Name Date added Downloads License Author
Desktop Calendar

Record anything by double-click on desktop. It's very convenient and useful. Desktop Calendar will help you manage appointments, to-do lists, schedules, and more... ... (for )

2014-10-20 20 Freeware DesktopCal, Inc.
My Screensaver Maker 4.83

It's a tool with which you can make and distribute your own screensaver. Just drag and drop the images and flashes you want and you can make your own professional screensaver in senconds. And you can share it with your friends by sending it to them. ... (for Windows)

2014-08-24 85 Shareware XQSoft
Verity Parental Control Software 1.15

Verity Parental Control Software allows you to track and monitor what your kids are doing on the computer and online in an easy non-invasive way. With Verity, you can monitor both online and offline. You can also block websites and applications. ... (for Windows)

2014-07-19 4 Shareware NCH Software
Automatically Switch Between Applications At Certain Times Software 7.0

This software offers a solution to users who want to automatically switch between programs at certain intervals. The user can schedule the process to occur every x number of hours, minutes or seconds. ... (for Windows)

2014-07-06 1 Shareware Sobolsoft
Random File Opener Software 7.0

This software offers a solution to users who want to randomly open or view a specific set of files. This software is useful, for example, if one needs to open a random collection of MP3 files or pictures. ... (for Windows)

2014-07-06 9 Shareware Sobolsoft
7Caps 1.0

7 Caps is a small useful tool that notifies you if Caps Lock or Num Lock keys are activated. ... (for Windows)

2014-07-05 12 Shareware Digola
MinimizeToTrayTool 1.5

MinimizeToTrayTool is a freeware open source utility that allows the user to minimize any application to the windows tray. ... (for Windows)

2014-07-02 5 Freeware 4dots Software
Start Menu 8 1.5.0

Start Menu 8 brings back Start Menu to Windows 8, and allows users to skip Metro start page and boot to Windows 8 desktop directly and switch between Metro and Desktop Interface easily. ... (for )

2014-06-23 8 Freeware IObit
Random Time and or Date Generator Software 7.0

This software offers a solution to users who want to generate a random time and or date. There is a feature to generate the date in multiple formats and also the time in multiple formats: AM/PM, military time. ... (for Windows)

2014-04-22 2 Shareware Sobolsoft
Draw Lines On Screen Software 7.0

This software offers a solution to users who want to draw lines and highlight parts of the screen. The results can be saved as an image file. The lines will appear on top of whatever programs are currently running. ... (for Windows)

2014-04-16 15 Shareware Sobolsoft
FreeText Portable 1.46

A simple and easy-to-use notebook for making notes, keeping to-do lists, storing information on accounts and contacts, etc. It can be helpful when you need to save a link, phone number or to simply insert text from a clipboard for a short time. ... (for Windows)

2014-04-15 16 Freeware SoftConstructors
Multi Copy-Paste 1.0.0

Multi Copy-Paste for Windows. Allowing you to copy and cut as much as you want of text and files and paste them anywhere. Hotkeys: (CTRL+C),(CTRL+X),(CTRL+V) ... (for Windows)

2014-02-04 11 Shareware Zbrainsoft
BreakAlarm 14.01.01

Promodo like Countdown timer to increase your productivity. ... (for Windows)

2014-01-09 4 Freeware BreakAlarm

WinRAR is Windows version of the RAR archiver - a powerful tool which allows you to create, manage and control archive files. There are several versions of RAR, for a number of operating environments: Windows, Linux,FreeBSD, Mac OS X. ... (for Windows)

2013-10-26 1 Freeware Rar Lab
Screen Ruler 2D 1.14

Screen Ruler 2D is an on-screen pixel ruler which measures in 2 dimensions (horizontal and vertical). It includes a color picker and a window information panel, a magnifier and positioning aids to position the ruler pixel accurately simply and fast. ... (for Windows)

2013-09-22 5 Shareware Infonautics GmbH