Basic, VB, VB DotNet
Name Date added Downloads License Author
Media Manager Pro 11.0

Media Manager Pro Component is a very powerful .Net tool for video encoding and video publishing in .net. It can grab thumbnails from videos in .net web and desktop applications. It can post watermark on videos in .net. ... (for Windows)

2009-04-18 115 Shareware All4DotNet
VS.NETcodePrint 2005 8.1.64

This Add-In to Microsoft Visual Studio.NET 2005 significantly enhances source code printing capabilities. Print a complete Solution, selected projects, project items, namespaces, classes, modules. The output can be exported to HTML, PDF and RTF. VS. ... (for Windows)

2009-01-28 23 Shareware StarPrint Limited
SSLBlackbox (.NET) 4.4

SSLBlackbox.NET is a comprehensive collection of managed components that add client-side and server-side support for SSL / TLS family of protocols to your .NET Framework applications. SSLBlackbox. ... (for Windows)

2009-01-28 36 Commercial EldoS Corporation
VersyPDF.NET 2.1

High-quality, industry-strength PDF library meeting requirements of the most demanding and diverse applications. Using VersyPDF.NET you can write stand-alone and reliable commercial applications that can read, write, and edit PDF file VersyPDF. ... (for Windows)

2009-01-28 23 Shareware Sybrex Systems LTD.
ComGuard 0.10.0439

ComGuard monitors the compilation process and notifies you of anything that may potentially break your application. Enables you to compare 2 different components, side by side. Creates a Snapshot of your source and binary after each compile. ... (for Windows)

2009-01-28 24 Shareware VBSight Software
Membership Manager Control 1.0

Drag and drop Asp.Net server control provides user interface for managing Asp.Net 2.0 Membership Users. Locate member records, change user name, reset passwords/approval status and maintain comments. Works with SQLMembershipProvider. Free download. ... (for Windows)

2009-01-28 29 Shareware Quality Data, Inc.
SimpleFileDrop 6.00.031

SimpleFileDrop provides notification when the user drops a file, or group of files, from the Windows File Manager or Windows Explorer onto the form. SimpleFileDrop is Light ActiveX Control, which means it uses very little system resources. ... (for Windows)

2009-01-28 10 Shareware Heuristic Research
mCore .NET SMS Library (PRO) 1.0

mCore .NET SMS Library - PRO is a powerful and easy to use Class Library, written in 100% managed code, for 2-Way SMS, WAP Push, vCard/vCalendar. It can be used with any ETSI 07.05 compliant GSM modem or phone handset connected to the PC serial port. ... (for Windows)

2009-01-28 52 Shareware IG Logix Softech Pvt Ltd
tftBrain Neural Net Simu V1.2

NN Simulator running Backpropagation Algorithm for Win32 3 layer NN simulator running a Backpropagation algorithm. Can be sued for teaching/ demonstrations of NN systems or for commercial developments, R&D, etc. ... (for Windows)

2009-01-28 72 Shareware
OpenPGPBlackbox (.NET) 4.4

OpenPGPBlackbox.NET is a comprehensive collection of managed components that add PGP support to your .NET Framework applications. Data encryption, signing, compression and key generation, revocation, keyring management operations are supported. ... (for Windows)

2009-01-28 23 Commercial EldoS Corporation
PSS Update Check Control 1.1

Let your app check online for new versions. PSS Update Check is a Royalty Free ActiveX component that allows you to add that 'Check for Update' button or menu item to you application in just a few lines of code. ... (for Windows)

2009-01-28 27 Shareware
VLPropertyList 2.0

Gestisci la lista delle propriet?categorizzate in multilivello, con il controllo VLPropertyList. Un'interfaccia intuitiva permette di gestire vari tipi di dati. Mostra le propriet?i oggetti COM e consulta database ADO con una sola riga di codice. ... (for Windows)

2009-01-28 10 Shareware Viklele Associates
VisualASP.NET2002 NET 2002

VisualASP Component Pack . ... (for Windows)

2009-01-28 31 Shareware
Total VB Statistics 1.1

offers a wide range of statistical functions for Visual Basic programmers. Using the Microsoft Jet Engine Database, it allows any Microsoft or Jet table to be analyzed. ... (for Windows)

2009-01-28 97 Shareware FMS, Inc.
WebSchedule.NET2002 NET 2002

VisualASP WebSchedule . ... (for Windows)

2009-01-28 27 Shareware