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C2GMD5 v1.0 -  C2GMD5 contains methods for obtaining an MD5 from a string or file. C2GMD5 also obtains checksums and CRCs from files. This component is derived from the RSA Data Security, Inc. MD5A Message-Digest Algorithm.You may also use this component for storing passwords instead of plain text strings.


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C2GXOR v1.0 -  C2GXOR provides basic stream encryption. The algorithm is small and is appropriate for applications that require some basic encryption. (60/0) download
C2GDiskInfo v1.0 -  C2GDiskInfo contains properties which provide information about a disk. C2GDiskInfo can provide information such as serial number, total and free disk space, compression, and more. (55/0) download
C2GUtils v1.0 -  Allows you to manipulate files and detect signatures. C2GUtils contains a series of file manipulation methods such as move, rename, and delete. C2GUtils also detects if a Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel document contains macros. (45/0) download