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x360soft - Multi-page Tiff Viewer ActiveX SDK 2.80 -  X360 Multi-page Tiff Viewer ActiveX Control helps application developers and programmers create applications with multi-page TIFF images viewing capabilities. Also, it helps you to get the embed TIFF tag from the images. ... (7/0) download
x360soft - Multiple Video Player ActiveX SDK 2.80 -  X360 Multiple Video Player ActiveX Control helps application developers to control multiple video files playback simultaneously. ... (8/0) download
x360soft - Outlook Express ActiveX SDK 2.62 -  X360 Outlook Express ActiveX Control helps application developers to create applications with Outlook Express and Window Address Book operation capabilities. ... (7/0) download
x360soft - PPT Converter ActiveX SDK 2.70 -  X360 PowerPoint Converter ActiveX Control helps application developers to create applications with PowerPoint converter capabilities. You can convert your PowerPoint file to different image file formats. ... (9/0) download
x360soft - Tiff to Pdf Converter 2.84 -  X360 Tiff to Pdf Converter is a simple and powerful image tool with an user-friendly and drag & drop interface helps you to convert TIFF or multi-page TIFF image into PDF document easily. ... (6/0) download
x360soft - Tiff to Pdf Image ActiveX SDK 2.70 -  X360 Tiff to Pdf Image ActiveX OCX help you to convert TIFF Group Images into a PDF document. It supports Compressed, Group3, Group4, PackBits, Run Length Encoded, Color, Gray scale, 8 bit, 16 bit, 32 bit, and many more Tiff image formats. ... (8/0) download
x360soft - Video Converter ActiveX SDK 3.70 -  X360 Video to Avi Converter ActiveX Control helps programmers to playback, split, merge, convert and compress all popular video formats ( 3GP, ASF, DAT (VCD), MOV, MPEG-1, MPEG-2,H. ... (7/0) download
x360soft - Video Player ActiveX SDK 2.30 -  X360 Video Player ActiveX SDK helps application developers to fully control the audio and video stream. You can drawing an overlay bitmap and text over the video. Also capture current image from the video. ... (58/0) download
x360soft - Video Player Lite ActiveX SDK 2.10 -  X360 Video Player Lite ActiveX Control helps application developers to fully control the audio and video stream. Play, pause, resume, stop, loop the stream. Flip and mirror the videos. Control the playback rate and adjust the volume and balance. ... (61/0) download
x360soft Tiff to Pdf Image ActiveX SDK 2.08 -  X360 Tiff to Pdf Image ActiveX OCX help you to convert TIFF Group Images into a PDF document. It supports Compressed, Group3, Group4, PackBits, Run Length Encoded, Color, Gray scale, 8 bit, 16 bit, 32 bit, and many more Tiff image formats. ... (36/0) download
X3: Reunion for Mac OS 280707 -  The Sequel to the award winning X2: The Threat will introduce a new 3D engine as well as a new story, new ships and a new gameplay to greatly increase the variety in the X-universe. ... (8/0) download
X3app 2.8 -  With X3app for Sage ERP X3, you can view all your business information in real-time, like customers id, addresses, contacts, due documents, and sales stats by customer and company. Follow the progress of your business, with this application ... ... (7/0) download
x3c 1.1.4 -  x3c is designed as a plugin-framework that uses C++ (Linux GCC, MSVC++, MinGW GCC) and STLThis framework has many frequently-used and lightweight plugins. x3c can be used to easily develop plugins and applications for multiple platforms. ... (5/0) download
X3D Editor 3.2 -  X3D-Edit is a graphics file editor for Extensible 3D (X3D) that enables simple error-free editing, authoring and validation of X3D or VRML scene-graph files. Context-sensitive tooltips provide concise summaries of each VRML node and attribute. ... (5/0) download
X3DPlayer for iPad 1.0 -  X3DPlayer is a powerful and Easy-to-Use player. Support almost all video formats, support 3D format video. Playback window can also be 3D rotated. All formats are supported GPU decode acceleration, H.264 format is supported hardware decode ... ... (8/0) download
X3DReader 1.5 -  X3DReader is a professional and very powerful E-book reading software. Support almost all of the e-book format,you can reading in full 3D state. With powerful management capabilities, you can create any number of bookshelves, and encrypt your ... ... (8/0) download
X3F2TIFF 1.0 -  X3F2TIFF allows you to convert X3F files from SIGMA DP1 / DP1s / DP1x / DP2 / DP2s / DP2x cameras into TIFF. You need FlashAir or similar devices to download X3F files in Safari.If the TIFF data after conversion is too dark, try changing the max ... ... (6/0) download
X3TC Bonus Package 4.1 -  The Bonus Package consists of a selection of scripts written by player community members. Egosoft has selected them as extensions that fit well into, and do not destroy the balance, of the game. ... (6/0) download
X3watch 5.0 -  X3watch is an accountability software program helping with online integrity. Whenever you browse the Internet and access a site, which may contain questionable material, the program will record the site name, time, and date the site was visited. ... (7/0) download
x48 for OSX 1.2 -  HP48 calculator emulator. x48 is an HP48 calculator emulator. ... (31/0) download
X509 Certificate Generator 2.1 -  The X.509 Certificate Generator is a multi purpose certificate utility. Preview certificates or change key usage extensions. Certificates provide the foundation of a public key infrastructure (PKI). ... (9/0) download
x64 Components Addon 3.3.8 -  Do you want to watch your favorite video in MediaCenter? These components have been tested on Vista Ultimate x64 Edition. 2 versions of Windows Media Player exist in x64 Vista. ... (9/0) download
X9 Qualifier 2.2 -  X9 Qualifier is a Windows .NET-based application which tests, reports and corrects check image and MICR issues in Image Cash Letter (ICL/X9.37) files. X9. ... (6/0) download
X9Assist R 1.11 -  X9Assist is an x9.37 / x9.100-187 file browser and tool kit that gives you visibility into every x9 record, every x9 field, every x9 defined edit, every tiff image, and every tiff tag within an x9 file. ... (6/0) download
x9Viewer 3.1 -  The X9 Viewer is a .NET program to view, validate and edit the contents of X9, ICLs, Image Cash Letter Files, to the X9.37 DSTU-2003 and the X9.100-180 ANSI Standards. ... (6/0) download
XA Mobile Pro 1.6 -  Application allows financial institutions to collect applicant data remotely. ... (4/0) download
XA1p 1.2 -  The best just got better,XA1p, the iPad version of the best audio realtime spectrum analyzer for the iPhone and iPod Touch.XA1 is made to give realtime feedback of the audio spectrum,so when mixing or doing other audio related work,XA1 will help ... ... (4/0) download
Xabr 9.0.2 -  XabrXabr is a cross-platform mobile extension to Cisco's suite of Unified Communications and Collaboration products. Cisco Jabber, CallManager, and TelePresence users can participate in IM, Audio, Video, and Collaboration sessions on mobile ... ... (3/0) download
XAcars for Microsoft Flightsimulator 2.5 -  This archive contains all files necessary for XAcars for Microsoft Flightsimulator. For further installation instructions read the included readme file or the documentation here on this website. ... (5/0) download
XACML3 0.1 -  XACML3 is a project that was designed in order to implement the third version of the eXtensible Access Control Markup Language or XACML for short with Java.The project will not be compatible with XACML 1.0 and 2.0 before until version 3. ... (4/0) download
Xactly Express 2.6 -  Track your sales goals, commission, payout and more while on the go with Xactly Express for iOS!If your company uses Xactly Express to get error-free commission calculations then this free app can help you monitor your performance.With the ... ... (8/0) download
Xacursor -  Set an animated cursor in a window ... (11/0) download
Xacus Lookbook Catalogue and Order Entry 3.7 -  App per la gestione della rete agenti del marchio Xacus con visualizzazione del lookbook della collezione, del catalogo, acquisizione ordini e manutenzione clientiAPP per gli operatori del fashion industry - sales dept, agenti e showroom per ... ... (3/0) download
Xadrez Brasil 1.1 -  Jogo de Xadrez para jogar entre duas pessoas. Pode ser no mesmo iPhone/ipod ou em dois dispositivos diferentes usando a Internet. Se voc tiver um iPad com a verso Xadrez Brasil HD poder jogar contra um usurio com iPod ou iPhone utilizando esta ... ... (6/0) download
Xaes 1.0 -  Advanced Encryption Standard implemented in Cocoa. Xaes is a Cocoa implementation of the Advanced Encryption Standard, the API used is Dr. Brian Gladman's C implementation of the Rijndael algorithm. ... (13/0) download
xAFP 0.4 -  Menubar item monitors AFP shares. Actively monitor Apple File Sharing to your OS X machine by means of the Status Bar. Drop down menu displays current connection information. NOTE: To monitor AFP Shares, the AFP activity log MUST be enabled!! ... (17/0) download
Xailer 2.4 -  The personal edition has all you need to start to program with Xailer: - RAD tool (or IDE) to manage proyects, design forms and edit source code. - Libraries and any other necessary file to use Xailer. - Documentacion. ... (5/0) download
XAimer 4.2 -  The unbeatable Yahoo Pool Aimer! Use XAimer to dominate Yahoo Pool. An awesome small tool perfect for Pool enthusiasts. Amaze your opponents with your skill and unbeatable accuracy. Win tournaments, collect prizes, be the envy of every league. ... (3/0) download
XAircraft Center 1.7 -  XAircraft Center is a new configuration software for multicopter products that based on XAircraft Flight Controller.The XAircraft Center is more intuitive than before, easier to use. In RC section, you can config and check the inputs from receiver. ... (7/0) download
Xakep CD DataSaver 6.0 -  As soon as we need some software in the first place we look for it on a disc from the Xakep magazine and when such discs accumulated about 10 or more search programs is a difficult. ... (0/0) download