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Wallpaperio Zune HD Maker 3.00 -  Wallpaperio Zune HD Maker is a wallpaper maker that creates wallpapers from pictures and photos so you can personalize your Zune HD. ... (3/0) download
Wallpaperio Zune Maker 3.00 -  Wallpaperio Zune Maker is a wallpaper maker that creates wallpapers from pictures and photos so you can personalize your Zune. ... (2/0) download
WallPaperMaker 1.0 -  WallPaperMaker is a program that makes it very easy to create wallpapers that are great,but wallet Photo Screen Saver gives you a chance to see them all! ... (2/0) download
WallpaperMobile 3.0.15 -  WallpaperMobile will quickly crop all your images to the necessary size. ... (40/0) download
WallPaperPlus 4.2 -  Is your PC suffering from 'Dull Desktop? Then pump new life into your PC with WallPaper Plus desktop wallpaper changer! Make your Desktop Active... Simple to use. Easy to handle. This desktop wallpaper changer keeps your desktop in a steady state of ... (50/0) download
WallpaperQ 2.5 -  WallpaperQ (short for Wallpaper Queue), is an application which will change your Windows wallpaper at system startup or after a configurable timer interval. ... (3/0) download
WallpaperSpinner 2.0 -  WallpaperSpinner is a free automatic wallpaper changer. You don't have to settle for a boring desktop anymore. Watch your desktop come alive. WallpaperSpinner will take your favorite pictures that you choose and display them on your desktop. ... (63/0) download
WallpaperWarp 1.00 -  WallpaperWarp 1.0 is a desktop wallpaper changer for Windows based operating systems. WW allows you to select a folder of images that you would like to be displayed as wallpaper and schedule them to change at predefined intervals. Features of ... (27/0) download
WallpaperXe 1.2 -  Wallpaper Xe is a utility designed to offer you total and complete control over your desktop wallpapers. Features: Active Desktop, 30 Graphics formats, Timer, transparent background for icons text, customizable hotkeys, multilingual. Free download. ... (15/0) download
WallPerformer 2.1 -  WallPerformer(TM) is a software that allows you get an illiimited number of pictures from Internet and cycle them as wallpaper on your Windows Desktop in a snap. You can choose when to change the wallpaper but also how. ... (2/0) download
Wallperizer 1.2 -  Wallperizer is a desktop wallpaper changer. Once you install it, the program only asks you one directory from where to use pictures as desktop wallpaper. After this, the program will be accessible from the system tray menu. ... (1/0) download
WallRand v2.0 -  WallRand is a desktop background randomizer. WallRand can process BMP files and collections which can be randomized at Windows Startup or at a specified time interval, and includes a file history function. ... (32/0) download
Walls Logic 1.1 -  In this game there will be a grid of spaces and some numbered pillars at the corners of the spaces. Your job is to fill up all the spaces with diagonal walls. ... (10/0) download
Wallsaver for Mac OS 2.5.3 -  Key features of Wallsaver:- Wallsaver doesnt have to be running 24/7. You can launch Wallsaver, activate your screen saver, and then quit the program. Restoring your desktop is just as easy. Launch Wallsaver, click a€sRestorea€t, and youre set. ... (3/0) download
WallShow v1.35 -  Display a series of JPG, PNG, BMP, or PCX images as your wallpaper at intervals that you specify. WallShow is a wallpaper slideshow utility. Its main dialog window allows you to control the frequency at which each image changes. ... (28/0) download
WallStreet_Forex_Robot 1 -  WallStreet Forex Robot is based on the probably best time-proven trading method: low-risk scalping following short and medium-term trends. This method has proven it worths ever since forex has been traded online. ... (9/0) download
Wallswapper v2.01 -  Wallswapper is a quick and easy way to preview and set your Windows 95 wallpaper. Browse through your wallpaper directories and see the wallpaper updated almost instantly, then hit Enter to keep or Escape to cancel. ... (27/0) download
WallSwitcher 1.32 -  WallSwitcher is a versatile Windows wallpaper management utility. It enhances your Windows desktop with images and photos from your own collection, and provides a wide variety of processing options. ... (24/0) download
WallUp 2.10 -  A wallpaper manager with a screen saver for your Windows desktop that uses images you select and changes them on a schedule of your ... (16/0) download
WallView 1.0 -  WallView it is mainly a very small bug-fix release that allowed to build things in visual studio and creating installation files. ... (2/0) download
WallWatcher 3.3 -  WallWatcher collects displays and analyzes log information from more than 135 Routers and firewalls made by: 2Wire, 3Com, Actiontec, Adtran, Airlink, Asante, Astaro, Asus, Bewan, Billion, Bintec, Buffalo, Checkpoint, Cisco, Cyberguard, D-Link, Drayte ... (2/0) download
WallZilla 1.0 -  WallZilla brings your desktop background to life by switching background images on demand. Escape the dull, boring windows backgrounds by making lists of backgrounds you like to see. Be inspired not bored each time you see your desktop. ... (508/0) download
Walmart for Lightroom 1.4 -  Walmart for Lightroom (Canada) is a handy and reliable graphic plugin designed to enable you to quickly send your pictures to the Walmart Digital Photo Service. ... (9/0) download
Walnut 1.0.255 -  Walnut is an OpenSource framework for the development of neural network simulations by both beginners and experts. It is a system that is extensible with new paradigms. ... (4/0) download
Walsh's Classroom Sociometrics 1.0 -  Walsh's Classroom Sociometrics is a computer program that makes nomination sociometrics take minutes of your time rather than hours. ... (2/0) download
Waltz Paper v1.02 -  Waltz Paper is a cool wallpaper randomizer which includes support for Internet Explorer's toolbar. ... (40/0) download
Walyk Wallpaper Changer 1.6 -  Walyk Wallpaper Changer is a freeware application for Windows to manage your Wallpaper collections. These are some great features included in this version: -Calendar themes (supporting transparencies and alpha channel for PNG-8 and PNG-24 images). ... (2/0) download
Wambt 24.7 -  WAMBT provides Desktop based and Web based interfaces. Customer Service Agents can use it to see the list of visitors currently browsing the web site. They can also chat with multiple visitors at any given point of time. ... (6/0) download
Wammu 0.29 -  Wammu is a mobile phone manager that uses Gammu as its backend. It works with any phone that Gammu supports, including many models from Nokia, Siemens, Sony-Ericsson and Alcatel. It supports contacts, todo, messages and calendar. ... (114/0) download
WAmp Lines 1.0 -  Nice logic game, supporting WinAmp skins This game is a new version of a very popular logic game Lines. It supports skins of a widely known MP3-Player WinAmp. ... (19/0) download
WAmp Sapper 1.0 -  Remake of the classical game Minesweaper Game represents the new version of popular game. The basic feature is the opportunity to use a skin of widely known MP3-player WinAmp.The main objective has remained former - to clear of mines a game field. ... (15/0) download
WAMP5 1.7 -  WAMP5 is a software package installer for Windows. It installs a complete WAMP solution on your computer to help users in developing and using PHP projects on their local computer. WAMP stands for: Windows - Apache - MySQL- PHP5. ... (3/0) download
Wampes -  net/nos port to several flavors of Unix Wampes is a port of net/nos and runs on several unix operating systems. ... (22/0) download
WampServer 2.2a 1.0 -  WampServer is a Windows web development environment. It allows you to create web applications with Apache, PHP and the MySQL database. It also comes with PHPMyAdmin to easily manage your databases. ... (2/0) download
WampServer 64-bit 2.2a 1.0 -  WampServer is a Windows web development environment. It allows you to create web applications with Apache, PHP and the MySQL database. It also comes with PHPMyAdmin to easily manage your databases. ... (3/0) download
WAN Emulator 2.1 -  This product, in conjunction with the best load testing tools, such as LoadRunner® (Hewlett-Packard, former Mercury Interactive) or Application Stress Test Tool ® (Microsoft) will give you end-user eye view of the application performance and will hel ... (3/0) download
Wan Ip Logger 1.1 -  WAN IP Logger is a free utility that checks and stores in a file your wan ip. You need a server that gives to you your wan ip. By default and www.formyip. ... (3/0) download
Wanderer of Absu v1.8 -  Wanderer of Absu is a 3D role playing game where your quest is a journey through the world of Absu. You will need to solve a variety of puzzles along your way. ... (55/0) download
Wandering Hamster 20060315 tirgoviste -  Lord Hasim has been overthrown, plips run rampant, and a menacing evil lurks in the shadows... or is it a cactus? What hamster is spiffy enough to save the world? Bob! ... (37/0) download
Wandering IPs 1.5.7 -  You think you're safe with all these firewall, antivirus, antispyware, antiwhatever things installed? Wouldn't it be clever to know what is going on under the hood? To keep an eye on your internet connections? ... (2/0) download