Pink Panther Screen Saver v4.00 -  Pink Panther Screen Saver is an animated screen saver featuring the Pink Panther. Watch as the Pink Panther struts his way across your screen with that crazy inspector right on his tail.Options let you control the speed of the screen saver and add password protection.


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Tropical Aquarium Screen Saver v4.00 -  Tropical Aquarium Screen Saver displays colorful, animated fish on your desktop. Angel Fish, Guppies, Sea Horses, and many other tropical fish swim their way around your screen in this high animation screen saver. Complete with a coral reef and bubbles, this screen saver is ideal for anyone looking to relax their nerves after a hard day. (83/0) download
Grateful Dead's Dancin' Bear Screen Saver v4.00 -  Grateful Dead's Dancin' Bear Screen Saver displays a happy teddy bear marching across your desktop. It features an option to control the speed of the bear, and password protection. (126/0) download
Tazmanian Devil Screen Saver v3.00 -  Tazmanian Devil Screen Saver features that crazy Looney Tunes star, the Tazmanian Devil, in a variety of different situations. Now you don't have to wait until Saturday morning to see your favorite cartoon character in action. You'll see Taz peep his head from all corners of your screen, spin his way across your monitor, collide with the... (140/0) download