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Oilcap Pro v2.0c -  Oilcap Pro is a strategy game in which you try to keep the oil flowing for as long as possible by placing down pipe links to direct the flow. Quick thinking and fast reflexes are required to stay ahead of the onrushing oil. Gain extra points for using crosslinks to create loops, and for directing the oil into oilrigs, oil holes, rotating grids,...


(124/0) download
Bolo Adventures III v2.1 -  Bolo Adventures III is the third episode in the Bolo series of mind-boggling strategy games. Help Mr. Bolo get out of 15 rooms of challenging puzzles. Each room is filled with balls, boxes, holes, water, lasers, buttons, stairs, invisible grills, and more. (195/0) download
Wall Pipe v2.2 -  Wall Pipe is the sequel to Soleau Softwarels popular game "Oilcap". Race against the clock as you try to place down pipes in an effort to keep the water flowing as long as possible. Gain extra points for connecting tubs, sinks and more. A fast pace as well as a lot of strategy and planning are needed to reach the higher levels. Many... (626/0) download
Spider Run v2.1 -  Spider Run is the sequel to Soleau Software's popular game "Ant Run". This time you rotate the web strands to keep your spider moving as long as possible. Grab stray flies that get caught in the web for extra points as you try to reach the top ten high scores. Also includes educational spiders facts. (57/0) download
Frog Hop v1.1 -  will have you on the edge of your seat as you try to keep your frog jumping from one lily pad to the other. You rotate the floating lily pads by clicking on them with your mouse to direct the frog across the pond. Gain extra points if your frog can reach special bonus pads and catch stray insects that fly onto the game board. Strategic planning... (77/0) download
Ant Run v3.0 -  Ant Run is a strategy arcade game in which you race against the clock and use your mouse to rotate tunnels for the ant to run through. Quick thinking is required to keep the ant from scurrying through the ant hill passageways. Gain extra points for bonus tunnels in your quest for the Top Ten Scores. Filled with educational ant facts and packed... (114/0) download
Beetle Run v2.1b -  Beetle Run is an arcade game in which you race against the clock as you rotate paths for the beetle to run across. Quick thinking and fast reflexes are required to keep the beetle scurrying across the leaf board. Gain extra points for bonus grids and other items as you try for the Top Ten High Scores. Features sound card support, beautiful... (99/0) download
Ant Run Pro v1.0 -  Ant Run Pro is a fast-paced, arcade-like game where your goal is to keep an ant running through multiple ant tunnels. You only have eight seconds before the ant emerges from the starting hole and begins racing through the tunnels. Your goal is to select differently-shaped passageways, connect them, and keep one step ahead of the ant so that it... (96/0) download
Taxi Run v1.0 -  has you picking up and dropping off passengers while racing against the clock in this fun arcade game. The strategy is to keep your taxi on the move by rotating road sections with the click of your mouse. (38/0) download
Squark v1.3b -  Squark is a fast-paced arcade game in which you try to guide your marble through a maze in your quest to capture all the square grids. If you can travel all 4 sides of a square, then it will be removed from the game board. Watch out for the devilish green marbles that try to stop you at every turn. As the levels get higher, the action increases.... (33/0) download
Flaps v1.2b -  Flaps is a challenging and fast-paced arcade marble game in which you use flaps to guide the falling marbles into their proper slots at the bottom of the game board. With only a limited set of marbles to complete the task, your quest to complete each level becomes one of strategy and quick reflexes. Features a host of options and offers 25... (28/0) download
NumZum v1.0b -  NumZum is a pure strategy board game. The objective is to remove game pieces with values ranging from 15 to -9. You can only select a game piece that is in the highlighted row or column. You need to use careful planning and strategy to have the most points at the end of the game. NumZum features a high score list and sound effects. (22/0) download
Loader Larry v1.2 -  needs you to solve the 40 mind-bending puzzle rooms, and help Larry fulfill his dreams. Each room has objects like boxes, balloons, TNT and much more. Use these objects and avoid others, to reach the door in each room to complete a level. (112/0) download
Desk Drop v1.0c -  Desk Drop is a fast-paced arcade game in which you try to match up three similar tiles by moving and rotating them as they drop from the top of the game board. This game is similar to the classic game of Tetris but adds new twists. You'll need both quick thinking and strategy to get your name on the top ten scoreboard. All ages will enjoy this... (21/0) download
Diaggle v1.1b -  Diaggle is a variation of the classic game of Tetris, but it is played with multi-colored triangles that fall from the top of the game board and bounce off the side walls and the other placed triangles. You must try to control the placement of the falling triangles into a yellow pyramid grid at the bottom of the game board. Fill any of the eight... (27/0) download
Bingo Buddies v1.1 -  Allows you to play Bingo on your computer. Your objective is to first play against your three "Bingo Buddies"\; in order to accumulate some cash for your bankroll in order to play in other locations. These other locations include a church, cruise ship and Las Vegas. You can buy your cards, choose your game and have the computer call the... (29/0) download
Numlo v1.0 -  Numlo is a twist on the classic game of "Othello"\; (tm). Instead of 1 opponent, you now play against 2. The expanded 12x12 grid also contains varying point values which add to your score. Any accomplished Othello player will have to learn new strategies in this challenging and unique puzzle game. Packed with features and multiple... (102/0) download
Mice Maze v1.2 -  Mice Maze is a challenging adventure arcade game where the objective is to find and rescue your friend the red mouse located in a maze of 36 tunnel rooms. Grab cheese for strength, TNT to blast through walls and more in your quest to save your friend. No two games are ever the same. (531/0) download
Ladder Man I and II v1.0 -  Ladder Man I and II is a fun-filled, mind-bending game of logic, strategy, and problem solving. Each room is filled with a maze of obstacles that you use to create your own escape. Push and position balls, avoid water hazards, and escape fires and other obstacles, as you use your ladder to climb up and out of each room. Includes 60 floors of... (259/0) download
Crate Man v1.1c -  Crate Man is a logic and strategy puzzle-solving game. Fifty red crates containing the lost treasures of King Kalaporus have been discovered in the warehouses of B.B. Billings and Sons. A worker named Curtis the Crate Man must reach the red crates in each puzzle room. Using ingenuity and problem solving skills, you must help Curtis recover all... (44/0) download