Basic, VB, VB DotNet
Name Date added Downloads License Author
Winobj v2.0

Winobj is a developer tool that displays information about the Windows NT Object Manager name space. WinObj can display many type of object. ... (for Windows)

2009-01-28 95 Freeware Systems Internals
ABC Amber Paradox Converter 1.14

ABC Amber Paradox Converter is an advanced utility which converts your DB (Paradox) files to any format (CSV, XLS, MDB, DBF, XML, PDF, HTML, CHM, RTF, HLP, DOC, and many more) easily and quickly The software supports a batch conversion, a run from co ... (for Windows)

2009-01-28 97 Shareware ProcessText Group
Bitnapper v1.0

Can find and export sources of icons, bitmaps and strings in compiled files such as executables. Bitnapper can also replace icons, bitmaps and strings in files with other ones which have the same size. ... (for Windows)

2009-01-28 32 Freeware Thilo Hardt
C Styled Script Language (CSS) v3.04

C Styled Script Language (CSS) is a scripting language. It is used like an interpreter\; you write the program with your favorite editor and run it directly like any BAT, CMD, REXX or PERL script. ... (for Windows)

2009-01-28 164 Freeware IBK Landquart
ABC Amber Clarion Converter 1.05

ABC Amber Clarion Converter is an advanced utility which converts your DAT (Clarion) files to any format (CSV, XLS, MDB, DBF, XML, PDF, HTML, CHM, RTF, HLP, DOC, and many more) easily and quickly. ... (for Windows)

2009-01-28 141 Shareware ProcessText Group
SwisSQL - SQL Server to Oracle Migration Tool 3.0

SwisSQL- SQL Server to Oracle Edition is an Automated Migration tool to convert Microsoft SQL Server Transact SQL stored procedures to Oracle PL/SQL equivalent code. ... (for Windows)

2009-01-28 71 Shareware AdventNet
Simtel-Announce v1.07

Allows you to automate and consolidate the tasks required to get your software listed on "". You simply fill in your uploader details and program information, generate the file, and upload it to "". ... (for Windows)

2009-01-28 45 Freeware Guy Pearson
WinBlt v1.6

WinBlt is for Windows developers having trouble figuring out the ROP code needed for masking operations using the BibBlt family of functions. ... (for Windows)

2009-01-28 49 Shareware Basta Computing, Inc.
MKS Track Integrity v2.1

MKS Track Integrity is a powerful software defect tracking tool. It enables tracking, recording and monitoring of application defects. ... (for Windows)

2009-01-28 81 Shareware Mortice Kern Systems, Inc.
wxPython for Windows v2.2.1

wxPython for Windows is a GUI (Graphical User Interface) programming toolkit for the Python programming language. wxPython is implemented as a Python extension module that wraps the wxWindows GUI library. ... (for Windows)

2009-01-28 238 Freeware Robin Dunn
Trans-Dimensional Learning v2.3

Trans-Dimensional Learning provides users of neural networks with a specific platform to conduct pattern recognition tests. Trans-Dimensional Learning (TDL) allows for the fast creation of automatically constructed neural networks. ... (for Windows)

2009-01-28 193 Demo Universal Problem Solvers, Inc.
Personal Library v2.02

Lets you easily store and retrive snippets of programming code. You can easily categorize the stored code and add titles, comments and keywords. Code snippets can be easily searched and copied quickly to the Clipboard for re-use. ... (for Windows)

2009-01-28 29 Shareware Skyfire Software Company
NQC for Windows v2.2r1

NQC for Windows is a C-like programming language for the Lego Mindstorms products. NQC or Not quite C supports four different Mindstorms products: RCX, CyberMaster, Scout, and RCS2. ... (for Windows)

2009-01-28 59 Freeware Dave Baum
Announce It! 3.5

A shareware developers tool to streamline the tedious process of making program announcements, URL submissions, etc. No automatic posts or emails. Keeps records, and greatly speeds things up in general. Uses the same data fields as PAD. ... (for Windows)

2009-01-28 48 Shareware WaverlyStreet
UWIN v2.0

UWIN provides a full-fledged UNIX development and execution environment for Windows based programmers. ... (for Windows)

2009-01-28 113 Shareware Wipro Corporation