Basic, VB, VB DotNet
Name Date added Downloads License Author
Dynamic Variable v2.0

Dynamic Variable enables serialization of variables in Visual Basic. Dynamic Variable uses the built in Get and Put statements and uses the binary file mode. It does not lock the file for reading or writing. ... (for Windows)

2009-01-28 25 Freeware Dani Games
Entisoft Tools v2.0

Entisoft Tools includes over 1000 routines for Visual Basic and Microsoft Office. ... (for Windows)

2009-01-28 67 Shareware Entisoft

Complete mail merge solution. The SCMLsoftware Mail Merge is a complete mail merge solution that can easily be integrated in your Visual Basic applications.It features:E Print/preview the merged document with your own margin settings. ... (for Windows)

2009-01-28 13 Demo New Logical Games
Registry Wizard ActiveX v1.0

Allows you to control the Windows Registry. Registry Wizard ActiveX for Visual Basic lets you control the Windows Registry without doing API calls. ... (for Windows)

2009-01-28 23 Shareware RPI Consultants
ASPPack GroupWare 2.1.0

ASPPAck GroupWare by ITCom3 is a an instant intranet software for Windows. ASPPackallows you to create a Web based GroupWare in a few minutes. ... (for Windows)

2009-01-28 39 Shareware
LockNuts v1.0

LockNuts is a cryptography package for Visual Basic programmers. Cryptography allows you to encrypt and "lock&quot\; up your information. It also allows you to digitally sign files and data. ... (for Windows)

2009-01-28 32 Freeware Johnny Columbus
MatrixShow ActiveX 2.0

MatrixShow ActiveX shows the content of matrices, that are given as two-dimensional arrays. This can be done both in runtime mode and in design mode. Shows the content of matrices, that are given as two-dimensional arrays. ... (for Windows)

2009-01-28 14 Shareware Sensalgo Soft
SCIROCCO DAO Data Control 1.0

Data control that allows you to perform data access operations without writing any code at all. Navigate, Add, Delete, Edit, Search, Undo and Save changes to DAO Recordsets just by dropping this control on you forms! Suitable for MS Access etc! ... (for Windows)

2009-01-28 22 Shareware SCIROCCO
OleDb Direct Components Suite 1.82

OLEDB Direct Components Suite is a set of VCL-style components for Delphi and C++ Builder that allow extremely fast database access to OLEDB (ADO) providers. ... (for Windows)

2009-01-28 10 Shareware OleDb Direct
TFC MFC Library - MFC 7.0 Compliant 1.60

TFC Gives you all the components your development team needs to display or select date and/or time values in any applition. By including a Month lendar control, a Year lendar control and it contains the most flexible tab control available. ... (for Windows)

2009-01-28 23 Demo ucancode software RSS ActiveX 1.0.0

RSS Component: Enable your application to easily download, parse, and create RSS feeds. Unified feed parser for RSS 0.9x, RSS 1.0, and RSS 2.0. RSS Component: Enable your application to easily download, parse, and create RSS feeds. ... (for Windows)

2009-01-28 38 Freeware
vstr 1.0.14

Vstr is a safe and fast string library for C. It is designed for network communication. Its design uses of ptr+length data, so adding, substituting, and deleting data are all fast operations. Vstr is a safe and fast string library for C. ... (for )

2009-01-28 13 Freeware James Antill
SILVERRUN ModelSphere (Linux) 2.1

SILVERRUN ModelSphere combines modeling of processes, data and UML classes and provides a complete model management environment. Seperately available modules integrate and share metadata within the same project. ... (for Linux)

2009-01-28 25 Shareware Grandite
SDE for IntelliJ IDEA (PE) for Windows 3.3 SP3 Professional Edition

SDE for IntelliJ IDEA is a UML modeling tool tightly integrated with IntelliJ IDEA. SDE-IJ supports all types of UML diagrams, code generation (model to code), reverse engineering (code to model), ... New features include support UML 2. ... (for Windows)

2009-01-28 27 Commercial Visual Paradigm International Ltd.
ViewPDF OCX 2.0

ViewPDF OCX is an ActiveX component which enables your application to display and interact with PDF files. Simply place the control on your form, set the Path property, and you are all set! ... (for Windows)

2009-01-28 27 Shareware Frank Kusluski