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Icons-Land Base Software Vector Icons 2.0

Icons-Land has released vector collection of popular icons named Base Software Vector Icons. These icons are widely used in almost every type of software and web sites. There are 144 unique icons. ... (for Windows, Windows Mobile)

2013-02-21 4 Demo Icons-Land
Android Interface Icons Pack 2013.1

Android Interface Icons Pack is a bundle which includes launcher, tab, dialog, status bar, list view, menu icons for Android interface development. ... (for Mac, Windows)

2013-02-21 6 Shareware Rich Colour
Windows 7 Start Button Changer 2.6

Its a real pleasure to release Windows 7 Start Button Changer. This freeware portable app allows you change the Windows 7 Start Orb or Button easily. If you are bored of look at the same old Windows 7 Start Orb, you can now change it easily. ... (for Windows)

2013-02-21 5 Freeware The Windows Club
MagicTray 1.0

Hide the windows tray icons.. Change Caption of the "Start" Button ..Hide the Desktop Icons..and many more. Change the 'Caption' or the word 'Start' in the Start Button with what ever you want. ... (for Windows)

2013-02-21 5 Freeware New Byte Software
IconCur 1.2

IconCur is an advanced application created for designing icons and cursors. ... (for Windows, Windows 7)

2013-02-21 2 Demo Gemacom.com
24x24 Free Button Icons 2010.2

There are many different ways to get icons for your application. One of them is to design those icons yourself using one of the widely available icon-editing programs. ... (for )

2013-02-21 2 Freeware small-icons.com
Real vista sports Stock Icons 1.0

Real vista sports stock icons is a collection of 4584 beautifully drawn stock icons of a sports theme. ... (for Mac, Palm OS, Windows)

2013-02-20 5 Freeware stock icons
MS Toolbar Icons 2012.1

MS Toolbar Icons toolkit provides 271 professionally designed icons which are ideal for use on websites or applications. ... (for Mac, Windows)

2013-02-20 2 Shareware Toolbar Icons
Perfect Automation Icons Pack 2012.1

When you design software, creating the graphics can be a time consuming task. The problem with ready made graphics is that most of them are inferior in quality which is why most software designers prefer to create their own graphics. ... (for Mac, Windows)

2013-02-20 3 Shareware Icon-Packs
Frico Free Icon Maker 1.0

Frico Free Icon Maker is compact utility that helps you create an set of icons in sizes from 16x16 to 256x256 in a few clicks. ... (for Windows)

2013-02-20 8 Freeware Snjohus Software
Large Money Icons 2009.1

Large Money Icons is a collection of royalty-free ready icons for use in commercial and personal products, including software applications, websites, blogs, and presentations. ... (for Windows)

2013-02-20 1 Shareware large-icons.com
Office Space Icon set for Vista 1.0

Office Space icon set for Vista includes such icons as Coffee Cup, Chair, Employee, Coffee Machine, Computer Display, Infromation Kiosk. All icons are available in 256-color and translucent True Color formats. ... (for Linux, Mac, Windows)

2013-02-19 5 Commercial VisualPharm
Perfekte Toolbar Icons 2010.1

Let your software and Web sites look great! Enhance your new product or Web site with readily-available, professionally-designed Perfect Toolbar Icons. Design a perfectly usable, slick and attractive user interface with great looking icons. ... (for Mac, Windows)

2013-02-19 2 Demo iconempire.de
Professional icons Web 2.0 style 1.0

Our completely new and impressive style , combines smooth shades of grey, orange and bluish colors that make them look updated and fresh. ... (for Windows, Windows Mobile)

2013-02-19 3 Freeware Professional Icons - Web 2.0
Datenbank Icon Sammlung 2011.3

Database Icon Set is a collection of royalty-free ready-made icons for use in various database products, including software applications, information websites and presentations. ... (for Mac, Windows)

2013-02-18 1 Demo iconempire.de
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