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QP CU in 5 - Free 2.0 -  Automate repeated messaging with QP CU in 5 pre-defined buttons. Save time by not repeatedly sending the same messages over and over. "Meet you down stairs", "In a meeting call later", "CU in 5", "Dinner Time"....One quick button then send, to ... ... (0/0) download
QP Magazine 1.0 -  Since its launch in 2003, QP has become established as one of the most widely read watch magazines in the world and has developed an engaging and readable style, with an editorial scope that covers auctions, brands, design, collecting, ... ... (0/0) download
QPack - Application Lifecycle Management 5.3.0 -  QPack by Orcanos - the leading solution for Application Lifecycle Management - ALM 2.0 - Requirements Software Solution - for software developement and for medical devices development, medical software testing, medical device software validation. ... (12/0) download
QPack Free Requirements Management Tool 5.3.1 -  QPack by Orcanos - the leading solution for Application Lifecycle Management - ALM 2.0 - Requirements Software Solution - for software developement and for medical devices development, and medical device software validation. ... (11/1) download
QPack Free Requirements Management Tool 7.0 -  QPack Requirements management tool is a robust solution for tracking your requirements and provide end-to-end product delivery solution. Special Medical accelerator for medical device manufacturers (IEC62304, ISO14971) ... (0/0) download
QPack Test Management (FREE) 5.3.1 -  QPack Free Software Testing Tools for Test Management by Orcanos. Includes Requirements Management and traceability, Test Plan, Test Execution, Defect Tracking - Get Free edition now. ... (9/0) download
QPaint 5.2 -  This software developed by Quality in Electronic Manufacturing(QEM) is a graphic development environment for Development environment for Qmove , Qmove (J1), Micro Qmove (D983-D992), Terminal QEM. ... (9/0) download
Qpalm Acupuncture Lite 1.53 -  Qpalm is a quick, yet comprehensive reference guide of Acupoints for students as well as practitioners. Qpalm acupuncture 1.5 includes clinical application part in which acupoints and formula to treat 59 diseases and pattern identifications of ... ... (0/0) download
QPaper 1.01 -  QPaper is quick and simple memo app. you can share your memo to your friends .Feature1. Provides Und/Redo function2. Provides 5 types of brush.(pencil, technicalpen,ballpen, marker, brush)3. Easy to select color set, HSB or RGB4. Provides eraser ... ... (0/0) download
QPcolorsoft 501 2.0 -  QPcolorsoft 501 is an application for color correction in jpeg. It is a stand-alone application for Windows and Mac OS X until Snow Leopard. ... (6/0) download
QPCPrint 1.3 -  QPCPrint is an emulator that accepts input in ESC/P2 format, be it text or raster graphics, and outputs the result to any Windows compatible printer. The emulation has a precision of 1440dpi and matches the output of a real printer extremely well. ... (6/0) download
QPData 1.4.1 -  Mobile client for the Pall QPData Traceability System. ... (0/0) download
QPDF 2.3.1 -  QPDF is a command-line program that does structural, content-preserving transformations on PDF files. It could have been called something like pdf-to-pdf. ... (4/0) download
QPDF x64 4.0.1 -  QPDF x64 is a command-line program that does structural, content-preserving transformations on PDF files. It could have been called something like pdf-to-pdf. ... (4/0) download
QPeek Remote Desktop Monitor v1.0 -  Allows you to retrieve screen images of a computer via the Internet or your local network using any Web browser that supports JPG and PNG image formats. ... (58/0) download
QPeriodicTable 0.4 -  QPeriodicTable is a easy to use software tool that has a friendly interface and brings the user a high definition periodic table with which he can interact and find specifications of each periodic element. A periodic table written in qt4. ... (4/0) download
QPeriodicTable for Mac OS X 0.59 -  The most important tool when it comes to solving any chemistry problem is the Periodic Table, that orders and classifies each of the elements depending on its properties and characteristics. ... (6/0) download
Qpet 1.1 -  Have you ever heard a pet sing a song?Have you ever seen a pet drive a car?Come and play Qpet!In Qpet park the pets are very talented.They know how to slide, drive, sing, and talk with you.Qpet is the brand new game for raising your very own pets.... ... (0/0) download
Qpfcalc 1.3 -  Qpfcalc was specially designed to be a front-end software for pfcalc that was written using the Qt toolkit. The pfcalc application is a pipe friction calculator that uses the Darcy-Weisbach equation. ... (3/0) download
QPix 3.6.2001 -  QPix is the raster imaging plug-in of choice of 4D developers doing professional imaging and multimedia work. ... (5/0) download
QPM 05_00_0001 -  QPM, which is actually short for QAC based Project Manager is designed as a project manager for Harbour, xHarbour and MiniGui.It comes with Incremental compilation for all MiniGui versions, including Oficial MiniGui 3.x and MinGw C Compiler. ... (4/0) download
QPower Retail Sales Multiplier Scheme 2.0 -  Only QPower gives you the performance, functionality and edge you need for a demanding and competitive marketplace. Unique Concept You start a queue of rebate units with QPower. Customers invest in these rebate units for guaranteed high appreciation. ... (18/0) download
QPR '+' Fanchants & Football Songs 1.5 -  50% off SALE now on, we've listened to your reviews and slashed our prices in half. 21 QPR chants for just 1.19!This is the full monty, the whole collection, real chants by real fans. Use as your ringtone and get em roaring through yer speakers.... ... (0/0) download
QPR Fan Chants & Songs (free) 1.2 -  Real football chants, by real fans, to use as your ringtone or play through yer speakers.This App is FREE and can be upgraded - SALE now on! 50% off the complete - The No1 site for pro recorded & mastered football chants.... ... (0/0) download
QPR ProcessGuide Xpress 2012.1 -  QPR Process Xpress is a powerful, repository-based desktop Business Process Modeling and Analysis tool, aimed at business professionals that seek a powerful means for managing business process information without having to compromise on ease of use. ... (8/0) download
QPR ScoreCard 8.1 -  QPR Balanced Scorecard Solution offers rich strategy mapping, dashboarding, scorecarding, analysis and reporting functionality. It supports automated and manual data aggregation & entry, and offers powerful data consolidation functionality. ... (7/0) download
QPR, The Insider 1.0.0 -  The Inside'R' Magazine is the official digital magazine of Queens Park Rangers Football Club produced on a quarterly basis. Totally free of charge to all, this magazine goes behind the scenes the at the club, with exclusive content on the past ... ... (0/0) download
qpress 0.37 -  qpress is a portable file archiver using QuickLZ and designed to utilize fast storage systems to their max. It's often faster than file copy because the destination is smaller than the source. It supports:multiple cores, reaching upto 1. ... (4/0) download
QPrint 1.2 -  QPrint is a utility to print out hardcopies by a simple keystroke or mouseclick. In addition, it provides an easy and fast way to view the installed printers and to select and to modify the computers default printer. ... (4/0) download
QPS Assay Finder 1.0.0 -  QPS, Assays, Bioanalytical, Protein Assays, Genomic Assays, DDI Concomitant Assays, Generic, Toxicology, Translational Medicine ... (0/0) download
QPSMR Input 11.1 -  QPSMR Input is the complimentary data entry software, available for FREE download. It requires special “pre-defined questionnaire files” which can easily be generated from projects created with the QPSMR Insight or QPSMR CATI software. ... (7/0) download
QPSMR Insight 11.1 -  QPSMR Insight is the complete research and analysis program, suitable for all levels of user, who wish to process paper and CAPI surveys, quickly and efficiently. ... (4/0) download
QPSMR Reflect 9.2 -  QPSMR Reflect – for environmentally friendly end user analysis. QPSMR Reflect is the complimentary end user analysis software, available for FREE download. ... (3/0) download
Qpuncture 2.0 -  Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese method for treating different illnesses. This program is a comprehensive multimedia encyclopedia of acupuncture. ... (9/0) download
QQ Browser 1.3 -  Discover everything with more than 300,000,000 users! QQ Browser International is absolutely indispensable for your mobile phone!Highlights:-The FASTEST, SMARTEST and HEALTHIEST mobile browser to access thousands of hot sites! Hot videos, games, ... ... (1/0) download
QQ Email Builder 1.4 -  Introduction: The QQ is the most popular Instant message software in china and other Aisa area,You can use this software to build the QQ email addresses or the other IM email addresses to propagand your products or other information to ... (68/0) download
QQ Games 2.0 -  QQ Games is an online multiplayer games service, provided by Tencent America, where you can play all the games without paying any subscription. ... (5/0) download
QQ International 1.2 -  Have you heard of QQ, the flagship product from the world's third largest Internet company Tencent? It's been serving hundreds of millions of Chinese netizens since 1998. ... (6/0) download
QQ Piano - Cute Animals Sheet Music, Kids Can Follow To Play - Free 1.7 -  ***Top 100 Education More Than 68 stores***QQ Piano offers great fun that keeps your kids amused while learning to enjoy and explore music.QQ Piano is first have color patterns sheet music, kids can follow to play the piano music.Colorful 8-key ... ... (0/0) download
QQ Player 2012 3.6.883 -  QQ Player 2012 is a highly multimedia player for various audio and video formats swf, flv, wmv, mkv, vob, avi, mp4, ifo, wm, ts, rm, mov, rp, rt, qt, tp, rpm, wmp, pva, 3g2, pmp, 3gp, evo, mts, vp6, asf, bik, tpr, csf, pss, m4b, ram, m1v, scm, m4p, m ... (11/0) download