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Python is a high-level programming language that is suitable for simplescripting tasks as well as writing large applications. ... (for )

2009-01-28 12 Freeware 2.0b2

File browser/manager, changes file properties. aaw. ... (for Mac)

2009-01-28 81 Shareware Marcel Zubrik
CHCode Simple IDE

Utilizing a unique programming language created by us, this environment makes for easy programming and development. Loaded with examples and a quick tutorial guide, you can get started with CHCode Simple in no time! ... (for )

2009-01-28 33 Freeware

AllWrite is a professional text editor for people working a lot with text - like authors, journalists, columnists, poest or just people who like writing. ... (for )

2009-01-28 47 Shareware
QuickHelp MacOSX Viewer

QuickHelp is a development tool for creating and deploying application help to Mac OS 9, Mac OS X, Windows 95 through XP and virtually all Linux distributions. ... (for Mac)

2009-01-28 33 Freeware Excel Software 2.0b2

File browser/manager, changes file properties. aaw. ... (for )

2009-01-28 90 Shareware Marcel Zubrik
Clipboard Edit

ClipboardEdit is a simple application that saves the clipboard as a clipping file. ... (for )

2009-01-28 25 Freeware

The program has an automatic report generator.By default, report templates are saved as XML files, but they can be encoded and optionally password protected. Protected files can be previewed and printed, but not edited. ... (for )

2009-01-28 29 Shareware
Applescript Plug-in 1.0

Realbasic plug-in allows you to create your own AppleScript Editor. Applescript Plug-in is an open source Realbasic plug-in that allows you to create your own Script Editor. ... (for )

2009-01-28 117 Freeware Doug Holton

QDrop allows drag+drop of desktop files and folders into 4D forms. It works on MacOS , and lets developers build intuitive, user-friendly interfaces for all kinds of 4D database applications. ... (for )

2009-01-28 13 Shareware
Sybase ASE Developer Edition

The Sybase/Apple partnership leverages the strengths of each company and, for the first time, provides Applels developer community access to an enterprise-class database. ... (for Mac)

2009-01-28 67 Shareware Sybase, Inc.
X0-Skeleton 1.0

Development shell that extends SuperCard's abilities using CodeWarrior. X0-Skeleton is a development shell for programmers who want to extend SuperCard's capabilities using CodeWarrior. ... (for Mac)

2009-01-28 17 Freeware Chilton Pro 2.0.1

Transport FileMaker Pro scripts from one database to another. AutoScript allows you to transport FileMaker PRo scripts from one database to another without having to rewrite the entire script. ... (for )

2009-01-28 55 Demo Gregory Charles Rivers
Snoop 1.6

Advanced file and memory editor. Snoop is an advanced data editor that lets you view and edit any file or view any portion of memory. ... (for )

2009-01-28 92 Shareware Tom Carstensen
OmniObjectMeter 2.0

OmniObjectMeter is an essential part of any Mac OS X developer's toolbox: a tool that makes it easy for Cocoa and Unix developers to find and fix memory leaks, excessive allocation operations, \\zombies\\, prematurely deallocated objects, and other p ... (for Mac)

2009-01-28 25 Demo OmniGroup
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