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VBtransFORM v1.01 -  VBtransFORM converts Visual Basic's FRM forms into workable C++ code. ... (51/0) download
VBubbles 1.0 -  VBubbles offers user-friendly project versions management, visual tools for component changes overview and code history, compiled files log and code locking, development time tracking and other powerful productivity tools. It provides better ... (20/0) download
vBuilder X 1.1b -  Test your vocabulary skills. vBuilder tests your vocabulary skills. This program is perfect for learning vocabulary of a new language or for students who want to test their vocabulary skills. This program is great for SATs. ... (30/0) download
VBulletin Manager 1.5 -  # Supports 95% of VBulletin Boards.# Able to Add/Delete or import as many boards as you want.# Able to Send Replies to random topics to increase posts count. ... (6/0) download
vBulleTraffic Storm 1.2.2000 -  We have discovered that 'ethical' advertising on Forums and Social Networking websites is very effective, and can bring your business to success in simple and easy steps, this can be achieved through manual submissions i.e. ... (9/0) download
Vbuzzer Messenger 2.5 beta -  VBuzzer Messenger is an instant messaging application that integrates Internet Fax, SMS Mobile, VPN, and VoIP into one package. VBuzzer works with Yahoo! ... (11/0) download
VBVoice 7.0 -  Pronexus VBVoice™ Interactive Voice Response (IVR) software enables fast development of feature-rich inbound and outbound IVR solutions that cut costs, improve customer service and streamline internal processes. ... (3/0) download
VC Build Hook 4.0 -  VC Build Hook was developed in order to make it possible to use the current Visual Studio IDE for building ObjectARX applications that target any version of AutoCAD. ... (3/0) download
VC RamCleaner 1.1 -  VC RamCleaner is a free tiny tool that checks your system looking for memory chunks used up by applications that are no longer active. In seconds, VC RamCleaner will free up as many RAM as possible, boosting your system’s performance. ... (3/0) download
VC System Memory Monitor 1.0 -  VC System Memory Monitor is a tool that allows you to monitor how much memory you have installed and what amount of memory is available. ... (4/0) download
VC#.NET In Easy Steps 2.2 -  Watch and learn how to develop C#.NET applications. "VC#.NET In Easy Steps" is a set of C#.NET Tutorials which helps you to learn C# quickly, using real time short videos. Using this C#.NET Tutorials anybody who has knowledge in basic object oriente ... (8/0) download
VC++ In Easy Steps 2.2 -  Watch and learn how to develop VC++ applications. "VC++ In Easy Steps" is a set of VC++ Tutorials which helps you to learn VC++ quickly, using real time short videos. ... (2/0) download
VC4000 Reflash 1.0 -  VC4000 Reflash is an easy to use software tool with a friendly interface that helps you program your VC4000 firmware. The Reflash utility requires .NET 3.5 or above. Most systems already have it installed if automatic updates are turned on. ... (4/0) download
VCA Tracer 1.2 -  VCA Tracer is a piece of software that allows you to trace, and import traces to send to Shamir Online. The software should be installed on a PC with an attached frame tracing machine. ... (10/0) download
VCalc Travel Log v2.0 -  Allows you to record and analyze your traveling distances. The program includes event alerting, as well as font and color customization capabilities, and lets you manage up to seven drivers and/or driving purposes. ... (34/0) download
VCalc Vehicle Management v8.0 -  VCalc Vehicle Management records, calculates, and analyzes the cost and efficiency of your vehicles. ... (52/0) download
vCard Contacts Converter 2.7 -  vCard contacts converter tool that can simply convert vCard to Outlook contacts with few clicks. This vCard contacts converter provide whole result to convert entire fields from vCard to Outlook. ... (7/0) download
vCard Converter 5.7 -  Looking tool to import vCard into Outlook in fast process speed? vCard Converter tool is best tool 4 vCard to Outlook in sequence manner and do bulk conversion from vCard to Outlook. vCard Converter convert vCard contacts to Outlook and supports GUI. ... (7/0) download
vCard Converter for Outlook 3.7 -  Get the latest vCard Converter for Outlook & convert vCard contacts with photos. This Outlook vCard converter is intend to work on multiple vCard files for recovery of vCard contacts with all of it elements like: Name, Emails, Address & more. ... (6/0) download
vCard Converter for Outlook Express 1.11 -  Outlook Express and Windows Mail addon allows you to convert your contacts into the vCard format file. But you can convert only one contact at a time. ... (10/0) download
vCard Converter Free Trial 2.0 -  vCard converter free trial software can convert vCard free, you do not misinterpret that our vCard converter free trial version can perform the limited actions and will not convert vCard files free. ... (8/0) download
vCard Converter Freeware 3.7 -  Softspire vCard Converter OCo A application that really help people to save their own time. Through this vCard converter freeware tool, user can import several vCard file contacts into Outlook (PST) & Excel (XLS & CSV) format. ... (4/0) download
vCard Converter Plugin 3.7 -  There are too many problems with vCard users if they want to plugin their vCard contacts but they have no idea for plugin vCard contacts to Outlook. ... (4/0) download
vCard Converter Software 2.7 -  Excellent vCard converter software has proved to be the best option to convert vCard to Outlook contacts as well as Outlook to vCard file. The vCard to Outlook or Outlook to vCard converter can perform these two contact conversion fabulously. ... (0/0) download
vCard Converter Software 3.7 -  Outlook to vCard converter is powerful tool to convert Outlook to vCard contacts & convert vCard to Outlook contacts. This Outlook to vCard converter software hardly takes 2-3 steps to perform this task ... (8/0) download
vCard Converter Utility 2.7 -  vCard converter utility is now easy and simple with the help of vCard to Outlook converter tool. This vCard converter software can effectively convert Outlook contacts to vCard with full of perfection. ... (9/0) download
vCard Export from Outlook 2.0 -  PCVITA vCard Magic software present best utility to vCard export from Outlook, this software guaranteed to provide complete solution to vCard export from Outlook to one. ... (7/0) download
vCard Export to Outlook 2.0 -  vCard export to outlook software i.e. PCVITA vCard magic is so popular in online IT market due to his numerous advance features. Software supports bulk vCard export to Outlook 2010, 2003 and 2007. Get it and try now! ... (9/0) download
vCard Export Tool 3.0 -  Export Outlook Contacts PST file to vCard VCF file using vCard Exporter Tool. Convert MS Outlook Contacts to Windows Address Book WAB fileMS Excel. Software successfully converts outlook contacts to .vcf, .wab.xls in one go. ... (66/0) download
vCard Exporter 2.0 -  vCard exporter is advance utility of PCVITA lab, which easily converts your entire Outlook contacts into vCard file format. Software is easy to use which any technical and non technical user can perform. ... (9/0) download
vCard Exporter For Outlook 2.2 -  PCVITA vCard Magic software is one of advance vCard exporter for Outlook which helps to export vCard contacts to Outlook as yet import Outlook contacts to vCard into few easy clicks. ... (6/0) download
vCard Exporter Software 2.0 -  vCard exporter software is an advance utility which easily export Outlook contacts to vCard. Software has easy to use designs which any enterprise as yet home user can perform ... (5/0) download
vCard Extractor 2.2 -  vCard extractor software is the best process which makes possible to extract bulk contacts from Outlook to vCard file format. vCard extractor tool easily creates a single VCF files for entire contacts in Outlook PST file. ... (6/0) download
vCard Import 2.7 -  User can you also import multiple vCard to Outlook by configures (Microsoft) with one of the best PCVITA vCard Magic like vCard Import/export software allows the user to safely import vCard with batch contacts to Outlook in few mouse clicks. ... (0/0) download
vCard Import 3.9 -  vCard Import is a smart utility to import multiple vCards to Outlook, to import multiple vCards to Excel in easy steps. vCard Import is a single vCard Importing solution that provides option for both vCard import for Outlook as well as Excel. ... (13/0) download
vCard Import into iPhone 2.7 -  Import vCard into iPhone? This yearOCOs PCVITA Company provides the most reliable vCard import software is a 3rd party and GUI software which is the solution to complete import vCard into iPhone contacts. ... (7/0) download
vCard Import into Outlook 3.95 -  vCard import into Outlook tool is allows users to bulk import vCard into Outlook in single go as batch process. being a Windows based utility, the tool supports to do vCard import into Outlook in all Windows versions like- 98, 95, XP, Vista, 7. ... (3/0) download
vCard Import on iPhone 2.7 -  If you are not access on vCard contacts to iPhone, don’t worry; Try PST to VCF Conversion software and again confidence to vCard import on iPhone with every contacts folder at similar time. ... (8/0) download
vCard Import to Outlook Software 2.0 -  vCard import to outlook PST file in bulk and import the complete, consistent and intact information of contacts into Outlook with vCard import to Outlook software, creation of PCVITA and best available software tool in market. ... (13/0) download
vCard Import to XLS 3.7 -  Want an efficient tool to perform vCard import to XLS? Stop looking anywhere else and first try SoftSpireOCOs vCard Converter, that supports users to import vCard contacts to Outlook efficiently. ... (4/0) download