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Topalov Screensaver 1.0

This screensaver lets you watch the 3D tower of blocks tumbling down in a different way each time. Real physics engine. ... (for Windows)

2013-03-20 2 Demo Central Question Ltd
Free Milky Way Screensaver 1.0

If you look up in the sky on a clear dark night you will see an awesome starfield with a faint shimmering path running across. ... (for Windows)

2013-03-19 9 Freeware Space Screensavers
Magic Alchemy 3D Screensaver 1.21.2

The Magic Alchemy 3D Screensaver shows you an ancient alchemy lab complete with mystic stuff, amazing lighting effects and mysterious fog. It uses the graphic effects which won the "fog" contest at ... (for Windows)

2013-03-14 4 Shareware Teddy Games Binarius 1.0 Binarius is freeware screensaver. It displays 0 (zero) and 1 (one) at random locations on screen. Features as follows, - Stand alone application, i.e. no installation required, just unzip the downloaded file and start using. ... (for Windows)

2013-03-08 1 Freeware
Free Nasa Space Screensaver 1.0

NASA has been in the forefront of space agencies for years. They have explored our Solar System and a big number of different space phenomena and now continue their ongoing research of the deep space. ... (for Windows)

2013-03-07 9 Freeware Space Screensavers
Alchemy 3D Screensaver for Mac OS X 1.0.1

Launch Alchemy 3D Screensaver and transfer yourself to the world of alchemy and dark magic. Mix mysterious ingredients in your magic bowl, cast the spells and try to revive the fog demon. ... (for Mac)

2013-03-04 15 Shareware Digital Minds Software
Star Wars Galaxy Screensaver 1.0

This Star Wars Galaxy Screensaver will take you on a fabulous journey around the Galaxy Far, Far Away. ... (for Windows)

2013-03-02 8 Freeware Space Screensavers
Earth 3D Space Travel Screensaver 1.0.3

Decorate your screen with fascinating views of Planet Earth, the third planet from the Sun and the largest of the terrestrial planets in our Solar System. ... (for Windows)

2013-02-26 11 Shareware Teddy Games
Fantastic Matrix World 3D Screensaver

If you ever seen The Matrix movie and like it a lot - then no comments needed, this screensaver is for you! Just transmit yourself into the Matrix world, full of mysterious stuff. ... (for Windows)

2013-02-22 6 Shareware Teddy Games
Plasma 3D Screensaver for Mac OS X 1.0

It shows you off a colourful plasma effect also known as Plasma Sphere or Illuma Storm, complete with beautiful space scenes and ambient music. Watch a space plasma object arriving from a galaxy far far away. Requirements: Mac OS X 10. ... (for Mac)

2013-02-18 1 Shareware Teddy Games
The Hubble Space Telescope Part 1 1.0

The free space screensaver, The Hubble Space Telescope Part 1, contains 21 of the top 100 images taken by the Hubble Space Telescope. The Hubble Space Telescope (HST) is a telescope in orbit around the Earth, named after astronomer Edwin Hubble. ... (for Windows)

2013-02-15 4 Freeware FeaturedScreensavers
Space Intermission Hubble Screen Saver 1.0

Space Intermission Video Screen Saver takes you on a visual journey through space with imagery taken by the Hubble Telescope. ... (for Windows)

2013-02-14 7 Shareware Helasoft
F30 DarkMatter Subspace 2012

FREE The DarkMatter: Subspace Windows 7 desktop theme contains 2 distinct hyperthemes in both dark & alloy styles, a WMP/iTunes remote Yahoo! ... (for Windows)

2013-02-14 15 Freeware free thirty Software Group
Dark Side Of The Moon Screensaver 1.0

The dark side of the Moon harbors a lot of mysteries. From the ancient times people believed that it was home to witches, vampires and other creatures of the night and evil spirits. ... (for Windows)

2013-02-10 7 Freeware Space Screensavers
Galaxy Journey 3D Screensaver 1.3

The Galaxy Journey 3D animated screensaver takes you on a journey through the galaxies as you blast off in to space. ... (for Windows)

2013-02-09 8 Shareware 3Deep Space, Ltd
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