Name Date added Downloads License Author
Star Battle 1.96

3D turret action game. Defend cities on the Confederation planets against the alien attack and meteorites! ... (for Windows)

2017-03-28 327 Freeware
Zombie Outbreak Shooter 1.87

First-person shooter. Every now and then there have been reports of outbreaks of infection in your town. A strange virus turns people into the walking dead - zombies. To prevent the spread of infection and to destroy all the zombies a special unit wa ... (for Windows)

2017-03-23 14 Freeware
Alien Strike 1.90

3d action game, vehicular combat. Destroy bases of the aggressive aliens for the sake of humankind. ... (for Windows)

2017-02-12 240 Freeware
Cop vs Gangsters 1.74

First person shooter game. The police has difficult and dangerous job - to serve and protect. Try yourself as a fighter against crime - you are all alone to destroy several gangs. Use several types of weapons, from pistols to machine guns. ... (for Windows)

2017-02-08 3 Freeware
Zombie Apocalypse Shooter 1.96

3D zombie first person shooter game. People around the world are beginning to be infected by a virus that turns them into the walking dead - zombies. The infected are aggressive and attack healthy people. ... (for Windows)

2017-02-06 24 Freeware
Flappy Defense 1.0.027

Download Flappy Defense today for FREE! Destroy Birds by shooting off cannonballs from your customizable pipe. Dont let a single one through or youll be set back! Defeating bosses loots you diamonds to purchase powerful Items at your side. ... (for Windows)

2015-09-14 16 Freeware Dyad Games
Grand Auto Adventure 1.0

3D racing sandbox game. There is a city with lots of cars and different tasks at your disposal. Take part in illegal races around the city, go away from the police and make money for new cars. ... (for Windows)

2015-08-10 25 Freeware
Alfa Force 1.0

Here you have to be the hero. Really! Cause the whole planet is under attack and there is one way to stay alive just kill them all! Use all tips and explore this laboratory. You must kill the main virus and survive. Hurry up! They are already here! ... (for Windows)

2015-05-31 11 Freeware Siteken Games
Krishan Run 1.3.4

The player experiences thrilling game play challenges at all the levels, while shooting the enemies, when defending the innocent, overcoming various obstacles on his way. ... (for )

2015-05-14 19 Freeware Medha Edutainment Pvt.Ltd
Street Racing Games Pack 1.0

A set of three games about street racing - Night Street Racing, Illegal Street Racers and Street Racer. Now you can become a street racer. You will take part in illegal competitions where you can earn money and buy new cars. Racing skills and proper ... (for Windows)

2015-03-28 8 Freeware
Fun Typing Game 1.1

Fun Typing Game lets you shoot the letters and increase your typing skills. ... (for Windows)

2015-03-28 12 Freeware 3dfishgame
Viperbyte 1.11

Viperbyte is a new take on the legendary snake game of the 1970's. Points are scored by eating hearts which grow your body. Venom is used to place bombs, attack and protect yourself. Strategy and quick reflexes are required to win. ... (for )

2015-02-02 6 Shareware NetPlay Software
Yargis 1.6

Yargis is a pilot for the Earth military in the year 3013. Battle friends in space through creative multiplayer modes. Gravity physics gives Yargis an entertaining playing experience. Game controller support. Family friendly. ... (for Windows)

2014-12-30 7 Demo PlazSoft
TarQet 1.0

TarQet is a shooting game. Surely you've came across a shooting game where you wanted to replace the existing target with the one you could create by yourself. The attached programme Targetmaker allows you to simply make a target. ... (for Windows)

2014-11-23 3 Freeware Overlimit games
3D Catch Fish Game 1.6

The big fish eats the small pet fish. You should take are of the small pet fish and catch the big fish by the fishnet. ... (for Windows)

2014-10-29 2 Shareware digiaquascr