Name Date added Downloads License Author
Mobipocket Creator Home Edition 4.2 B41 41

Whether you need to create personal content to take along with you, distribute or sell ebooks to others, or design more advanced content and applications, Mobipocket Creator Home Edition enables to easily create ebooks from a variety of sources to be ... (for Windows, Windows 7)

2013-04-29 5 Freeware Mobipocket.com
Contingency Leadership Theories 1.0.0008

This quiz is designed to help us to look at the differences between behavioral and contingency leadership theories. In order to master these differences we must know the variables and styles involved in contingency leadership. ... (for Windows, Windows 7)

2013-04-29 6 Freeware Image Intelligence Software Ltd.
FBReader for Linux 0.12.10

FBReader is an e-book reader for various platforms. Currently FBReader works on * Linux desktop. * Windows XP/Vista/Win7 computer. * FreeBSD computer. ... (for Linux)

2013-04-28 6 Freeware Geometer Plus
Online IQ Test 1.0

Difficult online iq and logic test. Number of right answers correlates with your intelligence quotient. The test consists of 10 questions, each of them allows to estimate your logical abilities. ... (for Windows)

2013-04-27 3 Freeware IQ tests online
Basic Homeowners Insurance 1.0

Short report explains the basics of homeowners insurance. ... (for Windows)

2013-04-27 10 Freeware Basic Homeowners Insurance
MB Chakras Astrology 1.20

MB Chakras Astrology is a different and advanced zodiac software which relates the two different worlds of astrology and chakras. This software generates the Chakra that influences you the most based on your date of birth. ... (for Windows)

2013-04-25 6 Freeware MysticBoard.com
OpenCards for Mac OS X 2.1

OpenCards is a free award-winning flashcard learning software. The basic idea of OpenCards is to use PowerPoint presentations (*.ppt) as flashcard sets. Thereby, slide-titles are considered as questions and the slide contents as their answers. ... (for Mac)

2013-04-25 4 Freeware OpenCards development team
teachMe 0.2.1

TeachMe displays entries in a form of small pop-up windows on a user's desktop. The appearance, number of simultaneously displayed pop-up windows or position can be soever customized, allowing users to use TeachMe during everyday work. ... (for Windows, Windows 7)

2013-04-25 6 Freeware vratacermak
Calibre for Mac 0.9.17

calibre for Mac is a free and open source e-book library management application developed by users of e-books for users of e-books. ... (for Mac)

2013-04-25 18 Freeware Kovid Goyal
Romanelli Euro 2008 0.0.1

Requirements: Vb Runtime ... (for Windows)

2013-04-23 6 Freeware Pierpaolo Romanelli
Byki 4.0 B264 264

Transparent Language is a leading provider of language learning software for consumers, educational institutions, government agencies, and businesses. ... (for Windows, Windows 7)

2013-04-23 13 Freeware Transparent Language
GAMA x64 1.4

GAMA x64 is a simulation platform, which aims at providing field experts, modelers, and computer scientists with a complete modeling and simulation development environment for building spatially explicit agent-based simulations. ... (for Windows, Windows 7)

2013-04-21 8 Freeware GAMA Team
QuranCode 2.6.7

QuranCode is a comprehensive similarity and numerical research tool for the Generous Quran. With QuranCode, you will be able to view Quran verses. ... (for Windows, Windows 7)

2013-04-21 9 Freeware Ali Adams
InWords Amanuensis 4.6 B9436 9436

Shows you how to count in any of the following languages: Bahasa Indonesia Binary Decimal (several variants) Dutch (modern, old and banker's) English (British, North American, Ordinals) Esperanto French German Grams Hexadecimal Icelandic Italian Japa ... (for Windows, Windows 7)

2013-04-19 14 Freeware Canadian Mind Products
Tagaini Jisho for Linux 0.9.4

Tagaini Jisho is a free, open-source Japanese dictionary and kanji lookup tool that is available for Windows, MacOS X and Linux and aims at becoming your Japanese study assistant. ... (for Linux)

2013-04-19 10 Freeware Alexandre Courbot