the freedom to craft their own "live" instructional materials by giving them the means to seamlessly integrate multimedia and computational elements into their presentations at little extr ... (3/0) download
QMulus A.I. Research (XP) 1.0 -  The computational capability of the human brain is thousands of times greater than that of even the most up to date computers available today. ... (3/0) download
Qmuni 1.1.0 -  QMUNICATE DIFFERENTLY!Have fun sending and receiving messages that contain 'Secrets' with your friends and admirers.Qmuni enables you to send messages that contain hidden content, called Secrets. These Secrets will not be revealed until the ... ... (0/0) download
Qmusic by QNAP 1.0.10 -  DescriptionEver wanted to stream your music collection stored on your QNAP Turbo NAS with your iOS mobile device? The free Qmusic app is the perfect answer. Prerequisites:- iOS 5 or later- QNAP NAS running firmware V3.8.2 or later- Music Station ... ... (0/0) download
QNAP MyCloudNAS Connect 1.0 -  By installing the MyCloudNAS Connect, users will be able to connect to the Turbo NAS and easily manage files by drag-and-drop within the Windows Explorer. ... (8/0) download
QNAP Web Monitor 3.6 -  If you failed to install the ActiveX plugin when connecting to the monitoring page of NVR by IE browser, you can install the NVR Web Monitor Component. This component allows you to view NVR webcams and not only. ... (6/0) download
QNB Bank Mobile 6.6.1 -  QNB Bank Mobile BankingYour Community Bank has gone Mobile!Want the convenience of accessing your QNB accounts in the palm of your hand? This easy to use, on-the-go app will allow you to check balances, authorize transfers between QNB accounts, ... ... (0/0) download
Qnet 2000 for Windows v2000 -  Qnet 2000 for Windows is a neural network modelling tool. A neural network is a tool for automating problem solving and decision making tasks. ... (263/0) download
QNet News 1.0.1 -  QNet News App is a local news and Twitter aggregator for the Quinte Region in Eastern Ontario, Canada, including Belleville, Trenton, Napanee and Prince Edward County.- Universal app designed for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch- Read all local news ... ... (0/0) download
QnetV2kt 1.0 -  Qnet v2000 for Windows, the complete solution for backpropagation neural network modeling under Windows. Qnet v2000 combines exceptional value with unmatched performance and functionality. ... (17/0) download
QNewsLetter 2.5 -  Internet direct marketing via Newsletter - Create and send successful newsletters with Microsoft Outlook and QNewsLetter. Newsletters by email and email marketing are some of the most efficient marketing methods available today - if used right. ... (60/0) download
qNewsPaper 1.31 -  qNewsPaper is a handy, easy to use tool designed to enable you to download and get easy access to Algerian newspapers available on the net in PDF format. ... (7/0) download
Qnext (File Sharing) 3.0.4 -  Qnext is the worldOCOs first Universal Instant Media Messenger: a messenger that makes sharing photos and files and streaming music with friends as easy as sending a message. ... (8/0) download
Qnotes 1.1.10 -  notes is a personal database that allows you to organize notes and secure confidential information. You can lock files with a password or share files with other Qnotes users. Use Qnotes to... Log employee performance Develop a ... (31/0) download
qNumerologist 1.01 -  qNumerologist is your 100% free handy numerology advisor and companion. The software instantly generates a numerology forecast report. All you need is to enter your name and date of birth and then press a button. ... (5/0) download
QNX IAT (Modem Version) v3.0 -  Lets you surf the Web using only a floppy disk. QNX IAT fits everything you need to surf the Web onto a single, self-booting 1.44M floppy. You can create a disk that includes a POSIX realtime operating system, a full windowing system, an HTML 3. ... (60/0) download
QNX IAT (Network Version) v3.0 -  Lets you surf the Web using only a floppy disk. QNX IAT fits everything you need to surf the Web onto a single, self-booting 1.44M floppy. You can create a disk that includes a POSIX realtime operating system, a full windowing system, an HTML 3. ... (101/0) download
Qobuz 2.04 -  Music is is an online music service: subscriptions for unlimited streaming, high-quality downloads, music magazine. Its comprehensive catalogue covers all music genres, including all the major labels and a great many independent ... ... (0/0) download
Qodec 1.1 -  The Qodec Transcoder is the easiest way to develop and deploy VoIP applications using patent protected codecs (currently G.729). It is a bundle of a high performance codec and IPR rights for channels. ... (4/0) download
qomodoro 0.1 -  qomodoro is a small, simple tool specially designed to offer users a pomodoro timer written in C++ using Qt4. ... (3/0) download
Qonverter 0.8.7 Alpha 1.0 -  Qonverter is developed as a simple and very easy-to-use unit / currency converter and calculator. Qonverter is a software that tries to stay as simple as possible and it is not designed for advanced users. ... (5/0) download
Qoobar for Linux 1.3.4 -  Qoobar is an easy to use audio tagger specially designed for classical music. This application will enable you to edit ID3v2.4,, APE, ASF tags or to rename the files and fill in tags. ... (1/0) download
Qoobee & Friends 1.1 -  This is a is fun comic book about Qoobee and his friends, a group of angels from the ancient Rome. They live in the clouds and attend "The Little Wings Magic Schools" everyday. Like all the other angels, they are the guardians of all the living ... ... (0/0) download
Qoobs 0.5 -  QOOBS is a colourful & quirky shoot 'em up puzzler from indie developer Squeaky Cow. ... (7/0) download
Qoogi 1.0 -  QOOGI is a great timekiller logic one-player puzzle game.When you push any button it changes its state along with the others buttons located on diagonals from the pressed one.The goal is to solve a puzzle. The puzzle is solven and you are the ... ... (0/0) download
Qoolife 1.0.1 -  App para consulta con mdicos online y Carpeta de Salud gratuita. Regstrate en y empieza a cuidar de tu salud usando esta App! ... (0/0) download
Qooza Beauty 1.0 -  Qooza Beauty , Beauty Bloggers , Qooza Beauty , Beauty , Share ... (0/0) download
Qoppa DataMorph 1.00 -  Data conversion tool. DataMorph is an intuitive, easy to use data conversion tool that provides powerful conversion functions for the most common data interchange formats. ... (19/0) download
QoQsoft MovTo3GP 3.8 -  Compared with other converter software, this MOV to 3GP Converter is the most professional and powerful MOV to 3GP conversion software. Using this MOV to 3GP converter, you can easily convert Quicktime MOV/QT to 3GP video file with a higher quality. ... (10/0) download
QoQsoft MovToMP4 3.8 -  MOV to MP4 Converteris an professional and powerful MOV to MP4 conversion software, which can convert MOV/QT to MP4 quickly and perfectly. With this converter, you can easily convert MOV/QT to MP4 video file with a higher speed and excellent quality. ... (7/0) download
QOrder for iPad 2.04 -  QOrder is a tableside ordering POS application for all type of restaurants - Full or Quick Service.It helps to enhance customer service, increase your revenue and cut costs. - Faster Service - Save time - Eliminate ordering mistakes at the table ... ... (0/0) download
QoS Tool 1.1 -  Tool is aimed at network professionals or students studying Quality of Service.It is a converter between various interpretations of Type of Service (ToS) field in IP packet, such as: Raw ToS byte (binary, decimal, hexadecimal) IP Precedence ... ... (0/0) download
Qosina Caliper 1.02 -  Download Qosina's new valuable and convenient caliper app! Easily take precise measurements wherever you are in both centimeters and inches. Simply place an object next to or on top of your screen and adjust the caliper jaws accordingly for an ... ... (0/0) download