Published by Warner Bros.
The Iron Giant Screen Saver v2.0 -  The Iron Giant Screen Saver displays images from the animated movie "The Iron Giant". The screen saver displays ten images as a slideshow.


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Deep Blue Sea Screen Saver v1.0 -  Deep Blue Sea Screen Saver is the official screen saver for the movie "Deep Blue Sea". The screen saver displays the changing brain scan image of a biologically altered shark. (68/0) download
Wild Wild West Screen Saver v1.5 -  Wild Wild West Screen Saver displays posters for the movie "Wild Wild West"\; starring Will Smith and Kevin Kline. The screen saver displays four posters as a slideshow. (24/0) download
Matrix Screen Saver (by Warner Bros.) v3.3 -  Matrix Screen Saver (by Warner Bros.) is the official screen saver for the science-fiction movie "The Matrix". Watch as animated computer code races across your screen in all directions. (42/0) download