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Perl Builder 2.0m 1.0

Perl Builder is a complete integrated development environment (IDE) for Perl. Key features include a visual editor/debugger that is similar to products such as Visual Basic and Delphi. ... (for Windows)

2012-12-01 3 Shareware Solutionsoft
Rudix for Mac OS 2009

Features a world-class collection of pre-compiled and ready to use UNIX compatible software which are not available from a fresh installation of Mac OS X but are popular among other UNIX environments. ... (for )

2012-11-24 2 Freeware Rudix
Command Line Copy &amp; Paste for Mac OS 1.0

This bundle of Mac OS X command line applications consists of two simple programs. maccopy and macpaste. These two programs copy or print the text currently from or to the Mac OS X pasteboard. ... (for )

2012-11-21 5 Freeware Ice House Productions
Hyperic HQ for Mac OS 4.0

The award-winning monitoring software designed specifically for web applications, whether hosted in the cloud or on premise. ... (for )

2012-11-21 3 Freeware Hyperic
Firebird for Mac OS 2.1.1

A relational database offering many ANSI SQL-92 features that runs on MacOsx, Linux, Windows, and a variety of Unix platforms. Firebird offers excellent concurrency, high performance, and powerful language support for stored procedures and triggers. ... (for )

2012-11-16 2 Freeware IBPhoenix
Sunflower for Mac OS 1.0

A full-system simulator that models multiprocessors or networks of processors, their power consumption, electrochemical batteries and voltage regulators, failures in computation and networks and analog signals in their environments. ... (for )

2012-11-06 10 Freeware phillip stanley-marbell
BitNami WordPress Stack for Mac OS 3.0.1-0

An easy to use installer for WordPress, which is an open source, standards-compliant, fast, light and free personal publishing platform. ... (for )

2012-11-03 3 Freeware BitRock
N-Pad for Mac OS 1.1

Can read multiple file formats including doc, docx, txt, rtf &amp; .npad. It also comes with an in built web browser which will give users fast and instant access to the web to do their research. ... (for )

2012-10-31 22 Freeware MDev
GIMP for Mac OS 2.4.7

A freely distributed program for such tasks as photo retouching, image composition and image authoring. It has many capabilities. ... (for )

2012-10-27 2 Freeware Wilber-Loves-Apple
Logtalk for Mac OS 2.42

An object-oriented logic programming language that can use most Prolog implementations as a back-end compiler. ... (for )

2012-10-17 1 Freeware
BitNami Coppermine Stack for Mac OS 1.5.8-0

An open source installer that eases the task of getting the Coppermine web gallery up and running. ... (for )

2012-10-17 4 Freeware BitRock
Icarus Camera Control for Mac OS 20090425

This program allows users of PTP cameras to remote control the camera, i.e. for tethered capture. It is intended as a replacement for vendor supplied camera control software that performs badly on portable computers. ... (for )

2012-10-09 10 Freeware Icarus Verilog
BitNami Drupal Stack for Mac OS 6.19-0

An open source installer for Drupal and all of its dependencies, including Apache, MySQL and PHP. ... (for )

2012-10-04 4 Freeware BitRock
OpenDS for Mac OS 2.2

An open source LDAP directory server written in Java. Its a fully compliant LDAPv3 server which also support most of the standard and experimental LDAP extensions and schema. ... (for )

2012-09-29 1 Freeware Sun Microsystems
Xplage for Mac OS 20071213a

A software utility that listens on an IP network for UDP datagrams representing the geographical coordinates of the simulated flight path of an instance of the X-PlaneAŽ flight simulator, then transforms them into a series of continuously updated KML ... (for )

2012-09-28 1 Freeware ChrisKern.Net
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