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PrettyMap 2.0

View maps of Earth and other planets with PrettyMap! See current day and night areas, learn geography with the quiz, enjoy 3D elevation surfaces, measure distances between locations and create your own maps with special places! ... (for )

2009-01-28 70 Shareware Capstone
Country Locator 1.0

Visualize the location of all the countries of the world. Use as a reference to locate countries whose location you are curious about. Use it to test your knowledge of the world by having the program prompt you to find certain countries. ... (for Windows)

2009-01-28 76 Shareware DV Software
cbgeo 6.01

for learning the geography of the world in french ... (for Windows)

2009-01-28 43 Freeware
Geo Bee v1.0

Geo Bee helps you learn US state capitals. A US state is displayed and you must choose the correct answer from four possible choices. A correct answer recieves 100 points and an incorrect answer deducts 50 points. ... (for Windows)

2009-01-28 41 Shareware Rcs Computer Lab
siGGis Monitor v1.1

siGGis Monitor is a GIS (Geographic Information System) viewer which allows you to monitor various events. ... (for Windows)

2009-01-28 37 Demo Milan Harasta
EZ-Index for Traveler Magazine v2.90

EZ-Index for Traveler Magazine provides a reference index of articles published in Traveler Magazine. ... (for )

2009-01-28 37 Shareware E-Z Access Software Ltd.
Click and Learn Geography v1.1

Click and Learn Geography helps you learn all 50 states and all 42 presidents of the United States. You can choose to have the questions appear in order (alphabetically or chronologically). ... (for )

2009-01-28 176 Demo Click and Learn Software
Global Challenge v2.3

Global Challenge is a geography trivia game. What's the highest point in Peru? Which country has the longer coastline, Brazil or India? What countries border Azerbaijan? ... (for Windows)

2009-01-28 126 Shareware Cascoly Software
LearnStates 1.0

Game for learning the United States. Nice freeware game from Arctic Owl Software for learning the States and Capitals of the United States. Play against the clock 3 different ways! ... (for Windows)

2009-01-28 34 Freeware
AGIS (16-bit) v1.43a

AGIS (16-bit) is a simple and easy to use mapping and geographic information system (GIS). AGIS is a display tool that supports a large number of map and data layers. Symbols are included and new symbols can be easily added. ... (for )

2009-01-28 99 Shareware Agis Software
Terrain Tools v3.111 beta

Terrain Tools is an easy-to-use mapping package which lets you incorporate scanned topographic maps, air photos, and other bitmap images. ... (for )

2009-01-28 68 Freeware Softree Technical Systems, Inc.
AW Geographical Atlas 3.0

Carry the atlas everywhere! Detailed information about countries including location, neighbours, population, economy and military. See the map and flag of each contry of the World. Maps display country borders, neighbours, major cities and rivers. ... (for )

2009-01-28 160 Shareware AbsoluteWord
Pilot Partner v2.0.3

Pilot Partner is a flight logging application which allows you to keep track of your flights. ... (for Windows)

2009-01-28 44 Shareware VCR, Inc.
Seterra 2.9

Seterra is a challenging geography program with 70 different exercises. Learn about countries, capitals, flags and cities all over the world! Examples of exercises: countries in Europe\; American states\; American state capitals, etc... ... (for Windows)

2009-01-28 128 Shareware Marianne Wartoft AB
XCPlan 1.3

XCPlan is a tool to automatically generate the old pen &amp\; paper style flight logs. It&apos;s an invaluable tool to student pilots, as it helps you generate the flight logs without having to do all of the math. ... (for Windows)

2009-01-28 8 Shareware SB-Software
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