Themes & Wallpaper
Name Date added Downloads License Author
LoneColor 3.0

Use the free, tiny and portable LoneColor app to set any solid color you like as your Desktop wallpaper, or let it surprise you with a randomly generated color wallpaper. It has a minimal design and it is very easy to use directly from your Desktop. ... (for Windows)

2015-04-16 25 Freeware Appgramming
LoneColor for Android 1.1

Instant beautiful color wallpapers on your smartphone or tablet. An infinite palette with one tap! Try a surprising random color, or copy a color code from another app or from an online color loving community, tap LoneColor & see it fill the screen. ... (for )

2015-02-11 2 Freeware Appgramming
Bekko Koi Wallpaper 1.3

Bekko Koi Wallpaper is a amazing nature wallpaper which will bring you moving Bekko koi fish to your desktop. ... (for Windows)

2015-01-15 1 Freeware digiaquascr
Christmas Snowfall Wallpaper 2.0

Why do we love Christmas and New Year? These days more than ever we feel the value of the home warmth and comfort. We decorate our house before Christmas, the homes start to sparkle trim the Christmas tree, decorated with bright toys. Download it! ... (for Windows)

2014-12-28 13 Freeware
Jingle Bells Wallpaper 2.0

Stunning, cozy winter landscape. Excellent graphics. And singing Santa's helpers! Be careful not to miss the sight of Santa, because he races now with gifts, and maybe he will be at home! ... (for Windows)

2014-12-02 1 Freeware
Fish Pictures Screensaver 1.2

Fish Pictures Screensaver is a free cool screensaver that shows multiple images of different fish in their natural habitat. ... (for Windows)

2014-12-02 6 Freeware CustomAquariumScr
Free Earth Screensaver 1.3

Free Earth Screensaver will bring the blue planet to your desktop. ... (for Windows)

2014-11-24 7 Freeware CustomAquariumScr
Kujaku Koi Wallpaper 1.2

Kujaku Koi Wallpaper is a amazing nature wallpaper which will bring you moving Kujaku koi fish to your desktop. ... (for Windows)

2014-11-23 3 Freeware digiaquascr
Taenianotus Triacanthus Wallpaper 1.4.0

Taenianotus Triacanthus Wallpaper is one of unique, interesting and impressive wallpaper. ... (for Windows)

2014-11-23 1 Freeware digiaquascr
Majestic Mountain Screensaver 1.4

Majestic Mountain Screensaver is a free screensaver that shows a series of pictures of mountains. ... (for Windows)

2014-11-23 2 Freeware CustomAquariumScr
Free Sky Screen Saver 1.3

Free Sky Screen Saver shows the beautiful images of the blue sky and white clouds above any location on earth. T ... (for Windows)

2014-11-23 1 Freeware CustomAquariumScr
Buenos Aires Tetra Wallpaper 1.1

Buenos Aires Tetra Wallpaper is a free animated desktop wallpaper that brings virtual gowlight tetra swimming around your desktop while you work. ... (for Windows)

2014-11-19 1 Freeware digiaquascr
Earth Time Screensaver 1.2

Earth Time Screensaver puts the correct time, day and night regions, location of the Moon and current phase on your desktop with an earth map. ... (for Windows)

2014-11-19 1 Freeware CustomAquariumScr
Obscure Puffer Wallpaper 1.0

Tropheus Rutunga Wallpaper is a fish Wallpaper for your pc desktop, laptop or gadget that fill your desktop screen with aquarium and fish. ... (for Windows)

2014-11-18 17 Freeware digiaquascr
Celestial Eye Goldfish Wallpaper 1.2

Comet Goldfish Wallpaper is an interactive and smoothly desktop background which let you click of your mouse to guide Comet Goldfish fish in any given direction. ... (for Windows)

2014-11-18 16 Freeware digiaquascr