Published by Progency Software
DLL Demon v1.0 -  DLL Demon is a full-featured module and window spy utility. DLL Demon lists all running processes and modules on your system. It allows you to hide/show or enable/disable any process, track the window's message stream, and change the running priority of a process. DLL Demon can completely unload any module from any process, or decrement the...


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Peep Show v1.0 -  Peep Show is a fun mouse utility that lets you "punch a hole"\; in any Window. Peep Show lets you punch holes in any window, giving you easy access to the window behind it or to the Windows Desktop. Other features include easy document scrolling (which is ideal for the Web) and the ability to turn any application's main menu into a... (40/0) download
Peep Show Lite v1.0 -  Allows you to cut "holes"\; in any window currently open on your desktop. With Peep Show Lite running, you can click the left and right mouse buttons at the same time over any window, begin dragging out a shape, release the buttons, and a hole is created which you can see and click right through. You can create different shaped holes,... (65/0) download