Audio File Players
Name Date added Downloads License Author
Abyssal Metal Player

Metal Player has basic multimedia player functions, and some new functions that will enjoy you. Simple and easy to use, Metal Player requirements are very low and it can be installed on any Windows version. ... (for Windows, Windows 7)

2013-03-12 40 Freeware AbyssalSoft

GUZLE turns the PC into a jukebox. Thanks Kiosk mode allows access to other programs and system settings to prevent this. GUZLE is basically an MP3 player with a touch-screen interface. ... (for Windows)

2013-03-11 3 Shareware GUZLE
MakeitOne Media Player 2.0 beta

The MakeitOne Media Player is a fully featured DirectShow based media player capable of playing MP3, WMA and even AVI, MPG, M3U Playlists. MP3 Album Maker is written in C# and requires the DotNet Framework. ... (for Windows)

2013-03-11 10 Freeware MakeitOne
Radio Eyes 1.3

There are dozens of good sky viewing programs for optical enthusiasts, but until now there has been a lack of modern sky viewing software for radio astronomy enthusiasts. ... (for Windows)

2013-03-11 12 Shareware Radio-Sky Publishing MIDI File Player 201.02's MIDI file player is a free utility that plays standard MIDI files through the MIDI port or device you select. Open a MIDI file, select the output of your choice, and use Play, Pause, Rewind and Loop to control the playback of your file. ... (for Windows)

2013-03-11 9 Freeware
Chameleon Volume Pro

Chameleon Volume Pro synchronizes the work between media players and Skype and also controls the volume. Doesn't it annoy you when you receive a call via Skype while you are listening to music and you have to find and stop the player? ... (for Windows)

2013-03-11 11 Shareware Evgeni Shmakov
NecastXpress 1.0

NetcastXpress makes it easy to listen to netcasts on your Nokia mobile phone. Just select the netcasts that you want to listen to and NetcastXpress will automatically check for and download the latest program episodes. ... (for Windows)

2013-03-10 11 Shareware Manly Cove Trading
Jaksta Media Player 1.1

Find, download and convert music, video and radio from your favorite Web sites. The application supports all common formats including FLV, RTMP, RTMPE, RTSP, ICY, WMV, ASF, MP3 and MP4. Support Highspeed HTTP downloading at upto 10x normal speed. ... (for Windows)

2013-03-10 16 Shareware Jaksta Technologies
Frieve Music Studio Independence 1.2

Music Studio Independence is integrated music software for all musicians! Music Studio Independence has a great number of functions for every music scene, such as composition, arrangement, recording, mixing and mastering. ... (for Windows)

2013-03-09 11 Shareware Frieve
Blackberry Auto Playlist Creator 1.0

is also capable of automatically transferring new music folders to your device. ... (for Windows)

2013-03-09 11 Shareware RinjaniSoft
Azam Message Player 3.0

Azam Message Player supports audio recording onto a PC of phone calls, meetings, diaries and voice emails. Also the program enables to store, manage, index and email (in whole or in part) the above audio recordings. ... (for Windows)

2013-03-08 15 Shareware Azam International Technologies Limited
MP3EmSee 2.3

Imagine that you downloaded megabytes of new music from the web and want to listen to it. You open your player, press start and sit in your comfortable armchair enjoying song after song. ... (for Windows)

2013-03-08 8 Freeware Helmsman, Inc.
Sonata Music Server 16.0

Designed for music lovers with little computer skills, the new SONATA Music Server from DigiBit is a sophisticated software specially designed to handle classical music (and any other genre). ... (for Windows)

2013-03-08 8 Shareware J. River, Inc.
Spotify for Linux Preview

What is Spotify? A world of music. Millions of songs on your computer, on your mobile and available offline. Brought to you ad free. Spotify is a new way to enjoy music. ... (for Linux)

2013-03-08 7 Freeware Spotify
SPL Free Ranger 1.3

An EQ processing straightly reveals the sound quality of a software – probably better than any other processing tool. Therefore, the Free Ranger ideally demonstrates the amazing qualities of the Analog Code plug-ins. ... (for Windows)

2013-03-07 10 Freeware SPL