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PtBarcodeEnc 2.0

PtBarcodeEnc is Software Development Kit(SDK) to encode barcode. It supports 2D barcode as below: * PDF417 * QR Code * Data Matrix (DataMatrix) The SDK runs under Windows and Unix/Linux and it's easy to use. On Windows platform, the SDK comes with ... (for Linux, Windows)

2007-11-27 116 Freeware PartiTek Software Inc.
FastCRC Library 1.51

A fast, highly optimized implementation of popular checksum algorithms: CRC32, CRC16, CRC16C (CRC-CCITT). The library allows to calculate checksums for files, memory blocks, strings, blobs, streaming data. It is quick, flexible, easy to use. It ... (for Windows)

2007-11-27 48 Shareware SlavaSoft Inc.
pb2xls 1.6.1

PowerBuilder library (component) for export to Excel format any data with cell's formatting (color, font, data types, etc.). You can add multiple worksheets into a workbook. Component's source code can be easily integrated into your PB application. ... (for Windows)

2007-11-27 379 Demo Desta Ltd.
QuickHash Library 3.02

A fast, highly optimized implementation of hash and checksum algorithms: MD2, MD4, MD5, SHA-1, SHA-2(256,384,512), RIPEMD(128,160,256,320), PANAMA, TIGER, CRC-32, CRC-16, CRC-CCITT, ADLER32. The library allows to calculate hashes (message digests), ... (for Windows)

2007-11-27 66 Shareware SlavaSoft Inc.
Eltima Virtual Serial Port Driver 6.0

Eltima Virtual Serial Port Driver comes in handy when you don't have enough serial ports in your system, or all of them are occupied and you still need more. Or you don't have hardware serial ports at all .Created virtual port pairs look like real ... (for Windows)

2007-11-27 145 Shareware Virtual Serial Port Software
MarshallSoft GPS Component for VB 2.0

MarshallSoft GPS Component VB (and VB.NET) library toolkit (MGC4VB) reads and decodes industry standard GPS NMEA 183 sentences from the RS232 serial port as well as computing great circle distances and bearings. Features of MGC4VB include: The ... (for Windows)

2007-11-27 115 Shareware MarshallSoft Computing
QuickCrypt Library 2.51

A fast, highly optimized implementation of symmetric (private-key) encryption/decryption algorithms: DES, Triple DES (3DES), DESX, BLOWFISH, RIJNDAEL (AES - Advanced Encryption Standard), GOST (USSR/Russian Encryption Standard). It supports 5 modes ... (for Windows)

2007-11-27 301 Shareware SlavaSoft Inc.
dbExpress driver for SQL Server 3.20

dbExpress is a database-independent layer that defines a common interface to provide fast access to SQL database servers. For each supported server, dbExpress provides a driver as an independent library that implements the common dbExpress ... (for Windows)

2007-11-27 218 Shareware Core Lab Software Development
3D Button API 3.1

3D Button API is the ultimate 3D button Software Development Kit (SDK), developed by MultiMedia Soft:; derived from the experience with our ActiveX control 3D Active Button Magic, its purpose is to substitute the old fashioned Windows flat-square ... (for Windows)

2007-11-27 421 Commercial MultiMedia Soft
AniSprite 3.1

AniSprite is an advanced high-performance sprite animation library for Microsoft Windows. Selected features are semi-transparent masks, alpha-channel mixing, automatic hit testing (collision detection), integration with frame animation libraries and ... (for Windows)

2007-11-27 224 Shareware ITB CompuPhase
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