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Safe Ride 2.2 -  Safe Ride share ... (5/0) download
Safe Slide 1.1 -  ? Featured on Lifehacker & The Mac Observer? Download of the Day on GeekSugar & MobilediaSafe Slide is an essential app for today's iPhone users. You've probably built an extensive library of photos and videos but not all of it is for public ... ... (2/0) download
Safe Sober Prom Night 1.0 -  The Safe Sober Prom Night Program was founded in 1991 to encourage teens to stay safe and drug and alcohol free during Prom. Over 450 High Schools in North Carolina and South Carolina have participated in the program. Since its inception more ... ... (1/0) download
Safe Surfer 4.2 -  Safe Surfer is an award-winning tool for safe surfing in the Internet. Besides blocking annoying popup windows the software allow you to control the content of sites you visit and ensure confidential Web surfing. The software is featured by an easy ... (201/0) download
Safe Sushi 1.1 -  Application indicates mercury levels of various types of sushi. Choose from a list of sushi types at your next dining experience. ... (2/1) download
Safe Travel 1.1 -  If you are a person who loves high speeds and gets everyone worried about when travelling, then this is your lucky day! Because you can now get rid of all the people who nag you with questions like "Did you arrive, dear?", "Where are you darling?... ... (2/0) download
Safe Web for kids 1.4.5 -  Do you know what your children browse with your iOS device? Look at some stats: - 12% of Internet sites are of adult content. - 25% of all search engines requests are adult content oriented. - 34% of Internet users have experienced unwanted ... ... (4/0) download
Safe Whois Tool 1.0 -  Certainly every one have faced this problem that they searched a domain name and it was available however next time when you went, to your surprise that is taken exactly one or two days after you first searched. ... (5/0) download
Safe WinFile Ultimate Tech 2005 1.0 -  Safe WinFile Ultimate Tech 2005 is high level protection tool against viruses, trojan horses and spywares. It protects Windows directory files (.exe;.dll;.drv;.vxd;.com). ... (32/0) download
Safe, such clock like 1.0.1 -  Game application to learn how to read the analog clock.John in turn, challenge the safecrack!Key to solving the safe containing the treasure, is the clock.Let's solve to resemble a clock, the dial of the safe.It is a rare treasure in there if you ... ... (6/0) download
Safe-Fire EZ Flame Scanner 1.0 -  This App is the best source of information related to the Safe-Fire EZ-Flame Product. You can use the app to: Search EZ Flame Parts & Accessories Review product specifications, features, documents & photosRequest quotes & support Submit your ... ... (3/0) download
Safe-Guard Pasture Deworming Calculator 1.0 -  Good parasite control in cattle is the cornerstone of an effective animal health program. 90% 95% of the parasite population is found in the pasture and only 5%-10% of the parasite burden is in the animals at any given time. Properly timed ... ... (2/0) download
Safe365 Any Data Recovery Pro -  All-in-one Data Recovery Software Rescuing Your File Under Almost Any Condition. ... (54/0) download
Safe365 Digital Camera Photo Recovery -  Safe365 Digital Camera Photo Recovery can recover lost images, videos or music files from deleted, accidentally formatted or corrupted digital camera. ... (53/0) download
Safe365 External Hard Drive Data Recover -  Recover Accidentally Deleted Data from All External Hard Drive Brands ... (49/0) download
Safe365 Partition Recovery Wizard -  Recover Any Data from Lost, Deleted or Damaged Partitions by Accident, Fast, Easy and Reliable. ... (51/0) download
Safe365 Photo Recovery Wizard -  Recover Deleted, Formatted or Lost Photos, Videos & Audios from PC Hard Drive and Many Other External Storage Devices. ... (58/0) download
Safe365 SD Card Data Recovery Wizard -  Leading SD Memory Card Data Recovery Software Recovers Your Lost/Deleted Files ... (52/0) download
SafeAlert 1.0 -  Use this tool to stay safe and keep others informed in the case of unanticipated events. When you check in with Safe Alert, a notification email is automatically sent if you don't check out. ... (5/1) download
SafeBit Disk Encryption 1.7 -  SafeBit Disk Encryption is the perfect electronic vault you need for your privacy. It features on-the-fly AES encryption, by creating virtual encrypted disk drives, where you can hide files and folders, keep them encrypted all the time, but still ... (60/0) download
SafeBox Industry 1.0 -  SafeBox Industry is a new and powerfull file encryption solution. This application can also provide a strong protection, quite good compression, self-decrypting archives, good presentation (use skins form, splash screen). ... (22/0) download
SafeBreakers - Magic square - 1.00 -  SafeBreakers is a math puzzle game. When you find correct number, the safe door will be opened.There are 16 buttons on the safe box. These buttons are sequential number from 1 to 16. But some buttons are blank.You need to find which number is ... ... (1/0) download
SafeBrowse Lite 2.0 -  SafeBrowse is a simple application for the iPhone and iPod touch (and soon iPad) that enables you to browse the web with out leaving any history behind.With SafeBrowse you will not leave a trace of the websites you visited*Simple interface that ... ... (2/0) download
SafeBytes Anti-Malware 1.1 -  Safebytes is built on the best virus engine in the industry. Not only is the database of viruses and malware included in Safebytes second to none, but the virus engine itself is incredibly efficient and has performed superbly in laboratory tests. ... (152/3) download
Safecard - Your digital Wallet 1.0.9 -  Safecard is simply an innovative and secure way to archive and search your cards and sensitive data, like Credit Cards, Fidelty Cards, Passwords and Credentials. A PORTABLE STRONGBOX- Your cards are only saved locally on your device and not ... ... (7/0) download
SafeCars 1.0 -  The SafeCars App provides you with information about the safety ratings and fuel efficiency of a wide variety of vehicles. Check how safe your car is. ... (2/0) download
SafeCase PC 1.3 -  SafeCase manages in a secure way your sensitive personal data like credit card numbers, PINs, TANs, bank account access data, web site logins, passwords, transactions codes, images, and other sensitive information. ... (5/0) download
SafeCat for Mac OS 6.0 -  Can be used as pet medical record keeping software and/or used as cattery management software, but at its heart, it’s a guide to help you collect important information about your cat in order to keep him safe. ... (4/0) download
SafeCentral 3.0 -  SafeCentral is a security program that fights against identity theft. One of the drawbacks of living in a connected world is that your identity can be easily stolen. ... (5/0) download
SafeCheating 2.2.21 -  Playing online games (MMORPG) using cheats. Using SafeCheating, you will not be banned. ... (3/0) download
SafeClean 2.4.1 -  Delete your internet history files/caches. SafeClean quickly removes Internet history files and caches that can allow others to find out what you have been doing on the Internet, possibly revealing personal and potentially compromising information. ... (42/0) download
SafeClean Utilities v3.02 -  SafeClean Utilities is a set of utilities for removing unwanted files from your system, cleaning the Windows activity log, and managing the space on your hard drive. SafeClean Utilities consists of three programs in one. ... (43/0) download
SafeCopy Backup - 3GB Free Account 2.0 -  SafeCopy Backup is a leading online backup provider with an 11 language interface and customer base on every continent. ONLINE BACKUP - One account for your whole family of computers. SECURE ACCESS - Securely access your files from any browser. ... (6/0) download
SafeCopy Backup for Mac OS 1.0 -  Use a single account to backup all your Mac and Windows computers. SafeCopy Backup is offering our full featured service free for life in a 3GB account. Fast, secure and runs quietly in the background to keep your files safe. ... (4/0) download
SafeCopy Free! 1.0.1 -  SafeCopy Free - utility to copy files and keep date/time stamps SafeCopy Free - utility to copy files and keep date/time stamps ... (130/1) download
SafeCopy Free! 2.5 -  Freeware, portable utility to copy files and maintain / modify file date-time and attributes. You can keep or set new date-time to Created, Modified, Accessed date-time stamps. Can copy folder structure without files. Command line, drag&drop. ... (0/0) download
SafeCryptor 1.5 -  SafeCryptor is the encryption system where your own computer is your unique key. SafeCryptor lets you securely and quickly send all of your sensitive and personal information via e-mail or chat session to your partners, customers, friends or family. ... (6/0) download
SafeCycle 1.2 -  Safely ride with musicSafeCycle automatically raises and lowers the volume of your music so you can properly hear traffic around you.Incredibly customizableAre your headphones unusually quiet? Do you want to be able to hear more traffic even ... ... (1/0) download
SafeData Technology Suite 1.0 -  SafeData? Technology Suite 1.0 includes SafeFile?, SafeClean?, and SafeShred?. SafeData? Technology Suite 1.0 includes SafeFile?, SafeClean?, and SafeShred?. ... (34/0) download
SafeDee Password Safe - Desktop Edition 2.3.1 -  SafeDee is a Secure Data Manager, also known as a Password Safe or Password Keeper for storing sensitive data. Store and retrieve credit card numbers, passwords, pin numbers, or any other vital information knowing that it is securely encrypted. ... (18/0) download