PIMS & Calendars
Name Date added Downloads License Author
TrayDay 7.10

TrayDay: today's date at a glance, in the Windows tray, with handy popup calendar. Can show week numbers to ISO (or your own) standard. A double-click types the date in the format of your choice. Julian Day and Internet Time features. ... (for Windows)

2015-07-30 45 Shareware MJMSoft Design Ltd.
Restaurant Scheduling Software for Mac 3.1

The Restaurant Scheduling Software is designed to be used on Mac (OS X) delivering easy management and efficiency through its use in your restaurant, café, pizza parlor, night club, party hall, conference hall or bar businesses. ... (for Mac)

2015-07-29 6 Commercial OrgBusiness Software
Repair Shop Software for Mac 3.1

Repair Shop Software is a very useful, efficiency inducing program for all repair related services of any kind (MAC). ... (for Mac)

2015-07-28 6 Commercial OrgBusiness Software
Rental Software for Mac 3.1

Rental Software designed to be used on Mac (OS X) is centered towards all businesses of any size that operate in the rental market. ... (for Mac)

2015-07-23 7 Commercial OrgBusiness Software
Salon Software for Mac 3.1

Salon Software for Mac is a program designed specifically to be used on Mac (OS X) serving as a management efficiency partner to all kinds of salons. ... (for Mac)

2015-07-22 5 Commercial OrgBusiness Software
Courier Software for Mac 3.1

Courier Software is an efficiency inducing management software designed to be used on Mac (OS X). This software can be easily used by any service that includes delivery as part of its operational services. ... (for Mac)

2015-07-21 3 Commercial OrgBusiness Software
Pet Grooming Software for Mac 3.1

The pet groomer software that works on Apple Mac (OS X) is one such application that is creating new ripples of success in the pet groomer's business management. ... (for Mac)

2015-07-06 1 Shareware Binary House Software
Medical Software For Mac 3.1

The Medical Software can be used efficiently for all types of medical professions including dental practices, orthopedics, dermatology, gynecology, pediatrics, psychiatry, family medicine, etc. ... (for Mac)

2015-06-25 1 Commercial OrgBusiness Software
Lawn Care Software for MAC 3.1

Concerned on how to manage your lawn care business? As big a problem as it may seem, the answer today is very simple. The “Lawn Care Business Software” designed especially to be used on Mac (OS X). ... (for Mac)

2015-06-14 1 Shareware Binary House Software
Pest Control Software for MAC 3.1

Pest control software designed specifically to be used on Mac (OS X) is a powerful efficiency oriented tool that can help considerably in managing your pest control business. ... (for Mac)

2015-06-10 1 Shareware Binary House Software
Massage Scheduling Software for MAC 3.1

Appointment scheduling software for massage therapists and chiropractors for Apple Mac (OS X). The Massage Scheduling Software is easy to use, simple software that can be operated by anyone without any difficulty. ... (for Mac)

2015-06-06 1 Shareware Binary House Software
Lawyers Software for MAC 3.1

The Lawyers Software designed specifically to be used on Mac (OS X) is one comprehensive solution that offer lawyers, an opportunity to create a database that can store in all information related to different cases, clients and events. ... (for Mac)

2015-06-04 1 Shareware Binary House Software
Driving Instructor Software for MAC 3.1

Proper management skills are required by both trading and services businesses. Driving Instructor Software centers one such services business, the driving schools. Designed specifically to be used for Mac (OS X). ... (for Mac)

2015-05-27 10 Shareware Binary House Software
Cleaning Business Software for MAC 3.1

Cleaning software for Cleaning Business is yet another powerful program designed specifically to be used on Mac (OS X). ... (for Mac)

2015-05-26 3 Shareware Binary House Software
Car Wash Calendar for MAC 2.1

With the success or growth of any business, need for tools that aid proper time and resource management become more important than otherwise. Same is the case with car wash business. ... (for Mac)

2015-05-23 8 Shareware Binary House Software