Name Date added Downloads License Author
objectiF 7.2

Tool for model-driven software development with UML in C#, Visual Basic .NET, C++ and Java. Develop domain models with the UML and automatically transform them into technical models and large amounts of code. Round Trip in your IDE. ... (for Windows)

2015-07-20 5 Demo microTOOL GmbH
ORM Studio Community Edition 1.5

ORM Studio provides Object-Role Modeling at its finest. Analyse and Design Relational and Graph Databases using ORM. This Community Edition of ORM Studio provides supports import and export of Fact-Based Models in their native .fbm format. ... (for Windows)

2015-05-25 1 Freeware Viev Pty Ltd
Altova UModel Professional Edition 2015r3sp1

Altova UModel 2015 Professional Edition is the starting point for successful software development. Visually design application models and generate code or reverse engineer programs to UML diagrams. It’s the simple, cost-effective way to draw on UML ... (for Windows)

2015-05-13 12 Demo Altova, Inc.
Regex Auto Builder Professional Edition 2.0.0

A smart and easy to use regular expression generate and string capture tool. It can build and test regular expression automatically, and show you the result visually! It is also is a string capture tool, and what you need do is just a few clicks. ... (for Windows)

2015-05-13 17 Shareware HyMann Soft
Altova UModel Enterprise Edition 2015r3sp1

Altova UModel 2015 Enterprise Edition is the starting point for successful software development. Visually design application models and generate code or reverse engineer programs to UML diagrams. It’s the simple, cost-effective way to draw on UML. ... (for Windows)

2015-05-07 2 Demo Altova, Inc.
DTM File Factory 1.00.00

DTM File Factory is a template based test file generator with a lot of data sources support: databases, Excel files, text files, XML, etc. Powerful built-in engine with more than 50 data generation functions. Suitable for testers and QA engineers. ... (for Windows)

2015-05-07 20 Demo DTM soft
Database Workbench Pro 5.10.0

Cross database engine developer IDE for InterBase, SQL Server, Firebird, MySQL, Oracle, NexusDB, MSDE and Sybase SQL Anywhere ... (for Linux, Mac, Windows)

2015-03-21 20 Shareware Upscene Productions
UIChart iOS component 1.1.0

The Rustemsoft UIChart control enables to create iOS apps with simple, intuitive, and visually compelling chart for complex statistical or financial analysis in different graph types that include Pie, Bar, Line, Cylinder, Area, and other chart types. ... (for Windows)

2015-03-05 3 Shareware RustemSoft
Altova MobileTogether Designer 1.4

MobileTogether Designer is a unique development tool for enterprises to create custom solutions that share data across any mobile device. Use a combination of visual design and functional programming to build your cross-platform mobile solution. ... (for Windows)

2015-02-25 3 Freeware Altova, Inc.

Concatenate text files and SQL Scripts with placeholders and Hierarchical concatenation to build and maintain SQL Patch Scripts. ... (for Windows)

2015-02-11 5 Demo Cove Bay Software Limited

C# VB.Net SQL template driven Code Generator from a Database Data Model with Reverse Engineering to SQL Scripts. Execute, Test groups of SQL Scripts and produce SQL Patch Scripts. Concatenate file groups hierarchically with Placeholder substitution. ... (for Windows)

2015-02-07 20 Demo Cove Bay Software Limited

Concatenate and Execute SQL Scripts with Placeholders. Reverse Engineer Database to SQL Scripts. User definable Placeholders. Hierarchical concatenation of multiple file manifests for SQL Patch maintenance. ... (for Windows)

2015-02-05 1 Demo Cove Bay Software Limited
Smart .NET Obfuscator 6.2.2

Skater Smart .NET Obfuscator is an obfuscation tool for .NET code protection. It implements software protection techniques and obfuscation algorithms. ... (for Windows)

2015-01-31 2 Shareware RustemSoft

SQLight is freeware SQLite database manager tool for Mac OSX. With this tool you can browse, edit, delete data and can perform SQL query operation on local database with easy to use UI and controls. ... (for Mac)

2014-12-30 1 Freeware Aurvan.com
DataGridView Xcode 1.0.8

DataGridView Xcode component from TouchControls iOS Framework. This library is Objective C software package specifically designed for Xcode developers. It allows to use all strengths of the UIDataGrid view without waiving UI elements customers need. ... (for Windows)

2014-12-06 1 Shareware RustemSoft