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Taco HTML Edit for Mac OS 2.6.6 -  A full-featured HTML editor and PHP editor. As an HTML editor, Taco HTML Edit empowers its users to rapidly create their own web sites. ... (6/0) download
Taco System Analysis 1.1 -  Taco designed the System Analysis Tool to save you even more time by allowing you to compare different system configurations on the fly, in the design process. ... (2/0) download
Tactic Tanks Game 1.0 -  A tactic game with tanks. Click to choose which unit to launch. Take out the enemies and take over all of their buildings by standing on them until the blue bar fills up. ... (5/0) download
Tactical Display Icon Editor 1.0 -  The program allows you to position icons properly by either changing X/Y values through the textboxes or by draging the icons on the screen and offers something called Icon Linking which makes your life a lot easier. ... (2/0) download
Tactical Lines 1.0 -  Tactical Lines is a remake of the classic Lines arcade puzzle game. To make the game more fun we have included a special bonuses like 4 types of balls animation, Joker Ball, \\fork mode\\ and more! ... (15/0) download
TacticalSailing 6.0 -  TacticalSailing is a sailing Java game for windows. Headwinds, crosswinds, tailwinds, tacking, jibing, luffing, bearing, an interactive regatta simulation for playing and learning. ... (3/0) download
Tactile Interrogator -  Graphical command shell designed for power users. Tactile Interrogator is the first graphical command shell designed for power users. ... (13/0) download
Tactile12000 2.1 -  If you've ever wanted a digital DJ set up on your computer then Tactile12000, a 3D simulation program, is for you. ... (2/0) download
TActiveMovie 5.8 -  TActiveMovie Delphi / C++Builder VCL component gives you full control on the Microsoft Media Player from your project. You can adjust the volume, speed rate, etc. You can zoom in, zoom out, scroll, capture frames, display clips in fullscreen mode. ... (73/0) download
Tacx Diagnostic Tool 1.7 -  Tacx Diagnostic Tool is a handy tool to report a problem situation and send it directly to Tacx. This Diagnostic Tool can be used in the following situations: - The Tacx Trainer software freezes or crashes. ... (5/0) download
Tadawul FX MultiTrader 4.0 -  Trade Forex, commodities and CFDs with the world's most popular and user-friendly trading platform MetaTrader 4 (MT4). ... (5/0) download
Tadawul FX Trader 4.0 -  The TDFX Web Trader is fully integrated with our MT4 platform and allows you to access your trading account from any computer with an internet connection, allowing you to stay on top of market opportunities wherever you are and from any internet-enab ... (3/0) download
Taditor 1.42.1 -  Taditor is a general-purpose Unicode text editor with Hex edit mode. It allows users to edit text files build using uncommon, non-default code pages / charsets. ... (3/0) download
Tadpole Auction Watcher 1.0.3 -  Tadpole Auction Watcher allows you to watch selected auctions and receive alerts when there is a bid change or when the auction is near ending. You can also setup searches to automatically show the result when items you are interested in appear. ... (6/0) download
TAdvAlertWindow -  TAdvAlertWindow is a component which will help developers create alert messages easier. ... (2/0) download
TAdvEditBtn -  TAdvEditBtn is a component which helps developers to create buttons with extra capabilities. ... (2/0) download
TAdvGlowButton -  A component which allows developers to create stylish buttons. ... (3/0) download
TAdvNavBar -  TAdvNavBar is a component which will help developers create stylish applications while still retaining control over the appearance. Not only is this component VCL and VCL. ... (3/0) download
TAdvOfficeButtons -  TAdvOfficeButtons is a component which allows developers to create interesting buttons. ... (2/0) download
TAdvOfficePager -  AdvOfficePager is a component which allows developers create applications with page controls with smooth gradients and glow effects. ... (3/0) download
TAdvOfficeTabSet -  TAdvOfficeTabSet is a component which allows developers to create applications with office assembling tabs. ... (2/0) download
TAdvPanel & AdvPanelGroup -  TAdvPanel & TAdvPanelGroup are component which helps developers create interesting applications containing panels. ... (2/0) download
TAdvPicture -  TAdvPicture is an component which allows users rto control the images from their applications. ... (2/0) download
TAdvSmoothButton -  TAdvSmoothButton is designed to be an iPhone application button with rounded gradient. ... (2/0) download
TAdvSmoothCalendar -  AdvSmoothCalendar is a component which will help developers to create easier calendar applications. They will have an iPhone look and will be able to provide several functions. ... (2/0) download
TAdvSmoothCapacityBar -  TAdvSmoothCapacityBar is a reliable component designed to enable developers to create iTunes style capacity bars. ... (2/0) download
TAdvSmoothComboBox -  TAdvSmoothComboBox is a component which allows developers to create stylish comboboxes. They will have an iPhone look and will be able to accomodate several functions. ... (2/0) download
TAdvSmoothDock -  A handy VCL component that will add a smoothly animated dock bar to your designs. You will be able to give a nice look to your apps so try TAdvSmoothDock to see what it can actually do for you! ... (2/0) download
TAdvSmoothImageListBox -  TAdvSmoothImageListBox is a component which allows developers to create advanced image listboxes. ... (2/0) download
TAdvSmoothListBox -  TAdvSmoothListBox is a component which will help developers create advanced listboxes. The listboxes will have an iPhone look to them and will provide several functions. ... (2/0) download
TAdvSmoothMegaMenu -  Rich web-like mega menu component with support to add controls, tear-off, sections, hover items and much more. In addition, you will have the possibility to integrate GIF, PNG, JPG or BMP images. ... (2/0) download
TAdvSmoothMessageDialog -  This component includes an iPhone style semi transparent message dialog that includes sophisticated gradients. ... (2/0) download
TAdvSmoothPanel -  AdvSmoothPanel is a great component for developing sophisticated applications. ... (3/0) download
TAdvSmoothSlideShow -  TAdvSmoothSlideShow was designed to enable you to create slideshow with different animation modes from a simple right to left animation to a checkboard and spinning animation. ... (3/0) download
TAdvSmoothStepControl -  TAdvSmoothStepControl is a powerful and advanced control designed to signal processed, active and inactive steps in wizard-style user interfaces. ... (2/0) download
TAdvSmoothTrackbar -  TAdvSmoothTrackbar is a component which helps developers to create interesting trackbars. ... (2/0) download
TAdvStringGrid -  TAdvStringGrid, the high productivity & feature-packed grid control: flexible printing, enhanced display, easy navigation, flexible file input output, advanced edit controls, have graphics everywhere, 3rd party support, and more... ... (2/0) download
TAdvTouchKeyboard -  Configurable on-screen keyboard for touchscreen applications with support for QWERTY, AZERTY, DVORAK, NUMERIC, CELLPHONE keyboard layouts as well as fully customizable keyboard layouts. ... (7/0) download
TaekoPlan 2010 1.5 -  Taekoplan is a complete tool for the creation, planning and management of Taekwondo tournaments for both WTF and ITF. TaekoPlan actually is the first complete tournament organization package for Taekwondo. ... (3/0) download
Taekwindow 0.3.1 -  Taekwindow is a simple and lightweight program that allows you to manipulate floating windows in a way similar to many X11 window managers.Especially when you have a large screen, you're moving your mouse much more than you ought to. ... (2/0) download